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Hey, I'm a really perverted young guy (21 years) and I'm looking for an equally perverted Role-playing Partner. It doesn't really matter what gender or what age you are as long as you are submissive. I really like slow executions, torture, rape, cannibalism and scat. If you also like these things it would be great if you could leave your skype name or e-mail adress down below. I will contact you as soon as possible. :-)


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Here is my Skype, we can work out the details whenever we message each other on there


Please contact me about continiuation of our story.



>>3227 sry, need your mail again... had some issues


would you be interested in cuntboy rp?


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hey, i rly hope we can get to play, i'm so much into pretty much everything you've listed and beyond.
very submissive, no limits and a very sick and twisted mind :P
hope hearing from you soon -


Are you male or female


i was pretty sure that my email addr would give that away lol ;)
i'm a very submissive and feminine, yet still technically, a male, but am comfortable with playing both a female or a dickgirl... ^^
i know that's not everyone's cup'o'tea, but hey... you never know until you try... ;)


S, can You contact me. Are You still active?

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