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hi all :P
i'm looking for long and detailed, limitless rp where anything goes...
i ache to become a helpless victim in the hands of a sick, sadistic, ruthless person who will eventually seal my fate. who will make me cry and beg, twitch from pain, shake in fear every remaining moment of my short miserable life.
i'm pretty much into anything, rape/snuff/torture/incest and the list goes on.
so feel free to mail me at ))
and despite my dark fantasies i'm honestly very friendly person, so feel free to drop a line if you just feel like it :P


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up? :P


Email sent


>>3283 contact me on kik (souro.12) i can offer you what you need


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up ^^
+ discord: danabanana #8209
+ wickr: danaslutboy

extremely horny and in desperate need for attention so feel free XD


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up <3

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