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Virtually every timeline, perhaps, has been incinerated with 4th dimensional fire.

Endless dark, cold void stretches in ever direction in most of these sets of infinite dimensions, but some entities have infinite numbers of their own. One Heaven or Hell (or both) after another in an incomprehensible multiverse, within an even less knowable omniverse.

Eternities of infinite pain, pleasure, or "meh" await any who live, serve, and often suffer in these realms.

Rows of naked children rape their parents, as naive girls ignorant of their own sexuality are punished for it with searing hot metal, and demigod heirs plot against their own vile parents while they bathe in the blood of innocents, being scrubbed and handled by slaves feeding them breasts with whip cream and cherries.

As devil-generals walk between rows of anguished slaves that cook their own asses, uncountable legions of demon tanks battle self aware computers with mind controlled skeleton slaves.

Who wins your fights? Why will you war?


Please delete my repeat. This one. Thanks.

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