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Hi, I love the idea of having my feet ripped and eaten, it really makes me horny. I look for someone who writes some history of feet and tortues and cannibalism on my feet. Here are some photos of my feet in my dropbox. Love kisses.

I am a transgender woman


I can write a story I do write pretty well and I personally love feet a lot ^^


Hi Julie, I would love to. ^^


Hi Julie, I would love to. ^^


I was there just on the internet just looking for some new peoples to RP I saw a trans who get my attention soon enough I see that she let both email and... where she live ?! Wow ! It doesn't take long for me to take the opportunity she wanna get her foot tortured like she wrote ? I am her girl ! I email her (just so she doesn't freak out seeing me when I arrive) and take my scooter the morning after to pay her a lil visit and ask her to bring stuff (cause I bring some too). Soon I arrive but no time to waste as I enter I see her bare feet (and pretty beautiful ones btw) I see that she prepared food and drink (ugh not the kind of stuff I meant) I get soon enough to the first topic asking where was her bedroom as she show me I tell her to go on her bed and get 2 ropes I took with me in my scoot before joining her I tie her hands to the upper part of the bed and her ankles tight at the lower part... eh eh how nice of her she even took away her clothes yet not her pantie as I don't want to make her unhappy I don't check what is under and get to the main topic I bring with me all the stuff I have which is not much "ready my girl ? This is your day !"... (the end tomorrow)


Hi Julie, this is my email and my gmail

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