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Yes, I know I just created a thread.

I had my hopes fulfilled for a lamia adventure roleplay, but realized I had a plethora or other ideas I desperately wabt to try out. I will restate that I am in fact a lesbian, my only exceptions being male monsters and animals. I am okay with males playing females though!

Most of my ideas leave room open to include a wide variety of kinks and fetishes, though they usually accommodate one of my own kinks, and are built to be heavily inclusive of all the rest. That being being said...

Mandatory Kinks: Scat, watersports, toilet play, necrophilia, guro, bestiality, some fantasy, consensual, torture, hard vore, cannibalism, decompisition, dark romance, pubic hair, filth/slob, anything nonhuman, extreme sadism and masochism.

Other Kinks: Futa (and by extension, cock and ball torture, breeding, and things like that), prolapse, public, humiliation, teasing, foodplay, smells, addiction to partner, humans with animal qualities (anything from just a cat-like personality, to furries), pet play, vomit, incest, unusual anatomy, age play, and basically everything else except my limits, just ask!

Limits: Unrealistic body part sizes (breasts being an exception to a point), heavy inflation, most things with males that aren't dominant monsters or animals.

Again, my Kik is Undyingpersonality and my email is Hope to hear from you guys soon! I am also familiar with Pokemon, League of Legends, and Skyrim if you wish to do something pertaining to one of those! I should also mention again that I am a switch, too.



I would like to be your female slave. My limits scat and vomit

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