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The purpose of this thread is to discuss how you'd have sex with whatever dead woman, teen girl, loli or shota is in the pic provided in a post and then post a pic of another dead woman or child and post the same question over again.

Whether or not they come back to life is up to you. I'll go first.....

Here's Minowa Gin from "Washio Sumi is a Hero" laying dead in a casket in eternal slumber, what sort of sex related things do you do to her cute body?


I would put my dick over her lips and then gently touch her legs and body before starting to disrobe her.



Nice to hear. I'd caress her cute pair of legs too before I started to disrobe her too.
Once she was nude, I'd use her right hand and fingers to masturbate with and pretend that she's feeling up my dick while smiling and saying "I want to make you happy mister.....".

Which girl, woman, loli or shota do you have for me to have a sexual encounter with?


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Well, There's this girl from Simoun. She's dead in her casket filled with flowers. What kind of things would you do to her lifeless body? What will you do with her dress?


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Well, I'd take her out of her casket and dance with her lifeless body. She moves quite elegantly even in death. I then grope her body parts through her dress and deeply kiss her before I lay her down and strip her nude in a gradual fashion. I then take the time to lovingly caress and kiss her angelic form's various body parts. I even put her in a series of lovely poses with various objects and take pics of them before I make gentle love to her corpse.

Something to note is that I use her right hand and fingers to masturbate with and even gently stroke her mouth with my dick and imagine her gently suckling it. I also rub my dick on her breasts, belly and other body parts.

Afterwards, I clean her up and redress her as she becomes my love doll to cherish forever.

Now then, here's Meer Campbell from Gundam Seed Destiny. She's laid out dead but before she died, she said that she wanted you to have "fun" with her body. What sort of "fun" do you have with her body?

By the way, she's also wearing a skirt, thigh high black stockings and boots.

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