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 No.3261 - Email me to set up an rp which ends in my death. Master or mistress, I don't care.


Ok you really scared me there. For a moment I thought you were actually asking to be killed and that belongs in discussion not roleplay. Good to see you're posting properly.


Please post different next time. Thought you wanted to die. Spooked me.


The person who posted this does not own that email address. It's another trick to get us to email an innocent person.


Holy fuck are you for real? How do you know?

Hat makes this one really bad... I sent them an email and oh shit.



I emailed the person and she told me that she didn't post that, and also mentioned that the same troll did the same to people she knows.


Bloody trolls. I know why I kill them in games every time I see them ...


Brrr ... this makes me shiver, I can not even imagine how a person can feel like receiving a meil of this kind (obviously if he does not expect it)

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