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I'm looking for an rp with drowning girls. Leave a kik if you're interested.


I am interested if you can give me your email I will contact you I am a girl and I like drowning


This is why it's great to have throwaway and temporary accounts and tertiary e mails.


Zebz was chilling by the pool. It was really quite a big pool, as it was a lake and everything. He was smoking his cigar, kicking his legs around the water from his boat.

He had thoughtlessly left an anchor attached to some rope on a very slippery, muddy hill seperating residential family friendly neighborhoods, with schools and churhes, from the red light district.


kik: jt_wild, let's chat!


Okay, so kik isn't working. Anyone who want to rp, just send me an email instead.


But give us your email I don't have it I told you already !


You can click my name for my email, you know. But I guess I'll just post it anyway.


It does not work on phone sorry that's why I asked


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Bump. Still looking


Hello ! I'm very interested in this kind of roles if anyone is interested. Contact me to my meil


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Bump. Remember to email if you're interested.


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Im interested in RP this. I can play as a female aswell.
I play on discord: KittenBoy#9987

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