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I don't really know how to start, i've never tried to be the victim before. But, suddenly, i started to feel like trying it.
I do not have anything that I'm not into. But i do really enjoy things like scat, body modification (especially amputation), drowning, cannibalism, enema/inflation...
I'm a male, and i do not have really a age restriction for my character, and do not care about my partner gender also... i just feel like having someone to fuck and torture would be nice...
I would enjoy to be a human amputated pet, but something willingness could also be fun.
I do not know if something so simple will drag someone in, but i wanted do try. I just had to...
Anyway, you can contact me through hangouts, or maybe email ( if you want to chat.
I-im looking foward to having fun with you.

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