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Hi there! I’m looking to do some cannibalism roleplays with me as the meat. I’d prefer male partners. I don’t mind doing either short term or long term scenarios, though in long term scenarios I’d like to have the ability to regenerate so I can be eaten over and over.

I don’t mind if I’m eaten raw or cooked in whatever scenario you have in mind, but my biggest turn on and the reason I’m doing this is that I want to be eaten in your scenario. I don’t want it skipped over or have little focus. Even if my character is completely cooked and dead in the end, I’d have my character’s spirit watch the rest. I want to see you describe your character eating mine in detail, and talking about the flavour.

I am willing to do willing or unwilling scenarios, but my character is fairly submissive and even in unwilling scenarios, my character deep down knows she’s meat.

I’m fairly open to most scenarios you might want to do, but I absolutely will not do anything scat or waterworks related. I have a default age of 20 for my character, but I don’t mind playing child, teenage or slightly older characters. I also don’t mind if your scenario involves sex.

One rule I do have though is no requests for pictues of myself, and don’t try to find me or anything like that. I don’t want my fantasies interfering with my real life. I don’t want to talk about my real life either, I’m just interested in role play.

I’d like to do this either via e-mail or through Google Hangouts.

If you’re interested, shoot me an e-mail to with the following info:

1. Write in the subject line that you are interested in cannibalism roleplay

2. State what age you’d like my character to be. If you don’t care, I’ll use the default age of 20.

3. If you have a preference on my character’s body type you can state as such, otherwise I’ll go with my default.

4. Tell me if in your scenario cannibalism is common or rare like our world, or in between.

5. Tell me if you want my character to be willing or unwilling.

6. Tell me all about your scenario.

If I get a bunch of requests I might be more selective, or get back to you later on it.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!


Bump! I got a fair amount of people admittedly but I’m having so much fun that I wouldn’t mind getting more.

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