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I know the nature of this site is gruesome and violent content usually, but aside from the kinks I'm into that fit along those lines, I am also looking for people who like doing sweet and gentle stuff too. I like a mix of the two, so it's the same thing over and over where every RP is cruel and mean spirited in nature.

I also like a mix of fantasy and realism when possible, while trying to avoid fetish casual world type scenarios.

I love using both canon characters and using/making up random ones. Crossovers are adored depending on the idea.

I prefer to RP in 3rd person, and while I usually play the submissive/victim or the observer (willing or not), but sometimes I can play the sadist too. I prefer to play male characters as well, but depending on mood and idea, I might play a female.

Personally I also don't care what gender you are behind the screen, as long as the character I'm interacting with is female (and maybe futa) then I'm good.

As for the kinks... Up for discussion and free to ask if like something or not. Main thing that matters from my RP partners is OOC consent, please don't pull a kink out of no where and hope that I like it.

Some level of plot and/or story is adored, but sometimes just a scene or two for a kink works too. Just don't for for mindless mass vore for no reason and stuff like that.

Love: Soft vore/fatal digestion, weight gain, size changing (usually shrink), expansion, giantess crush, crushing in general, animal victims in vore/crush/etc, lactation/breastfeeding, kidnapping, rape/being raped, unwilling victim(s), motherly characters, ageplay, shota/loli (no age limit), health problems from weight gain, possible slob, some watersports/scat, wetting/bedwetting, soiling on purpose, breast smother, femdom, incest (mom/son, bro/sis, aunt/nephew), affectionate cruelty, and some others like when women are being seductive yet classy bout it while not being slutty.

Turn Offs: Revival over and over just to kill victim again, making me have a big dick, sissification, endless growth, vomit (it can still happen, but likely not as a kink aspect), cross dressing, changing my character's gender, giantesses and femdoms that are overly perfect and impossible to kill, cock worship, muscle worship, extreme humiliation, constant degrading, forcing a lesbian relationship to happen if it's a F/F scenario, and some others. I'll address them if it comes up.

I post anywhere from a few lines to around a paragraph, but up to around a paragraph, maybe slightly more. Matching post length isn't required at all by me, so if you want to go crazy with details and such, then go ahead!

If you are interested, or just curious bout things, then please reply to my post with whatever info you can give, I don't have kik.

I have email (obviously), skype, and discord. Please be friendly, respectful, and patient. I don't want someone bitching and moaning at me cause I don't respond right away to your message.

Last thing I'd like to say is please no sending random real pictures less said it was okay. I likely won't be sharing any of me either way.


Discord: AaronM16


mate, your discord should have a number after... after the m16 should be #0000 or whatever


The OP of this ad, I'd like to add that when possible, I love to dive into the psychology of various things, like for example... HOW does someone's mindset change from never even thinking of hurting someone they care bout to deciding that not only are they going to try and eat that person alive and whole, but to digest them as food. Where they know full well they will DIE.

And yeah, you need your discord ID number after your name too before I can DM to it or add it.


Hello! Is anyone still interested in this? I would love for a roleplay of this type of possible! I am always one to enjoy being sweet or being sweetly taken care of only to have my partner grow sadistic or have been hiding their true intentions all along.

I would prefer lesbian relationships yet, if you are male I will take you but with a rule.
My discord is: Angelasadist #7016


Hope it's alright to bump my old ad instead of making an entirely new post.

I'm still interested in potential partners, but I don't have kik. I do have discord and skype when it comes to IM programs and would prefer those over email.

Kinda forgot I had this ad for a while, so thougth I'd check in on it.


Discord is incorrect


Whose discord is incorrect? I know some have put there's without the proper number or numbers at all, but I (the OP) haven't given out my discord directly yet.


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Hello Madamme

I am victim from Polan, EU. My age and gender are not important. I am furry (neko). I am very interrested to be a part of Your RP story. Is it still open?


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Hey there, folks, OP of this thread/RP ad. Honestly forgot about checking this for a while. Had also debated posting a fresher one.

I'll add a few things:
-I'm male IRL, but I don't care what gender you are behind the screen if able to play females and maybe futas depending how handle them.

- I prefer to start with one shot or short term stuff to see how we mesh and what other ideas we have before even attempting anything longer.

-Among canon stuff, I'd love to especially do straight shota (with female being dominant) as Gohan or at the very least random boys paired with db/z/gt/s women. Among other series.

- I prefer actual sessions over things just replied to whenever possible, but that'd require discussion and planning if our schedules are able to line up for it.

- As for my discord/skype, please email me if interested first.

Yahoo email is yamikaiba007

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