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What I'm looking for: A decent 3+ roleplayer who is interested in, or shares the specific kinks. I can play either role. I am lesbian however I do not mind if you are male but play as a female. (Though girls may get higher priority when choosing/replying)

Specific Kinks: Anesthesia, Bondage, Consensual, Forced Nudity, Masturbation, Medical Play, Snuff, Vivisection, Group play (I can Play more then one character.)

Kinks I can use on request: Anthro, Furry, Rape, Pain play, Futa (Either of us.), cannibalism, Bestiality, and sensory Deprivation.

Turn Offs: Scat, Toilet Play, Vomit, Fandoms

Please feel free to contact me for a scene at my kik: Angela_The_Sadist

Please note: I will only take a few partners! I don't have all day to be replying to many people. Acceptance will be based on Literacy and time you applied!


My discord is AngelaSadist number is 7016


Is this still open?


Yes it is!


I'm still looking for a good partner, female only though now!


I sent you a friend request on Discord :3


I sent you a message on kik but it says you have been gone for a while... Could you message me at sadisticash on kik? I'm really interested in this and will rp as the victim of killer!



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