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Please contact me via Discord @ optionalSEKE#8395

Searching for Male /slash/ Female or Male /slash/ Male or Male /slash/ Herm

Practically opened to anything and everything with no known limitations and normally online throughout the day. Anthro and furry characters are negotiable! Please note I'm comfortable role playing as a "male victim" of various ages. My favorites include Bestiality, Partial Castration and Amputation until "victim" is just a wiggling torso!~

Everything is optional! Key words: Amputation / Dismemberment / Mutilation, Abusive Relationships, Age Gap, Asphyxiation, Bestiality, Blood / Bloodplay . . . Vampire fun, Being Dominated, Being Submissive, Breeding, Blackmail, Bondage, Cooking, Castration / Partial Castration, Cross Dressing, Death, Disembowelment, Digestion, Double Penetration, Extremely Sexual Role Plays, Glory Hole, Incest, Impregnation, Impalement, Male Pregnancy, Lactation . . . mmm milk, Milking, Multiple Characters, Master x Slave, Rape, Obsessive Relationships, Oral Sex, Orgasm Denial, Oviposition . . . laying some eggs, Punishment in Hell, Prostitution, Romantic Relationships, Stabbing / Cutting, Scat, Sacrificial Offering, Sex Toys, Sexual Frustration, Sounding, Tentacle Rape, Threesomes, Shapeshifter, Quickie, Unusual Penis, Unwilling, Urethral Insertions, Living Insertions, Watersports, Verbal Abuse, Vivisection, Vomiting

Please contact me via Discord @ optionalSEKE#8395

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