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I'm searching for a female player to RP (in a game I'll GM) as a college girl who learns to be livestock. The game will take place in text chat and will include dice rolls - I'm using a simple RPG system to spice up the unpredictability of the RP, so a bit of experience with D&D or any other RPG system is required.

I'm looking for someone with -submissive- tendancies (Meaning NOT obsessed with rapeplay, hating all the NPCs and always crying and being miserable. If that's what you enjoy RPing as, I'm not the GM for you). I'm planning for the game to last longterm and be played 3~5 times a week. The game will be both story heavy and include frequent erotic scenes, with possible themes of slavery, gang wars and being dragged into criminal activities. While F-F relations might happen infrequently the focus would heavily be on F-M relations.

The game will definitely include the following kinks: Very public sex, forced nudism, Dehumanization (being treated like an animal/object), Dolcett/Vore, slapping/smacking/hair pulling, ugly/old men, bestiality, pregnancy by beasts, watersports.

The game will not include: futa/transgender, scat, snowballing, femdom, anime furries.

I'm usually available from 3 p.m. GMT to 3 a.m. GMT. email me if interested.



What's your email?


Sir? If you still are looking for a girl here I am.

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