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As promised, I'm giving you guys a version of this game in which characters under 18 are permitted. - All of the rules are the same, except regarding age restrictions.

At least one character in each scenario must not be older than 18. This goes for anyone setting up a Victim scenario, or anyone writing out the response to a Killer scenario.

In the event of multiple victims, the rest can be adults so long as at least one character is not.

Killers can be adults or underage.

The templates are below. Anything containing (O) is optional, and does not have to be filled out.

Killer Template:


Victim Template:


As the OP, I'll start the game. I'll start with a killer since I started with a victim in the other one.

Name: Alexander Hendrickx
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Appearance: Caucasian, long messy hair, tall, skinny, and blue eyes.
Apparel: Long sleeve T-shirt, blue jeans, thick elbow-length gloves, and brown boots.
Personality(O): Seemingly calm and collected, calculating, hides anger until he feels that retaliation will go unnoticed.
Motive(O): Revenge
Weapons/Powers(O): A hunting knife.
Location: A bedroom. (Can be a sibling's or of someone he knows.)


Name: Damned Girl
Age: Eternity squared cubed...
Gender: Female
Appearance: Suffering Incarnate
Apparel: only her soul

Location: Hell.


Apologies for posting in wrong thread.

Would the gurochanners please delete this and last post?


Name: "Katie"
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Appearance: Cowering naked.
Apparel: Several unwieldy items, including
- A large fishing rod
- A bulky box of bait
- Bodybuilders Weights
- Her backpack with several heavy books in it.
- Several Big Bells and Sign are pierced to her.

Personality(O): Scared, sweet, and stupid.

She's in a lot of pain and humiliated that she just got a public spanking in front of the whole caravan, essentially everyone she would always know! And it was no mere paddling, her palms and feet were punished. Her belly, thighs, and breasts had been spanked like her ass and her back had deep lacerations.

She was stood at a tree in an abominable position, and told to return after sunset with the itens left. Her timeout lasted far into a storm and her father (who coincidentally gained insurance from her death) realized it would be too dangerous to save her.
Within such short time, it had gone from sunny with a few gray clouds and warm wind to a powerful storm.

Location: A painful gauntlent. Forests of vermin, steep hills of mud or feces, Cold Dark Caverns, and a family that has forsaken her.


Probably shoulda started with a victim too, people seem to far prefer those.


(It has been a month, so I'm adding a new template to keep this thing alive.)

Victims: 2

Name: Clara Ortega
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ethnicity: Caucasian. Hair: Brunette, waist-length, braided pigtails. Figure: Petite, flat chest, narrow hips. Eyes: Green.
Apparel: Top: Light-blue t-shirt. Bottom: Beige knee-length skirt, barefooted. Other: Glasses.

Name: Divya Barot
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Ethnicity: Indian(not Native American). Hair: Brown, shoulder-length, bushy. Figure: Large breasts, narrow waist, and curvy hips. Eyes: Brown.
Apparel: Top: white-blue striped shirt. Bottom: Pink shorts, and pink boots.

Location: Clara and her new stepsister, Divya, are starting to bond by taking walks in the forest behind their neighborhood. They end up exploring too far one evening and find themselves getting lost deep in the forest, and are still trying to find their way out after midnight.

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