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I'm male, ma default character age is 18-25, but i don't mind doing older or younger. The partner can be even a kid, but a think the maximum is 40. English is my second language, so if you're ok with that, that's a good start!
I've never tried doing the victim pov before, and I'm really into trying it. My greatest kinks are mind breaking and suffocation, but being cooked/eaten raw or mutilated/amputated would be exactly what I'm looking for.
You can fuck me as much as you want. I actually would prefer and greatly enjoy if you did. (Like, really. Break my ass if you want. That yould be great.)
I don't care if you're male, futa, female, a ghost, trap, a horse... Just grab your knife or whatever you want to use and come to me!
I'm going to do longer or shorter rp, but try to contact me at night, after midnight, before 6 a.m.
I can be your slave, for my own will or not. If it's against it, i would really like if you break me.
I don't have many thing's i wont do... maybe only scat. For now. And yeah, keep this only as rp.
Being said that, if you're interested, come talk with me! My email is I am looking forward to having fun with you. =3


Your time zone?

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