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So, being a slasher's 'survivor girl', aka his main target that he obsesses over and ultimately his greatest achievement to destroy her has kind of been my thing since I was a teenager. I'm really into torture and gore. Cannibalism is fine to, giving or receiving. Forced drug-taking and medical play is also super hot. The slasher being charismatic and casually open about his depravity is also a huge turn on.

I am also really into role reversal, so turning the tables, turning out to be really fucked up, and shocking the killer with the ability to bring him ecstatic pain is also a more-than-welcome plot line.

I like some vaguely romantic undertones, a la Behind The Mask and Creep 2, that create a special type of connection between the killer and his victim. Pain is a MUST. Blood is obviously a must. I don't mind being torn open. You don't have to Bad End me if it makes you uncomfortable, but make sure I'm real fucked up by the end of it ( or a bit fucked up, should we do role reversal ).

It says I'm a bot when I try linking my F-List, so I'll just tell you that my username on there is Cute Victim. If you want to know about a specific kink, you can ask! :) The pic can be ignored; my character's appearance can be negotiated easily. Again, I am a switch, so there are many different dynamics I'm willing to try. I'm a very detail oriented person, so if you want 1-2 liners I probably can't help, sorry. Thanks for reading!

If interested in discussing a plot ( one shot or long term, whatever is fine), please email me at the address attached to my name.


PS: I have a Discord. I just prefer an email first for introductions. :)


Update! I have kik: thancredsbutt


Post your f list but replace the tt with xx in https (hxxps). Yw.

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