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This 2 scenarios are a bit special but you will read by yourself contact me at: if you're interested:
1) you have met on the net a really submissive girl now some months after your relationship is pretty strong and only now she tell you that she can make copy of herself choosing size, color of hairs and some other stuff like becoming a futa she also tell you that the copy disappear is killed as you always dreamed to do guro fantasy you can now ask that girl to copy as much as you want
2) in middle age you are a man the sell slaves you became rich because a girl that you captured can create copy of herself sometimes you go to see her (she can be like me or amputee version of me to be easy to keep) and make her do copy of herself to take care of your needs and/or serve you
PS:I am okay if you're a girl, a boy, a futa, a trap or anything

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