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A silly idea I had:
You now have the power with 100 dollars to build yourself the woman of your dream and do anything you want with it (even make her do anything she want with you) no one would know it since it's not an actual human:
20$ loli
10$ flat
40$ futa
20$ teen
40$ trap
30$ elvish
20$ orc
40$ giantess
10$ dominant
20$ submissive
30$ milf
20$ maid
50$ goddess
20$ tsundere
30$ yandere
20$ imedere
10$ tom boy
20$ childhood friend
30$ girlish
40$ idol
30$ dragon
10$ nymphoman
20$ gothic
100$ I give you a random waifu build with 150 $
(Now build your waifu and the next one tell you what he would do to her or let her do to him or contact me at now I start)

30$ yander
30$ elvish
30$ girlish
10$ nymphomaniac



Goddess is just the practical choice. Can I buy that twice?


It's really everyhing else whenever she newds it tobe. I can undo nukes and every bad thing and have all my nerdy fantasies fulfilled (like zombies versus giant robots or psyhically control zerg or tyrannid hiveminds.


Pffff I can't think about anything if you want guys take my list a complete with what you want I put in many things I know but I did not think to everything stop complaining =p


Not sure whast is the meaning of goddess
Maybe I would take that and take her power for myself LOL

let's make this list

20$ loli
If I can be shot as well. As I don't like being an adult.

10$ dominant
because I want her to take the initiative and not just behave like the piece of meat
20$ submissive
should be not to strong so that I can overpower and punish her is she misbehaves while she will like it as well.

10$ nymphoman
looks good match for me

20$ childhood friend
Not really sure what is that, but let's take it.

20$ maid
will help me to take care of my stuff.

Finally, the main and most important thing that we both should be immortal or else it will not bee much fun.


I'm the first anon after OP and I'm disappointed nobody has messed with my double goddess.


Lol you're joking. Probably. Whoa this just reminded me of a dream last night. I had a bunch of candy but they were all bugs. I was eating bugs. In case you're not kidding, a childhood friend is a friend you've had since childhood. I love your take on it.


Of course, I know dictionary meaning of childhood friend, I just don't know whast is the meaning of that term in this context. as what character traits, relationship issues it represents.


Fair enough. I'm wondering what some words are. I've never cared before to find out what tyundere of whatever means


'Tsundere' is a relatively common anime/manga trope or character type. Basically it's a girl (doesn't necessarily have to be a girl, but almost all are) that normally acts kinda bitchy or abrasive, especially to her crush, but can also have the occasional sweet or tender moment; Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion is probably one of the best examples.

'Yandere' is a girl (or maybe boy, but those tend to be a different trope) that tends to act sweet or cute, but also has moments of downright psychotic jealousy, violence or stalker tendencies, especially when it involves her crush and another girl.

The third one is probably supposed to be 'Himedere', which apparently is a relatively new term for a character akin to a Tsundere or some other type but with the special bend of being/acting like a spoiled princess (regardless if she's actual nobility or no). Never heard that one before either.

And so this post isn't entirely off-topic let me get sure I got this right: The point of this thread is supposed to be putting together a girl from the options here and then like put her up for grabs for the next person to describe what they'd do to her/have her do to them (preferably lethal and/or violent, since this is gurochan after all), correct? If that's the case I might give this a shot too.


This is actually why I made this thread and yeah you're right with the himedere (sorry for not writing well)


I use >>3124 maid as a maid.


>>The point of this thread is supposed to be putting together a girl from the options here and then like put her up for grabs for the next person to describe what they'd do to her/have her do to them

this is not whast you originally said which was opposite.
>>build yourself the woman of your dream and do anything you want with it

You failed to explain your idea.
Also, those things have no much use for the fantasy what one would do to the woman, because they are only important if you want to have her for some relationship or if you are writing what she is going to do to you or someone else.

So your idea should be changed to something where one creates his perfect woman and someone else writes what that woman will do to her creator.


I must have really explain it bad because that's what I meant >.>


You didn't explain it that bad. The order of things was rather whack, and some parenthases were unsightly.


Y is elvish listed twice


gothic loili and futa and i would be in heaven hahahaahha





May i request for more options? Like "zombie" and "mummy"?
Also, can you please categorize these options?


20 $ Loli
10 $ Flat
30 $ Elvish
20 $ Submissive
20 $ Tsundere


20 $ Teen
20 $ Gothic
20 $ Tsundere
20 $ Childhood Friend

Now what would you do to them ?


Submissive gothic teen futa. Final answer.


I don't know what "gothic" means...

But I guess

I have 30$ left, so I guess gothic (even if I'm still unsure of what it means) and nymphomaniac again. :P

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