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Cum is the best, but that happens after Sex, okay? So let's fuck.

About Me:
The only things you need in an RP partner is their ability to write literate paragraphs, reply quickly and tease you enough till your fucking is rewarded with their cum, blood, guts and juice.

I can be that person. I play strictly uke but I play it well.

Anything that doesn't touch on scat or furries - I am A-OK.

If you'd like spoiled brats, I am your boy.

If you'd prefer selfless and helpless bottoms that focus on your well being, I am that bottom.

If you need some flesh to fight or just take what ever torture, love and sin you have, I can be take flesh.

Of course, I'll be fleshing out personalities and chemistry as they grow. It's not a one time fuck, it's a life time cycle of how much harder can I make each other feel good.


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