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26 female looking for someone to talk to or rp with.

Kinks: Snuff, snuff fucking, rape, mutilation, abuse, abnormal, degradation, female slave, volunteer, etc. Please let me know if you would like to talk.


I am more than happy to RP with you. how shall we converse? Skype? yahoo mesenger?


I mean messenger


Might be... First off, I like willing wictims only, but other than that: Snuff while fucking, humiliation, general abuse, all kinds of slow, brutal bodily destruction while degrading you. Telling you that you're nothing but a worthless piece of whoremeat to fuck and slaughter, then proceeding to do just that


Wait a sec here, you are looking for a dom male right? As in someone who will RP the killer right?


As for myself, I like shootings and stabbings, not into rape but am good with abuse and hulmilation


Any issues?


Not the OP, but another respondent ;)


Oh...I see


Lets talk, send me an email


unless you leave a contact ( email, YM etc...) how can one contact you?


My gmail is

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