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The in-fiction rules of the challenge are in the post below. For convinience let's say no character would decline the challenge as:
1) a kind person would be glad to do a good deed and contribute to charity
2) an evil person would want to use the chance to pass it on someone
3) an indifferent person would go with the flow and do it too
You describe the challanged character's participation (first person perspective or third person perspective are both okay) and include the picture of the character they pass the challenge to. Then the next person does the same using the character you passed it to, and so on.
For convinience I believe it's better to not pass the challenge to more than one character, unless those characters can be considered a group and accept the challenge together (say, siblings... cause I know I'll pass it to Kagamine twins on some point), and when passing to a group, try keppeng the group small (like 2-4 people, don't challenge all of AKB0048 at once or something).
When you accept the challenge as the group, you can still pass the challenge only one time (to a character or another group), not as many times as there are people in the group.
Of course, it would be fun if everyone passed the challenge on a number of characters and it spread just like IBC did, but let's admit we don't have as many people here as youtube does, so it won't work.

<-- Here's the redhead that started it all, Soryu Asuka Langley.


"Are you filming, wondergirl?" Asuka asked.
"I am", Rei's answered from behind the camera.
The video showed Asuka standing on the lawn in the park in Tokyo-3. She was wearing white-red striped bikini. Behind her one could see giant feet of Evangelion Unit 01.
"All right then", Asuka took a breath and started her speach: "Hello everyone, my name's Sohryu Askua Langley, but I'm pretty sure you know who I am. That idiot Shinji passed the Ice Bucket Challenge on me. You know, the one where you film how you pour a bucket of ice-cold water on yourself, contribute $10 to charity and pass it on someone else. I'll say you what - that's ridiculous! $10 from a person, really? The video itself could make more money if you put some ads around it. Only nobody would want to watch the same thing save for different people again and again. So I've come up with something better that just pouring a bucket of water on oneself. Hereby I declare the start of Charity Snuff Challenge. The rules are simple: you film yourself being snuffed in any way you like and that video is used to raise money for charity. You can snuff yourself or ask someone to help you. Just remember to choose creative and entertaining way to be snuffed, so that the video would become popular and raise more money. All of your belongings that you didn't specifically instruct to be left for someone in particular will go for charity too, including your body or what's left of it. And don't forget to pass the challenge to someone else - you don't want the chain to stop on you, do you? And to start the chain I'll have a barrel of acid poured on me now, and I pass the challenge to Ayanami Rei. Got it, wondergirl? You're next!"


"Sure", Rei replied tonelessly as usual. "I'll do my best".
"Are you ready up there, idiot Shinji?" Asuka shouted.
"Erm... I guess so..." Shinji answered from inside of the robot.
(body too long, really?.. okay, continuing in the next post)
Rei unzoomed and now one could see Unit 01 holding a barrel in its hands right above where Asuka was standing.
"Then go and pour that acid on me!" Asuka commanded.
Shinji turned the barrel horisontal and half of the acid gushed down on Asuka in a blink of an eye. Asuka's long red hair was washed off her head and the skin throughout her body begain forming blisters that bursted right away, making it seem as if the girl's skin was boiling. Asuka emitted inhuman shrieks and she fell on her knees. Her bikini partly dissolved and fell of her, opening her tits and pussy to the acid. The acid kept pouring on her and pieces of burnt flesh fell of her body, what's more her screams made some of the acid go into her mouth and began dissolving her from the inside. Asuka fell on the ground inagony, her beautiful body became a piece of ugly burnt flesh, not even mentioning her face.


File: 1410424502245.jpeg (498.94 KB, 960x1280, f3a8c17d1327ab65f0403bf79….jpeg)

But what was the most shoking is that she was still alive, trashing in unimaginable pain under the unstopping torent of acid. Finally the acid made it through her eyes and to her brain, ending the suffering of the deformed piece of melting and biling flesh that once was Asuka. The barrel was finally empty too, so Shinji put it aside.
Rei left the camera on the tripod and came closer to the ugly piece of flesh in which one would never recognise Soryu Asuka Langley. She looked in fascination as the remains of the acid kept burning through what was left of Asuka's body. As Rei thought that she would be next, for the first time in her life she felt excitement. Rei faced the camera and said:
"I accept the challenge. Expect to see my video anytime soon".
Then she came back to the camera and shut it off.


Asuka passes the challenge to Ayanami Rei.


Rei had taken quite a long time to prepare for her challenge. Comparatively speaking, of course. The Ice bucket challenges were often at a limit of 24 hours. Rei had been doing her research and preparation for almost a week now.

There'd been some flak when Asuka's video went viral. This NEW challenge was not seen highly by some in comparison with the other such charity challenges. Her wishes, given there was video evidence of it all, were followed and she, in the end, made a large contribution to charity, but at a loss of a NERV pilot. Shinji was dismissed as just having been forced to follow her lead, though no one was sure quite how the three, orchestrated by Asuka of course, had gotten the 01, the barrel of acid, and everything else ready for the Snuff Challenge video. Rei had been briefed and questioned about how serious she took this challenge, but they let her go, in the end, as well, thinking that the shrieks of ... whatever they were that ... whatever had been Asuka let out in... its death throes would be enough of a deterrent.


They were wrong. Rei was dedicated, silently of course, to this sort of "rivalry" between the two girls. She used the camera making her own video will that left some of her belongings, and of course her body, to her beloved Shinji, and the rest to charity. She had memorized guard patterns and digital protocols and all manner of things she'd need to focus on for the sake of pulling off her challenge.

She had two ideas that were circulating in her head. One involved multiple potential causes of death, asphyxiation and exanguination, with thick and thin metal cords that, with a motorized winch, would amputate and strangulate, simultaneously. It would be gory and quite the spectacle. But there were some hitches. It would also probably be quicker, and maybe not even as painful as Asuka's. And it wouldn't match the gore factor of being melted by hot acid. So Rei had put such an idea aside to go with something that would be a longer, perhaps more traumatic death.


She finally had things set up and went to work. In some unknown remote location, as there were no windows or identifying indicators in the frame, she set up a well lit camera stand and studio. In the studio, there were two major furnishings. One was a long metal table with raised sides and a drain. The other was, for lack of a better term, a giant fish tank, which sat on some sort of platform 2 feet high with a skirt around it. The tank itself was at least 6 feet long and anywhere from 2 and 3 feet deep, which was hard to tell from the camera's perspective. Off against a wall was a shelf with various tools and implementations on it, but none were very clear. The camera focused on the table, on its shorter side with it running perpendicular away from it, and the 'fish tank' that was of a rectangular shape running parallel to the field of view of the camera.

A door opened and Rei stepped into the studio room with various things in her arms that she laid out on the metal table, mostly seemingly buckets of various sorts. Then she strangely went back out through the door and return dragging first one, then two, then three, then more short cylindrical metal tanks. The seemed heavy and full of... something. Lastly, she had to go back out of the door and came back with a large hose and a step ladder.


Using the ladder she lifted the end of the hose over the edge of the tank. With a remote from her pocket, she pressed a button, and down from out of the frame of the camera descended a large piece of glass. It seemed more than an inch thick and had three cables somehow attached to the top of it rather than wrapped around it. Holding the tube in place until the sheet of glass was low enough to hold it so she could let go, she then hit a button on the side of the tube and from it poured a red-orange fluid. She let the flow fill the tank until it rose to a black mark at the top of the tank. Lifting the glass with her remote, and removing the tube from the tank, then room, to then shut, and lock, the door, she took a moment to breath.

"I have a tank filled with LCL. You will have to forgive me that I cannot induce the phase shift for my challenge, but the fluid should be clear enough to see me through to my end." She had looked directly at the camera with her usual demeanor, if only slightly more... upbeat in tone, and with a faint smile on her face that to those closest to her would seem almost uncharacteristic.


"To those who will find the films programmed to be sent out after my departure, you should also receive a file describing my location and my last wishes. To those watching this from the online video site that Asuka's video got the most hits on, I'll explain a bit of what I plan to do." She'd started to strip as she continued with her monologue. "Asuka's snuff challenge video was quite popular and quite the spectacle to watch. I hope mine will be to. She was dissolved in acid poured on her from above, but I plan something different. This fluid is highly oxygenated meaning you can breath it like air." Lastly, her socks were neatly folded and set in a pile near the door leaving her completely naked in her pale fleshed and young form.

"But when electricity is run through it, it becomes clear like air, too. I won't be able to do that here. What I can do, though, is de-oxygenate it using heat. Like when a soda goes flat from getting too warm. That might be a boring death, though. Watching someone drown might entertain some, but I plan to go a step further. That is why this table is here." She waved an arm at it. "A... fascination.. that some had mentioned from the first video in requests for future snuffs involved cutting. I will do a bit of that. As the LCL de-oxygenates, it will be harder to get the oxygen from the fluid into my lungs and into my blood. I will, in a bid to extend my life after the tank is sealed, 'cut out the middle man' I think is the correct saying. But I'm not ready yet... And the next parts will be boring."


File: 1410564768863.jpg (42.4 KB, 704x396, oFbihzk.jpg)

She walked over to the camera, and in the next frame she is walking away from it, but there had been many changes to the room. The skirt on the platform was removed. Under the tank was now visible numerous metal pipes and the tanks were behind and off to the side with various tubes running from them to the metal pipe construction. There was a tray with a few tools on it next to the table. The cans that had been no the table were now out of frame, and there seemed to be some sort of paste slathered on the edges of the sheet of glass above the tank. Rei's body was now coated in something causing her skin to glisten and was a bit darkened. It seemed either a cooking marinade/glaze or a thorough covering in antiseptic iodine. Also on her body were dotted lines forming a capital 'I' shape on the front of her torso and a line that extended to below her left breast.

"Alright. I have the epoxy ready. It will seal the glass tank when I lower the top all the way. It will form a sort of pressure cooker, I guess, but I was assured everything should hold. Or, for atleast until I expire. The Camera is set to shut off in 30 minutes time, anyway... Uhmm. Oh! Before I get too far.. uhh, I nominate Misa Amane. You're a very pretty girl, and ... And well... You should make a very large contribution to charity!"


Rei then grabbed a small black box off the metal table and showed it to the camera. "Okay, uhmm, So with a press of this button on my remote, the burners will light. Before I climb in, I'll open the valves to the fuel tanks. Then this button after I'm in will tell the winch to lower the glass all the way. The epoxy should set quickly, and then, well, I'll be sealed in the glass tank full of LCL. I'll be able to breathe and move around I guess... Maybe I can give a bit of a show? It's really big and tall... Then eventually it will heat up. I sent special... instructions... for Shinji on .. after." She blushed almost as red as her eyes, if you could tell through the oils all over her body.

"Shinji, I hope you'll enjoy... I made sure to control my diet all week and... An... Uhh, I should get on with it." She put the remote down on the tray and picked up one of the various small bladed instruments. "Before I go into the tank, I'm going to have a Prog Knife with me. I can't use it much and I hope it won't damage the tank. So I need to do a lot of preliminary work. That's what the table is for." She turned to the side, as from the perspective of the camera, and sat on the edge of the table with her feet hanging off. "Ahhhsssshh. Cold..." She picked up a blade and just as she turned it on, it emitted some light, and a slight humming sound. Then she snapped her head up before it touched her skin as if she remembered something.


"Ahh, I guess you guys want to watch this, probably." Her face had never lost the smile. In fact it was even wider, now, than when she started. She got back off the table, and moved the tray, it's feet scraping loudly and shrilly on the floor, next to her as she then sat back on the table but at the end closest the camera with her full front exposed. Apparently she had completely shaved everything clean, so there could be no carpet/drape color matching discussion with her shocking blue hair. Her legs were left slightly open, probably in not thinking of her composure anymore given she was currently sitting next to what would soon be her grave, of sorts.

"I hope... you'll forgive if I don't look at the camera for this. She picked the blade back up and engaged the function from its hilt. It sparked to life again, and hummed away in her grasp as she turned it on her own body. She started the incision somewhere between her breasts, above any dotted lines, and gasped as some smoke wisps wafted up from her chest. "It... It really burns... but it kills most nerves rather quick and then ... then it feels cold. There's... no blood." She had taken cues from her research online to describe the process and what she felt as she did it. She extended the cut, little bit little, through her layers of skin and fat, and as she moved downward below her breasts, then below her chest.


She stopped cutting just above her navel. "I... I hope you'll forgive. I need a .. moment." She was sweating profusely and seemed to be trying to manage the pain. "I will... wait until I'm.. in.. the tank... to open my belly more. I can't sever too many muscles, as I need to climb into the tank, yet. But... I hope you'll.. enjoy this.. so far." She visibly cringed in pain as she reached into the blackened cut with a few of her fingers. After a bit of probing she pulled her hand out and out with it came a single loop of intestine. "Ahh... it... feels so.. so strange... to touch... your insides. It's... lumpy. I guess that's the stuffing... I hope it doesn't digest too much... I tried to take .. precautions... those pills... anyway... It's weird. Slimy. Not bloody... Lumpy." She pinches it between her fingers and winces at the feeling. "Ahh, it feels... odd. I just pinched. inside me. But it's not inside me."

She then tried to push it back in but it was too difficult so she continued with her plan. She moved back up to under her ribs and started the vibrating blade of the Progressive Knife again. She had apparently studied some anatomy in her week since Asuka's dare. She started to slowly cut again, still without any blood, but with a bit more sweat. Her hand was a bit more shaky so she grabbed the knife handle with both hands and slowly made her way across to the left side of her body.


"This... will give.. me ac-..access to .. my heart." She started making other incisions, and suddenly the sound changed from the sizzling of fat and flesh to something like a cell phone vibrating on a wooden table top. "AHHhhh! It... cuts bone... very easily.. That... might be best... Change of plans. I had thought to.. just open... some arteries... and it would.. well... maybe I can... cut through the sternum... and use my pulmonary arteries and veins."

She got off the table and moved over to the tanks, opening their valves. "It is a little... harder... to move and stay upright. The cuts don't hurt so much... anymore atleast. And I am... holding myself.. closed." There seemed to be an odd thrill in her voice as she mentioned holding the sides of her slit torso together. She had the knife with her as she went back and grabbed the remote she forgot. Another couple loops of intestine had started to come out as she turned in front of the camera. She shuffled back over to the step ladder behind the tank and first just tossed the knife into the tank where it sank straight to the bottom. Then she hit the button no the remote that turned on the burners which she looked through the tank to see were all lit. Lastly, she slowly climbed onto the edge of the tank, and then into it, the LCL fluid slowly rising to near but just below the top. Lastly, she clicked the button that would lower the lid all the way, and as it neared, one hand holding onto the edge of the tank, the other holding the remote, she slipped her hand over the top of the lid and left the remove there, and then submerged herself in he tank.


File: 1410564890823.jpg (49.37 KB, 704x396, Misa-misa-amane-24530927-7….jpg)

"I hope you enjoy my sacrifice, Shinji, and that all watchers enjoy the show, and good luck to Misa, and you have a tibe lib-KAFKof--" Her speech was cut off as the lid hit her head and submerged it, silencing her from speaking anymore. She hadn't expected it either and as if she were a newbie to LCL, she started fighting as if she were drowning before she realized she was fine. Unfortunately, in the struggle and panic, more of herself was now exposed for all to see as a good 4-5 feet of small intestine had wormed its way out of her body.

Taking a moment as she calmed herself, she took some very deliberately deep "breaths" of the LCL, letting the air fully escape her lungs. She found the bottom fo the tank was too warm to put her weight on, so she tried to sort of float somewhere in the middle as occasional bubbles rose around her. Soon she had her body stabilized, but more of her intestines had found their way dislodged from her abdomen. She took note of it, looking down, and seemed to try to say something, but her lips were too far away to make out with the resolution of the camera. Trying to look down again as if trying to find the knife as she looked this way and that, her own innards were just in the way, so she took them and wrapped them about her neck and over her shoulders while trying to not pull more out. Her face seemed to light up a bit as she spotted the knife and turned upside down to grab it.


She held the knife out to show the camera after she righted herself, now seemingly fully in equilibrium and floating in near perfect harmonious density with her liquid surroundings, and then with a finger followed the dotted line across her lower abdomen. With the same finger, she did the same just below her chest, as well as made some other imaginary lines around and between her breasts that didn't make much sense in how quickly they were down. Turning the blade on, it emitted a few bubbles and light, but not too much to obscure everything. She tried to work quickly with it, though, as she made two incisions and opened her torso up completely. It was actually quite surprising to suddenly see all of her organs be freed from the sac surrounding them as they seemed to writhe and wriggle on their own. They all seemed so... full, as well, compared with the usually very deflated organs you find during dissections. The knife had been shut off at some point, and she seemed to be massaging various organs, her eyes closed and a happy look on her face as if perhaps she was enjoying this, unexpectedly. Soon, though, she stopped knowing she had to continue.

One arm used to shepherd her organs out of her line of sight, she turned the knife on again, and plunged it a little forcefully into the center of her chest above the initial incision she'd ever made. Pulling it down slowly, as if there was much resistance, and with a greatly pained look on her face, she finally stopped at the bottom of her breastbone. Turning the knife off, her face seemed struck with another small bout of panic as her sternum could no longer help her ribs keep the pressure they normally would to allow for breathing motions.


She quickly turned the knife back on, and after two more cross the torso cuts at her collarbones, she used both hands to pull her ribcage open. Her pericardial sac and lungs now exposed to the camera and to her hands, she used them to literally massage her own lungs. Her heart, now visible to all, which had been beating so fast, seemed to slow down slightly, as a calmer expression fitted itself upon Rei's face.

Now she looked about herself, with all these pieces of her body floating and flapping around, and she seemed unsure as she looked off into some corner of the room with her eyes unfocused while her hands kept aiding her breathing. For a girl soon to die, and having irreparably damaged her body as she had, she was experiencing it remarkably well. She stopped massaging one lung, as if as a test, while she let her other hand, the one holding the knife, just hang in front of her chest. She seemed passively content with the result as she then used the now sort of free hand to caress her breast in one of her chest flaps. A look of disappointment flashed on her face as she used the knife to just remove the entire left side of her chest. She pushed it away as her fleshy breast floated near horizontally toward an edge of the tank and seemed to just bounce off it.


Her face brightened again. As her one 'breathing hand' kept up what it was doing, the free hand fished around in the mass of GI organs, and then found what she was looking for. With a slight movement of her arm, hidden by the mass of organs, her eyes then rolled back into her head, her toes curled, and legs seemed to clench. Something else clenched, then, though, as she had a rude awakening from the bliss she'd given herself. Her hand had crushed her lung and it was no longer inflating. A few panicked squirms, and she transferred the knife to the other hand to switch roles as the knife hand now started to pump the remaining useful lung. Things were becoming more difficult, though. By the pace of her heart and her remaining breathing hand/lung pair, plus the fact there were now more bubbles everywhere, it was apparent that Oxygen was soon to become an issue.

But she wanted, no, she NEEDED another orgasm. She was tired of dealing with her organs floating about, so she tried to move as many as she could out of the way. What a mess she looked... but she found herself with most of her internal cavity now exposed. She was getting a bit more frantic now, but had still yet to slice open anything too vital. She was stroking her spine, which seemed to bring some enjoyment. Then she was stroking the tube that had to have been her vaginal canal. She even resorted to just squeezing her uterus in a fist, but it was not quite putting her over the edge.


Rei had a last ditch effort come to mind as her hand started to cramp from 'breathing' for her. She let go of the lung and then with the knife, removed them both. She had now hit the last stage as the LCL started becoming much more red and quite a bit cloudy. Her heart was beating like mad as it sucked in LCL and expelled blood into the surrounding fluid. She'd dropped the knife as some point, too, which automatically disengaged as it left her hand. One hand found itself over her heart, the other somewhere on the inside of her groin. Her entire body was clenching into a ball as the blood clouded the waters.

Eventually, as the LCL heated up further, and more gas came out of solution, her body's density made her rise to the top. She seemed to hardly be moving anymore. She was on her back and face up. One hand was still moving slightly as it wrapped around her reproductive organs, the other hand was still around her heart. She was in her last moment of awareness as her face came into view and seemed to be one of pure ecstasy. Her eyes were rolled back, her tongue lay out of her mouth, which was twisted in a grin. A sudden spasm and her limbs flailed a bit as her hands clenched tight on the muscular organs they were wrapped around. Her toes had curled and her head tossed a bit back and forth. She then went still. She was floating alongside her severed ribs and breast, tipple up, of course, while her intestines were strewn about around her like seaweed in this strange fish tank of her own making. Yes, Rei Ayanami had finally gone belly up, and she seemed to have enjoyed her last few moments. Her body shook and spasmed a bit at random as the LCL continued to boil. Then the camera shut off.


Okay, here goes my try...

Back when Misa first saw Asuka's video, she was so excited about it she couldn't help but masturbate while watching it and as what left of Asuka stopped to move Misa had a most powerful orgasm. Then just after the video ended, Misa watched it again and then again, countless times. She was captivated by the sight of a girl condemning herself to a most horrible death for the sake of making the world better while also entertaining the crowd. Being a famous model, she had been dared for Ice Bucket Challenge, but she declined it as boring. It never occured to her to turn it into someting much more gruesome, more entertaining, and thus more contributing to the sosciety. As she rewatched Asuka's unbearable suffering again and again, Misa couldn't help but wish she was the one to come up with such an idea.


Every time Misa rewatched Asuka's video, she was also intrigued by the last bit of it where Rei claims to accept the challenge. She was fascinated how easily Rei agreed to it right after seeing the other girl's terrifying death throes. Misa couldn't wait for Rei's video to appear, and when it did, Misa watched it even more captivatedly as the first one, while also rubbing her clit furiously. And when she heard Rei speak Misa's name, she instantly had an even more powerful orgasm. She had to rewatch the part of the video she missed while orgasming. After Misa rewatching the whole video for a number of times, her phone rang. People from the TV said that Misa's fans want to know what Misa's going to do about this challenge, so she has to go to the studio ASAP and make an official announce. Which she did, naming the date when she's going to be snuffed in public and claiming she would let a random person from the audience snuff her in a way they like. That last statement made tickets sell out in no time even with their cost above any normal reason. With that Misa's contribution to charity was already more than Asuka and Rei's together. That's the benefit of being popular.


Finally the day came. The auditorium was totally full with people. There was a live TV broadcast too. The crowd burst with applouse as Misa came to the scene.
"Thank you everyone for coming to my snuff show. I'm so glad to see a full house. As you know, those money will all go to charity, and I'm happy to know there are so many people willing to help making the world better. As I have promiced, I'll pick a random person from the audience and let them snuff me in any way they like. I hope you all have some creative snuff methods in mind for me that would make a great show. But before that, one last thing: my last will. I have a certain notebook... you can call it a diary of a sort, I guess. I want Yagami Light to have it. He knows where I keep it. Everything else, including my body or anything that is left of it after you snuff me, I would like to contribute to the cause of making the world better. And for whom I'd like to challenge next... I dare Nia Teppelin for the Charity Snuff Challenge. I'm sure she'll be glad to help her people in these hard times. Well, I guess that's all... now let's choose who'll snuff me. Here on the table I have two boxes with marbles. Marbles in one box have row numbers on them, in the other one - seat numbers. Now let's see who's extra lucky today!"
The crowd cheering went insane when Misa took out first one marble then the other. The camera took a close shot of them, showing the numbers. Misa read them aloud. A man from the named seat stood up and came to the stage, followed by envy looks and howling of the rest of the audience.


"Now, you're one lucky guy", Misa told him as he came up to her. "How do you feel about the fact that you're going to snuff me?"
"I'm... excited I guess..." the man answered. "And nervous too... I've never done anything like that... well, not to a living person anyway".
"So what exactly are you going to do to me?" Misa wondered.
"I'm a taxidermist", the mad said. "So I figured out I would skin you and make a stuffed Misa-Misa".
"Wow, that sounds extreme!" Misa admitted. "I like that! Do you need any instruments?"
"I only need my knife for now and I have it with me", the man said.
"Cool! Then let's start! From this moment forward I'm going to follow your commands".
"Right... well then, would you strip of your clothes so that I could strip you of your skin?"
"Gladly!" Misa answered and put on a little striptease show.


The audience was cheering wildly as Misa took off one piece of clothes after another and finally she was standing on the scene totally naked for the whole world to see. She was going to become even more naked though. The man took his knife and positioned it at the back of Misa's neck. The camera zoomed in to give the viewers a better look.
"I guess it's going to hurt", the man warned.
"The more it hurts the better", Misa answered. "Audience would love to see me in pain, right?"
The audience eagerly confirmed.

"Here I go then", the man said and started to cut down from Misa's neck.
It did hurt somewhat, but nothing Misa couldn't handle. She was sure more was coming though. After the man made a cut from Misa's neck down to her butt, he got his knife under her skin to flay it of Misa's body. That's where it really started to hurt. Tears flowed out of Misa's eyes and she had to brace herself against the table, but she was still smiling looking in the camera. The man kept flaying Misa's skin, soon he was finished with her back and ass.


"Can you please keep your arms up, so I can continue to your sides?" the mas asked.
"Sure thing..." Misa answered cheerfully through her hard breathing as she did lift her arms. "Go ahead".
And he did, flaying the skin of Misa's sides and hands. Then up from Misa's neck he proceeded to her head. Misa had to try really hard to hold still as the knife was slicing trough her pretty face. Accurately not to ruin Misa's hair the man skinned Misa's face. He pulled the skin down and flayed it of her torso and hands and finally her legs. Misa stepped out of her own skin with fascination, not minding the unbelievable pain it brought to her.

"How are you even still alive?" the man wonered.
"How would... I know..." Misa spoke weakly as she held her skinned hands against the table to not fall on the floor. "But that feels... amazing... my whole existanse... is pain..."
"Should I cut your throat to end your suffering?" the mad offered.
"No way!" Misa answered. "Quite the contrary... I wonder... if even the touch of the air... to my bare meat... is so unbearable... what would some sand... do to me?.. wanna see?.."
The audience cheered with renewed force. Misa was bleeding out while barely managing not to let her body convulse in an agony as she felt terrible pain on every part of it. But she was happy she made such a great show.


"Please... bring some sand..." she said. "And while that's getting done... the snuffed Misa-Misa you're going to make... I want it put on an auction with money going to the charity... right?"
"Sure thing", the taxidermist agreed. "You've already mentioned you wanted your body go to charity. I guess that includes things made with your skin".
"Right..." Misa spoke weakly through her hard breathing. "Just wanted to make sure".
In the meantime someone got a bucket of sand. Misa took it with her trembling hands. The pain before was already terrible. What it's going to be like with the sand? There was only one way to know, so Misa lifted it above her head with the taxisermist's help as her own hands were weak now, and poured the sand on herself. Immediately she fell on the floor, convulsing in agony, but that only made more sand stick to her body. It was absolutely crazy and Misa wanted to just die already, but still something made her enjoy every bit of her terrible agony. She squirmed in sand for a minute or two before finally stopping to move.


File: 1411024334634.jpg (244.13 KB, 906x1275, 9f0992d0347a259c7b668c449e….jpg)

"Well... can anyone take the body away please?" the taxidermist asked. "Meanwhile. I have all I need to make the stuffed Misa-Misa in my car. I'll go get everything and we can continue the show with making of that beautiful auction lot".
The audience cheered once more. In the end they were totally pleased with the show and someone bought stuffed Misa-Misa for a very high price. With that plus the tickets plus TV show the contribution to charity was noteworhty. It was what made the Charity Snuff Challenge from a random extravagant idea by some crazy redhead into a popular activity with popular people involved. People couldn't believe how well everything worked out given that Misa just picked a random man from the audience to do everything. Little did they know that in the "diary" she left to Light, which was of course the Death Note, it was written: "Amane Misa, death of painful agony after being skinned" followed by all the details of the show.


Amane Misa passes the challenge to Nia Teppelin.



....I been trying to write a story for her, but I can't come up with anything good XD if can't come up with something good or someone else doesn't do it I'll just use the crappy one. I have to keep these thing going.


Might be good if you just post what you got, man. It's been like, three months.


You know, this thread being bumped reminded me of it and made me think again of what could Nia do for the Charity Snuff Challenge. And this time finally I had an idea! It might take a few days to flash it out into actual text though. But I now have a concept in my head and even a candidate for next vict. I mean challenger. Stay tuned.


I'm gonna flat out honest I forgot about these XD not even sure I have the story anymore. So go ahead Aoi I love your work


File: 1449762255898.png (1.16 MB, 1400x1400, 1726877 - RWBY Weiss_Schne….png)

Nia was thinking of a design for her wedding dress when she heard a knock on the door.
“Come in”, Nia replied.
The door opened and Simon, her fiancé, walked in.
“Hi, Nia”, he said. “Do you have some free time?”
“I always have time for you, Simon”, Nia smiled. “Please, sit down”.
“Thanks”, Simon said as he sat beside his fiancée on the sofa.
“So what did you want to talk about?” Nia asked. “Is it about the wedding?”
“Not really. Have you seen the last Charity Snuff Challenge episode?”
“No, what’s that?” Nia wondered. “I don’t think I’ve heard the name”.
“It’s a new show, but it’s gaining popularity really fast”, Simon said. “It seems to run all across the multiverse too”.
“And what is it about?” Nia asked.
“Beautiful girls are snuffed in spectacular ways to collect money for charity”, Simon explained. “And pass the challenge to the next girl”.
“Sounds like a good cause to get snuffed for”, Nia noted. “So you wanted to tell me about the show? I’ll be sure to watch it then”.
“Not exactly… well, I’ll be glad if you watched it with me, of course, but there’s more. The thing is the last participant have passed the challenge to you”.
“Oh”, Nia understood. “So you want to ask me if I accept the challenge?”
“I know you too well to ask if you’ll get snuffed for charity”, Simon smiled. “So I actually just wanted to discuss the details like how and when”.
“Isn’t the ‘when’ part obvious?” Nia smiled back. “Right on the wedding of course!”

And so, the happiest day in Nia’s life, that conveniently coincided with the last day in her life, came. Nia walked down the aisle in a pretty white wedding dress with a bouquet of red roses in her hands, similar roses and a veil decorated her blue hair. Simon, wearing a matching white suit, watched her from the altar. Each of Nia’s elegant steps brought her closer to her beloved Simon and closer to the horrible end she was going to suffer. Nia wasn’t sure which she anticipated more, an unfamiliar yet not unpleasant sensation was growing between her tights as she approached the deadly mechanism hidden under the altar. Finally Nia was there. She held hands with Simon and they smiled to each other under the gaze of hundreds eyes and cameras. After the epic events they were the center of, there was no chance their wedding wouldn’t be broadcasted live all over the world.
“Nia of Teppelin”, read Rossiu, this wedding’s priest, from the book, “do you swear to love, cherish and obey Simon of Giha as he puts you to a gory and painful death, to give the public a good show to remember by suffering that death and to give your life and all of your belongings to charity?”
“Yes”, Nia exhaled almost soundlessly, her eyes wet with tears of happiness.
“Simon of Giha”, Rossiu read further, “do you swear to love, cherish and worship Nia of Teppelin by putting her to a gory and painful death, to make sure she suffers earnestly as she dies and to… er, it says give all of your belongings to charity too?” he was a bit confused with what was written.
“That’s right”, Simon nodded. “And yes, I swear”.
“Very well then”, Rossiu continued. “Nia, you can now name the next challenger”.
“I would like to pass the challenge to Weiss Shcnee of Atlas”, Nia said. “I believe, with her position as the heir of Shcnee Dust Company she can contribute the most. But if the rest of team RWBY joined her, that would be nice too”.
“And with this being settled”, Rossiu went on to the main part, “Simon, you can now snuff the bride”.

(this will be continued, truly truly true.
It's just already late today, so I'll continue tomorrow.
But this beginning seemed already nice enough to post
and maybe provide some intigue in hope it helps get people interested,
probably only thing it does is caueses more frstration though...
but at least you can now see that I am indeed working on it)


<--- Here is Weiss Schnee. I'll leave it to whoever undertakes writing her part (hope it won't have to be me again) whether she goes for it alone or with the rest of team RWBY.



For the love of Weiss I'm gonna making something good.


Simon nodded to Nia and she dropped her dress to the floor. Apparently, it was specifically designed so that she could drop it with a single short hardly noticeable movement. She didn’t wear any undergarments, so the only clothes left on Nia were her high heel shoes, wedding gloves and the veil on her hair. Oh, and there was also the ring with a sparkling emerald. Nia seemed to be aware of her body’s aesthetic beauty and flattered by the admiring gazes, but she was certainly unknown to the concept of sexuality, as she casually proceeded to removing the gloves, her only concern being that the clothes don’t get in the way of what’s to come. As everyone were staring at Nia’s nude body, they didn’t notice Rossiu pulling a hidden lever, which made the floor of the altar opened behind Simon and Nia, revealing some mechanism inside. It was hard to tell what it was, as it was still below the floor. Simon held Nia’s hand and gallantly helped her to step out of her shoes and down into the cavity. It was deep enough for the floor to hide Nia’s legs below about the middle of her tights. Nia turned back to face the crowd again, revealing a cute and a bit shy smile. She didn’t mind her nakedness, of course, nor did she mind her imminent end. The embarrassing point was that soon in front of all these people she will scream of pain and her face will be distorted by a grimace of agony. But if that was what people enjoyed to hear and watch, then she will be glad to provide the show. Meanwhile Simon nodded to Rossiu, signing him to pull the lever further, which made the mechanism Nia was in slowly raise above the floor. Like most mechanisms, it had a face on the front, facing the public. With its small size, it looked a lot like Gurren from the outside. But as the cameras peeked inside it was revealed that instead of a cockpit it had a screw conveyor – a true symbol to the triumph of spiral energy. And so, the mechanism appeared to be a meat grinder. As it finished its rising, Nia was standing on level with Simon again.
“I love you, Simon”, she said, looking into his eyes.
Tears flowed down her cheeks as emotions overflowed her. Not only was it the happiest day of her life, but also the last one. She could hardly believe the luck.
“I know”, Simon answered. “I love you too”.
Then Nia’s first and last kiss followed. And as their lips were joined, Simon inserted his core drill into a socket on the back of the mechanism.

(and this is not the end still)


The screw conveyor started moving slowly. For the first couple of seconds the only thing it did to Nia was forcing her to take a step forward. Nia held onto the edges of the meat grinder’s carcass, as her knees became pressed against the wall of the machine. There was no more space, but the mechanism didn’t intend to stop and just pressed more and more.
“Kyaaa!!!” Nia screamed as her legs broke at the knees one after the other and her flesh teared.
As her lower legs fully separated, Nia feel down, now sitting on the conveyor’s pivot, her back supported by the next coil of the screw.
“Does it hurt properly?” Simon asked caringly, stopping the machine.
“Properly?” Nia exhaled through heavy breath, tears now pouring down her face as a river. “It hurts like hellish hell!” she screamed, her face distorted by pain.
“What’s hellish hell?” Simon wondered.
“It’s like… if below the hell… there was a second hell… that would serve as the hell for the first hell”, Nia explained. “That’s how much it hurts”.
Nia seemed to calm down a bit as she concentrated on the conversation.
“Somewhat like the second circle of hell?” Simon concluded. “I’ve heard there are nine of them”.
“Oh”, Nia replied. “Then you should send me all the way to the deepest one”, she lectured Simon strictly.
“Don’t worry”, he smiled, “I intend to send you even further”.
“What can be even further?” Nia wanted to ask, but Simon started the machine again.
Nia’s belly was pressed against the cold metal wall. But the next coil kept going, trying to push Nia’s upper legs further. And so it crashed Nia’s waist, yet it didn’t cleanly cut her in half, instead most of her intestines were still connected, but as they feel out, they coiled around the pivot. Nia screamed again at the top of her lungs. Meanwhile some grinded meat started to come out of the mechanism’s “mouth” into a bowl that no one noticed where it came from. The public cheered as they realized this meat was from Nia’s lower legs. Nia, now with her waist resting on the pivot, still holding onto the edge of the machine, looked at the people with her teary eyes. Everyone seemed so happy. Nia knew they loved her. And of course she loved them back. It wasn’t the same kind of love as with Simon, but that didn’t make it any less valid. Nia realized it was her last chance, so after taking another deep breath, she turned her next scream into actual words:
“Everyone!” she shouted, trying her best to smile. “I love each of you!”
The crowd cheered again.
“Having fun there?” Simon asked, stopping the machine once more. “How did it feel this time?”
“Much better”, Nia answered. “Must be fifth or sixth hell”.
“Then we’re on the right way”, Simon smiled, starting the meat grinder again.

(to be continued)


Haven't had any ideas for these people so far - if a character comes up that I know well enough to develop an idea, I'll go for it, but in the meantime, I'll just read what everyone else comes up with.

On that topic, looking forward to the next round of the Nia Snuff.



I been working a bit on the story for Weiss and some of her friends. I kind of a rwby.

Same for Nia I can't wait. I'll probably post mine a little after he is done, gonna wait till after chrimas thou cause going home for the holidays.


Sorry for the delay, guys, things have been quite busy for a while and it doesn't seem to change any time soon; that makes it hard to force myself to write something in particular, instead I write whatever goes easier, so I can relax with writing rather than work hard on it. And currently the one that goes easier is a new Russian story of mine that is a lot like Innocence, so most likely of no interest for gurochanners anyway.
Feel free to go on with Weiss. I'll just throw in the rest of Nia's story later when I'll write it.


[So I'm back and have the day off work super early so here the first part of weiss.]

“Blake how is the camera? “ Appearing in view of the camera was woman dressed up in elegant outfit of bright white clothing with some red insider of her coat. To most she would appear as a snow princess, long hair tied up in lovely side pony tail, perfect skin besides one scar upon her eye. Her bright eyes stared at curiosity at the camera being held by her fauns friend who is video making expert. With a nodded the cat girl spoke.

“Roger.” She said holding the camera perfect still to the point no one would believe it was a person holding it. “Good evening, my name is Weiss Schnee. After a kind challenge from the dear Nia Teppelin. Lovely wedding by the way, I have decided to accept her challenge!” Weiss grinned she grew up in rich family and knew the wonders of such charity events and had a secret fantasy about dying in the public eye. She smile almost childishly before she spoke.

“We are here at the Vale festival where I and my lovely partner will be snuffed live across both the world and beyond!” Suddenly the cheer of a crowd sparked as some lights let up showing Weiss now all over Vale, Remnant, and beyond even her own dimension. All within the massive stadium usually meant for fighting. Blake moved what was the main camera to Ruby and Yang at the side lines. Both of them were at the side of a cage waiting to unlock it. Everyone could hear it, the sounds of furious growling roaring out from within the cage. The bright golden haired girl with smile full of energy hugged her sister tightly before she spoke into the camera.

“We caught a legendary Twin Fang Wolf Grim to tear me and my dear princess apart limb for limb for the world to see!” Yang waved a large piece of metal into the dark cage where the monster hide unseen. Suddenly the metal rod was taken from Yang’s hand and literally torn apart by the creature’s power before being spat at Weiss’s feet torn apart into small chunks.

With happy grin, the busty golden girl started to

“Without farer fan far yet the feast begin!”


File: 1451521184242.jpg (21.32 KB, 260x308, starfireindex_05.jpg)

>> 975

A loud almost crack like sound started to shake through the whole arena as Yang started to rush away from the door standing beside Weiss holding her hand. The two of them deeply kissed for a few moments. Through Blake’s up close camera everyone could see the two girls’ tongues wrapping around one another. Weiss started to slowly let her fingers roll through the hair of the golden haired woman. As the beast came out Ruby decided to make a quick cut away to her and Blake to make the announcement about the person Weiss and Yang picked.

“Weiss and Yang both decided on picking the hero Starfire for the next challenge! I hope it will be a good one!” Ruby said with happy tone causing Blake to laugh before the main event appeared. Out of the cage while the two girls were still kissing each other deeply a large hulking figure appeared. It looked like a wolf type of grim creature famous in their home, however it was sporting to heads instead of. Each with large saber tooth styled things. Its blood red eyes, locked onto the two girls kissing as the other two moved to a safe distance, but still within view of the scene.

The creature roared leaving Weiss and Yang who were still too focused on their kissing to notice it rush at them. The beast harshly rushed them both down then slammed down into the ground. One claw wrapping around each of their bodies. The beast leaned close as the two girls stared at their killer with excitement within their eyes. They both started to speak their final request as the creature moved both of its large heads towards their necks.

“We would both like to leave all our mortal possession to our sisters and our friend Blake. “ They both were expect the mauling to instant start after screaming out their request to the crowed, but instead. The beast took its large things and started tearing apart their outfits. The first thing anyone saw was both of the fiery girl’s breast bounce out her top that was cut open shaking back and forth in the air for all to see. Suddenly the creature opened the head closest to her then bite down into her breast.

A horrible scream mixed with a sexual moan filled the air as the creature started twisting and tugging at the breast between its teeth. Blood and a little bit of fatty gel like substance started to come out her melons as it was slowly being torn away from chest. Each piece slowly pulling part as the beast took it’s time to savior the meat. The ice girl stared in pure awe and horror before she felt a horrible pain in her left shoulder. The other head at bitten into it and yanked back. A large chunk of meat tore away between its lethal weapons.

The beast took the piece of shoulder into its mouth and chewed on it slowly. It was easy to tell the creature loved slow meals. Weiss creamed out as blood flowed through her wound almost as much as Yang. People could see part of her bloody boned shaking back and forth as her warm shook in pure pain. Both the girls were more then tasty enough for the grand wolf to want even more of their bodies to feed on.


The Twin’s Fangs first head, bite deeper into Weiss’s arm causing a snapping sound to shutter throughout the arena walls. The creature literally tore the whole arm of and started slowly chew upon it. With a grinding sound the creature nom on the bone and flesh. Pieces of skin and blood slipped down onto Weiss’s stomach. The girl’s eyes wide with horror seeing it savior her own flesh before her. The only reason her concentration broke away from her own pain, was that see another wave of blood fill the air and Yang unleashing her own torment through wails.

The large orb of flesh which was once her right tit was now completely torn away. The creature crushed it between its teeth a kin to balloon. As its next act, the twin fang pieced its claw over Yang’s bell through her skin. With a shift motion it tore open her stomach making an incision through the body of the fire girl. She let out a painful groan, blood started to flow out her mouth as the creature reached in slowly with its long slim like tongue. The tongue slide across her bloody wound and start lick across the bare organs.

The creature was slowly using its tongue to help pull out her large intestine. Once near its lips, the hound started to pull them into its mouth with a loud slurping sounds. Yang could only scream with blood foaming around her lips as it was starting slurp and chew her guts like a plate of spaghetti. Her head turned towards the side to stare into her partner who gave a sweet look even if she was now sweating and panting in pain from having her arm torn off.

Weiss whispers a sweet confession of love to Yang. The girl’s eyes if not already wide with pain would have expanded at that. Her once fearful expression turned into a painful bloody smile towards her partner. Weiss’s little confession of love interrupted by the creature using its large famous teeth to tear through both her legs with one powerful snap.” AAHHH YANG!!” She screamed out as Yang weakly reached out to her with her eyes turning into their famous fire red color.


“Weiss!” She screamed only to cough out more blood as creature managed to rip out most of intestines suddenly with a quick snap. Its focus next went towards her liver. Weiss on the other hand was being thrown around through the air like a chew toy. Her legs were being stretched out showing skin and muscle tearing away slowly as the creature roughly handled her. She could only scream and grow dizzy by being tossed around like a toy.

Ruby and Blake were making sure to get good close ups of the scene while the cameras in the arena were showing all angels of the bloody spectacle. Soon Weiss’ legs gave out and both were torn apart from her body half way through her thigh. The princess went flying into the wall close to her with a loud thud. Anyone could hear the harsh sound of her skull being smashed against the wall. She felt warmth was pooling out the back of her head. The snow white became stained the color of crimson. Weiss’ vision was now blurry, she was losing a lot blood from her served limbs and fractured skull.

She barely see the creature tossing her dear blazing knight right next to her on the ground. Yang’s organs were starting to fall out and flow onto the ground in a thick wave of blood. She was barely breathing. While the first head was tossing away Weiss, the second had eaten her liver, one of her lung, and a few ribs. With eyes filling with tears that fell upon her sweat stained cheeks Weiss used whatever strength she could to will her remaining arm to drag her towards her lover.

She wanted to be with Yang at her last moments. She could barely muster the strength she needed. Her vision went in and out. It seemed like she was miles away from her knight, she wanted to make it but knew she couldn’t. That was when the cat came in. She picked Weiss’ by her one remaining limb and smiled.” It’s ok I got you.” They gave each other smiles as Blake carried her over to Yang. Ruby was busy finishing off the grim creature. It was so focused upon its meal it was easy for her to cut off both its heads with one clean swipe of Crescent Moon.


File: 1451916023010.jpg (206.37 KB, 889x1118, starfire-beast-boy-porn-ar….jpg)

Blake laid Weiss down gently next to Yang. Yang’s crimson covered lips formed one of biggest smiles she could before she reached both her weak arms over to wrap around the snow princess. It was followed by a deep loving kiss. The princess gladly accept as they both kissed.” I love you Weiss.” Yang said while they kissed.” Weiss replied back to her after they finished.” I love you to Yang.” Both of them cried happily for a few moments glad to die together like these with Blake and Ruby standing over head of them.

Weiss was barely able to speak. She just laid Yang’s head against her chest.” Thank you all for watching…I hoped you enjoyed.” She said looking into Blake’s camera. The crowed in the arena was cheering after seeing such brutal scene end with such a heartwarming moment.” Remember miss Star Fire is next on the list so stayed tuned for it.” With that Weiss and Yang both passed away with smile on their faces. The crowd watching live and across the air waves were all cheering. No one could wait to see what Star Fire had in mind. The charity was going on in full storm filled with money and lust from the viewers all over.


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