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Alright, since Killer and Victim is essentially dead, I've decided to recreate the game. Hopefully my changes will be enough to keep it alive.

The concept is mostly the same; Person 1 creates a character, and decides if that character is a killer or a victim. If Person 1's character is a killer, then Person 2 creates a scenario in which their own character is killed by Person 1's character. If Person 1's character is a victim, then Person 2's character will kill them. After Person 2 writes out the scenario, they create their own character and allow the next person to write a scenario.

Some basic rules;

Although the original paragraph is singular when it comes to characters, you may have up to three characters in a scenario. The only restriction is that you cannot mix them; 3 killers or 3 victims, not 2 Killers and 1 victim.

Write out the scenario above you before posting your own. However, if it has been more than one month since it was posted, you may create a new scenario without replying to the previous one.

Original characters only!

No characters under the age of 18. At some point I will make a version of this game to allow for younger characters.

The templates are below. Anything containing (O) is optional, and does not have to be filled out.

Killer Template:


Victim Template:


As the OP, I'll start the game.

Name: Joyce Lum (note that full names are not required, this is just a personal preference for myself.)
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Asian. Long sleek black hair with purple streaks. Brown eyes. Skinny, small breasts. Shaved pubes.
Apparel: Glasses. Purple, low-cut, thigh-length, purple dress. White cotton panties, down at her ankles.
Personality(O): Shy. Friendly, to people she's comfortable with.
Location: Sitting on a toilet in a public restroom, along a deserted highway.


Name: Damned Girl
Age: Eternity squared cubed...
Gender: Female
Appearance: Suffering Incarnate
Apparel: only her soul

Location: Hell.


File: 1511322758160.jpg (171.46 KB, 800x1169, 60148448_p0.jpg)

Victim: Alicia Henderson
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: See pic, she's a halfbreed of an Elven woman and a Human warrior
Personality: Cool, but with a slightly naughty bent. She idolizes her father, and desperately wants his approval as an equal, so she decided to join her local militia as a scout. She craves combat in order to "prove" herself.

Joyce had to take a piss break, really badly.
She had been driving along the stretch of highway for at least 5 hours, and had yet to see another person, or even sign of human habitation. Her rental car had gotten scorching hot under the August noon sun, and the two bottles of water and Big Gulp from the last gas station she had stopped at had combined into one about to burst bladder. She sighed with relief as she spotted a lonely little restroom by the side of the road. A sign (pocked with bullet holes) next to the restroom stated that "Next Gas Station: 130 miles".

She pulled over to the side, and stepped out. The dry heat temporarily took her breath, and sight. She walked to the restroom, and stepped in, sighing as the shade enveloped her from the sun. Joyce scurried over into the ladies room, and quickly set about to relieve herself.

30,000 feet in the air, Second Lieutenant Stenbridge shifted in his seat. She desperately needed to relieve herself. "Chugging down that water bottle before flight was a mistake" she thought to herself, as another pocket of turbulence hit her F-16C. She cringed, and tried to adjust her catheter. Just then, another pocket of hot rising air juggled her aircraft, and Stenbridge let go, splashing her flight suit with urine. She recoiled in shock, accidentally brushing the Master Arm switch, before her hand squeezed the stick, selecting weapon station 2, and releasing one (1) CBU-87 Combined Effects Munition. She stared at the MFD indicating the release of the weapon from the pylon, and realized she had Fucked Up. She consoled herself with the knowledge that she had at least released the cluster bomb over the range, and not over a population center.

The bomb dropped, spinning on its central axis as it fell.
At 1200 feet, it broke apart, releasing the 202 BLU-97/B submunitions. Each submunition deployed its decelerator, and wafted down over a 40x60 square foot area. This area just so happened to cover the abandoned highway rest station, rental car, and the 19 year old girl relieving herself.

Joyce barely had time to finish her tinkle, before pieces of white hot shrapnel from the steel fragmentation cases of dozens of submunitions speared through the restroom ceiling and her soft teenage body. Her lower torso basically vanished, torn apart near instantaneously, leaving only her long slender legs standing. Her upper torso and head were (depending on your point of view) miraculously spared from damage, and carried forth by gravity and the force of the impacts, fell face first into the piss trench. Joyce managed to stay conscious as she moaned in shock, blood pouring from her nose and mouth. She managed to pull herself around, and had begun to crawl forward over her toppled legs. She was in denial. "Oh god oh god oh god", she thought in a panic, as blood pooled around her body, staining her dress crimson. Each drag forward tugged her vital organs further into the open, leaving a trail of guts and viscera behind her. She almost made it outside before her wildly beating heart finally gave up.


File: 1511378289117.jpg (328.32 KB, 720x960, 65446280_p0.jpg)


Name: Jeong Choe
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Picture, a cream bra and white panties.
Personality: Prideful about both her intelligence and looks, yet still shy around people she doesn’t know.
Location: Staying behind in an empty building in her neighborhood to study alone until late hours.

Unfortunately, someone let Alicia Henderson join the militia. However, I couldn’t stand for a half-elven bitch to be allowed to fight in our army! Her being let in was a disgrace to our tradition, not to mention that with her being half-human she could easily betray us to the humans if our shaky truce was to be broken again. So when she was given scouting duty as a test, I knew what I had to do – cleanse our ranks of the half-bred heathen.

As she set off towards the location she was told to patrol today, I followed closely behind, carrying a dagger with myself. She didn’t suspect a thing – after all, the bitch most likely thought that we all accepted her now. While following her, I had the chance to see what she thought could pass for an uniform. I realized she might have been let in only because she was visually appealing to some officer, and I felt more contempt for the militia for letting her join. Her chest was only covered with a green leather bra, leaving her sizeable tits barely covered. On her wrists she wore green guards, possibly to help her with bow recoil. The bow was beautifully crafted, having her hold it was a insult to it to be held by a half-bred. She kept her arrows in a quiver hanging just behind her ass. Her sex was only covered with a piece of cloth, tied with straps wrapping around her waist as the cloth moved between her shapely legs. As I watched her, I understood why some would be willing to overlook her parentage – she was quite pleasant to look at. I, however, couldn’t stand for such a thing, her looks only strengthening my resolve.

I continued to follow her until she decided to take a break. I knew we were far enough from the settlement now that no one would interrupt us. I smiled as I saw her set her bow down on the ground – a deadly mistake for anyone to make, convincing me she deserved what I’d do. She took a look around to make sure no one was nearby, but didn’t notice me, then laid down with her back against a tree. She closed her eyes as she slipped one hand beneath the cloth on her hip, leaving no doubt in what she was about to do. Her other hand pulled her leather bra down, and started to caress one of her breasts.
I that time to sneak closer in, until I grabbed her bow. When I took it, I looked at the half-bred. It proved to be quite a mistake. Her face was now crimson red, the slut panting heavily as she touched herself with her chest arced upward. Seeing her like that, I couldn’t help being aroused, and because of that I didn’t notice a twig in my way. As it crunched beneath my foot, her pointy ears snapped in my direction and she abruptly opened her eyes. I barely had the time to ready the bow, pointing one of her arrows straight at her.

When she saw me, I could see her calming down. “Oh, it’s you. You followed me here?” I didn’t respond – I felt there was no need to. “Weird. I figured you didn’t like me with all your “half-elven slut!” screams you threw at me. Still, since you are here, and you watched me like that, what do you say we share some pleasure? I know you must have found me arousing, your crotch is the best proof of that.” She gestured towards my still visible erection, and I shivered. To be given such a crude proposition from that slut! Trying to convince me, she undid the strap on her hip, and removed the cloth, showing me her wet half-elven cunt. As I felt I couldn’t last like that much longer, I released the string. She opened her eyes wide as the arrow hit her left breast. She looked at me with a mixture of pain and confusion as she grasped the arrow, breathing heavily as her blood started to flow.

“Should have worn better armor, you half-human slut.” Tears appeared in her red eyes as she understood how much trouble she was in. I shot her with another arrow, this one hitting her straight in her toned stomach, and readied a third one. I thought of ending her right away, but her lewd body continued to tempt me. I lowered the bow, setting it down on the ground. Some hope appeared in her eyes. “Please, help me!” She begged me as I approached her. I undid my belt, and pulled my pants down, freeing my cock. She squealed in fear, knowing I had no intention of helping her.

I lowered myself onto her, forcing my member into her lowly snatch. She tried to fight against me, but with the two arrows sapping her strength she couldn’t do much. I pinned her down, and continued to rape her. I continued to slam in and out of her, my hand caressing her sharp, human chin and pointed nose. When I did, she started to move her hips against me, trying again for the release she was close to before I interrupted her. “A slut to the very end.” I thought to myself as I felt her cunt squeezing my cock in an orgasm, and it made me release my load inside her as well. Her eyes widened again as my hot semen shot into her cunt, probably worried about getting pregnant. Well, that was not going to be an issue.

As I removed my cock, I took out the dagger I had with me. She looked at me with fear again, and I knew she wanted to beg me for mercy again. I didn’t let her do that – I just stabbed the dagger into her throat. Blood began to flow from both her neck and her mouth, as she opened and closed her mouth silently. I moved my weapon to the side, cutting further through her neck until it went fully through. I looked into her eyes as she passed away, feeling a great deal of satisfaction. I killed the halfbreed that was a disgrace to all of us pure elves. Still, standing over her dead body, I felt a question come to my mind. “Shouldn’t the mother, who bred with a lower race, also be punished?” I pondered the question as I returned to the village.


File: 1511509861737.jpg (118.65 KB, 650x918, dfbf8edc9aaec6eb9ae4969a73….jpg)


Victim: Karen Kisaragi
Age: 26
Appearance/apparel: See image
Personality: She's a lonely, single office lady with a weakness for booze
Location: At home alone, like usual, and most likely getting drunk.

I had done it! I had successfully completed my very own ultra thin, super strong mono-carbon filament wire! I just had to test it out, preferably on some young, cute girl!

I sat down and thought for a minute, before coming upon the perfect test subject. Miss Jeong Choe, from my Math class. She had just turned 18, and everyone at school either adored her cute oval face, or envied her gigantic tits. She was the perfect target, since she preferred to keep to herself, and didn't have many friends, due to her somewhat prideful and aloof nature.

It was almost the end of our last year at high school, and everyone was cramming for finals. Miss Choe was no exception.
She sat back, stretching her arms and legs, and yawned. It was almost time for her to go home. She leaned forward to grab her books when she felt something waft around her neck. The buxom teen didn't even have time to gasp before the wire sliced through her neck, neatly severing it from the rest of her body. Her head tumbled forward, crashing onto the desk and rolling until it was stopped by her textbooks. Her body, now lacking any command from a brain, relaxed and slumped forward. Blood sprayed in two wide jets from her neck stump, and the front of her school shirt was quickly turned crimson. Miss Choe's head gazed back at me, dull eyed and slack jawed, a rivulet of blood dripping from her little button nose.

Her body finally stilled, blood no longer spurting. I placed one gloved hand on her ample chest, feeling her warmth. My penis was fully engorged, and I could stand it no longer. I ripped open her shirt, exposing her blood stained breasts to the world. I cut through her cream colored bra, and squeezed her milkers like there was no tomorrow. The soft, pliant feeling of her flesh drove me crazy. I grabbed the hem of her skirt, and tugged it hard, dragging it down her legs. Her pure white panties were damp with urine, let forth as her bladder had relaxed in death. I took out an old analog camera, and began to snap photo after photo. This was not going to be the last test, oh no. I still had many experiments to conduct with my wonderful new invention.


Victims: 2

Name: Carolina Evans
Age: 22
Gender: F
Appearance: Caucasian, hip-length fuzzy red hair, green eyes, hourglass figure, large breasts, bushy pubes.
Apparel: White shirt and brown cargo shorts.
Personality(O): Overtly kind and cheerful, highly intelligent, childish, and somewhat dirty-minded.

Name: Cindy Walker
Age: 19
Gender: F
Appearance: African, shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, petite figure, large breasts, bushy pubes.
Apparel: Green t-shirt, checkered skirt, black stockings, black boots, glasses.
Personality(O): Mature, highly intelligent, but conceited​, serious, brutally honest occasionally, narcissistic, and confident.

Location: Carolina's apartment, helping each other with college work, with Carolina occasionally flirting with Cindy.

I wrote my reply in the form of a screenplay. (Sorry about the poor formating, but it didn't transfer well from the word processor.)


INT. Karen's apartment - night

KAREN, mid-20's, Asian-American, is passed out on the bed wearing an expensive-looking suit with the shirt unbuttoned​. Her right hand is buried underneath her skirt and panties. A large bra and five empty beer bottles​ are scattered messily around the bed, while her glasses hang loosely on her face. The only light and sound is coming from a tablet laying on her stomach, playing a pornographic video.

Metal scratching metal is heard from the other side of the front door, followed by a click. The doorknob turns gently and the door creeps open. A MASKED MAN slips in. He's bulky, like a wrestler, and every inch of his body is obscured by thick clothing; a thick long-sleeve shirt, thick cargo pants, boots, several layers of gloves, and a robber mask. The man shuts the door behind him, a little too loudly. Karen stirs and opens her eyes.

(incoherent mumbling)

The masked man pulls a pistol from his pocket, attaches a silencer, and rushes to the side of the bed. He presses the gun against Karen's head as she awakens and opens her mouth to scream.

Masked man
Don't even thing about screaming or I'll put a bullet in your brain. Do you understand me?

Karen nods in confirmation, and closes her mouth. She looks fearfully at the intruder.

Do you speak English?


Masked man
What's your name?

Karen. Karen Kisaragi

The man violently grabs Karen's throat and pulls her up

Are you lying to me?

No! No! I'm telling the truth!

Shit! Fuck! Where the hell is Kendra Walter? My contact says that she lives fucking here!

Kendra? She... She lives in the apartment next door.

The man sighs in frustration. After a few seconds he aims the gun at Karen.

I'm sorry, but I have no choice.

Please don't!

Karen quickly rolls off the bed just as the man pulls the trigger. A bullet grazes her back as she goes over.

I will make your death as quick and painless as possible if you cooperate.

Please just leave me alone. I told you that I'm not Kendra. I don't want to die!

Karen suddenly bolts out from behind the bed and towards the door. The man swivels his gun around and fires, the bullet pierces the back of Karen's right knee. Karen crashes to the floor. She pushes herself to a sitting position and backs up against the wall, staring at the man.

It will be over soon.

The man walks towards Karen with the gun raised.

Why are you doing this? I haven't done anything to you.

If I leave you alive then you will probably call the cops before I can take care of Kendra.

I promise to keep my mouth shut.

A promise is not good enough security.

Please! How about this?

Karen pulls her arms through her shirt and grabs her breasts.

If you spare my life I'll let you fuck me. I'm a virgin, so you'll be the first man to touch me.

Nice offer, but you are not the first woman to try this.

The man places the gun to Karen's head and pulls the trigger. Karen's​ head lolls forward, and she starts to pee herself.

What a waste.

The man shakes his head as he picks up Karen's corpse. He carries her to the bed and flops the limp body on the bed.

You may not have been an assigned target, but I think you'll go into my album anyways.

The man looks for a light switch and flicks it on. Then he pulls a camera out of his pocket and starts taking photos of Karen's body.

Hmm. I don't think I have all of you just yet, babe.

He sets the camera down and rips Karen's skirt off. He snaps a few more photos, tears off her panties, and​ snaps several more. The man turns the light off and leaves the apartment for his actual target.


File: 1512024467682.jpg (178.08 KB, 600x800, 3401572_p0.jpg)

Victim: Private Yoshika Sawashiro
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: See image (tanned skin, slender figure, short brown hair, brown eyes
Apparel: See image, half dressed
Personality: A cheerful and upbeat young girl
Location: An alternate history WW2 where the Japanese have let women join the armed forces in the front line. Yoshika is taking a smoke break, and has let her guard down.

"The boss said there was only gonna be one bitch we had to get rid of", the larger one said. The thinner one sitting in the drivers seat simply grunted. They had been staking out the apartment for weeks now, waiting for the order to come down from upstate New York, where their employer lived. Yesterday, they had gotten a greenlight to go ahead. Their target was Carolina Evans, the daughter of some poor shmuck who'd done pissed off the most influential, richest, and certainly most deranged mobster on the East Coast. Now the simple plan to to snuff the girl got a whole lot more complicated.

"We're going to get rid of the other one", the thin one said in monotone. The large one nodded in agreement. Carolina was supposed to leave Hoboken next morning, to Alaska where the boss had zero pull. This meant tonight was their last chance.
Collateral damage sucked, but pissing off the boss sucked even more. A potentially fatal suck, in fact.

They got out of their car, breath fogging in the cold Jersey night.
The big one went to the trunk and took out a big golf club bag. Looking both ways, the pair walked across the street to the apartment entrance. The lobby was deserted, and the two encountered not a single soul as they walked up the flight of stairs to Carolina's apartment. "Number 345, right?", said the large one. "Right", confirmed the thin one. They both looked at the door in front of them. 345 was prominently affixed to the door. The faint sound of girlish laughter could be heard from behind the door. It was locked, of course.

The large one dropped the golf bag, and drew the zipper down. The cold gleam of metal revealed the deadly contents inside. The thin one took a short barreled breaching shotgun, and a suppressed Vz.61 submachine gun. The big one took a machete that looked well used, and a large sledge hammer. They didn't bother with masks or hoodies, confident in the fact that the boss could get rid of any security camera footage.

Carolina nuzzled up against Cindy's shoulder, giggling as the young black woman, clearly annoyed, tried to push her off. "Could you knock it off Carrie? I'm TRYING to study here." Cindy pushed up her glasses and tried to look as stern as she could manage. "Aww, c'mon Cindy, I'm just trying to lighten you up, y'know? You should learn to relax sometimes." Carolina unfolded herself off the couch, and padded over to the fridge. "You want a drink?" she said. "No thanks, I don't like to drin-". Cindy was cut off at that exact point by a thunderous bang, and the arrival of two heavily armed and mean looking men. Both girls shrieked, while the men pointed their weapons at them.

The thin one kept his submachine gun pointed at the girls from a distance, while the large one went over to restrain the two wimpering girls. The big one ziptied the girls arms behind their backs, and taped over their mouths with duct tape. He looked down to see two pairs of large doe eyes, tears welling. He felt his dick twitch. This was the best part, in his opinion. "Listen kids, nothing personal, but you're both going to die tonight, so I suggest you don't try anything except pray, otherwise you'll have a plenty painful death to go through." The thin one nodded in agreement.

The large one took out a videocamera and a tripod. The thin one grabbed both girls by their arms, and shoved them over to the wall. "We're filming." The thin one nodded again, and carefully folded the wire stock of the Vz.61, before pressing the gun against Cindy's forehead. The black girl, already terrified, became incontinent. A dark stain began to grow around the crotch area of her skirt, while urine puddled around her feet.
"P-p-please don't shoot please plea-", she began, before the thin one squeezed the trigger, sending a single .32 round through her skull, splattering her 19 year old brain across the white wall in a rorschach pattern of blood and bone fragments. Cindy's corpse crumpled to the floor. Blood pooled around her head.

Carolina was shaking hard. Her heart was beating like a jackhammer. She looked down at her friend, then looked away. Cindy's big brown eyes had stared straight at her, looking awfully accusatory. "This was your fault", they seemed to say.
"I'm sorry Cindy, I'm so sorry", Carolina sobbed.

The large one came over, and gently patted Carolina on her head. Carolina only shook harder, and closed her eyes. She knew this was it. She tried to make herself smaller.
A gloved hand took hold of her chin, and forced it up. She opened her eyes, only to see the last thing in the world she would ever see. The head of the sledge hammer made contact with the crown of her skull, cracking it open. Carolina stiffened, her legs and arms locking up tight as her central nervous system experienced massive blunt force trauma. The hammer was raised up again, dragging globs of brain and shreds of skin and hair into the air with it. It came down once more, and almost cleaved Carolina's head in two. Blood spurted out of the ruins of her head, adding to the mess that Cindy had left on the wall and the floor. Carolina's body crumpled to the floor, joining her friend.

The two men dragged the corpses over to the center of the living room. They began to tear off the clothes on the two girls, revealing firm young flesh. The two girls were certainly quite attractive, and the two men would be liars if they said they didn't get a little bit aroused from handling such beautiful, unresisting bodies. They kept it to the odd breast squeeze though. Once the girls were completely naked, the thin one took a sharpie, and wrote on Carolina's bountiful chest. "THOSE WHO CROSS THE BOSS BEWARE". He tossed the sharpie over to the large one, who wrote on Cindy's slightly pudgy belly, "SORRY ABOUT THIS ONE THOUGH".

The two men changed in the bedroom, placing the blood spattered clothes in a plastic bag to be disposed of later. They walked back down, out into the street, and got in the car. "Job well done, I'd say", the large one said in satisfaction. "Yup", the thin one agreed.

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