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I have an idea for an RP that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Weight gain, gorey cannibalism, and torture are huge kinks of mine

My character, a slim male college student, get kidnapped by a cannibal. The cannibal is going to fatten the boy up to about 350 lbs, when the cannibal decides to them slaughter them and slice them up.
There should be lots of force feeding, until my character then gives up on struggling and accepts his fate.

Or, the two can be dating and the victim is being secretly fattened by their lover. Then once they get big enough, they get taken captive and thats when the torture begins. Unsuspecting victims are cute too!

We can add other elements that you may enjoy as well, besides scat and infantism. Possibly others that I can't think of and I'm not comfortable with.
I would prefer an RP partner who is English literate and gives a response longer than 5 sentences if possible! I have discord, email, and line that we can talk on.


Do you have Kik?



Nah I dont sorry :(


Oke. So where else you can rp? I am okay if you like to be here or in email even


I think it would be faster here.. don't you think?


We can do it on email! Can't use gurochan on my phone, and i have work tomorrow and probably shouldn't pull it up on my laptop there :')
you can email me at

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