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I would love to RP some degrading medical stuff.

Noncon all the way, kidnapping, heavy restraints, forced probing, unnecessary tests, maybe some force-feeding as well (gotta take those meds). Wouldn't be against some heavy surgical mutilations (amputations and sexual nullification are lovely) and disfigurations, but they're not mandatory if that's not your thing.
I'll play the victim, but my character will definitely either try to escape or stab yours if given the opportunity, as I prefer playing characters who try to resist at first rather than being just whimpering punchbags. Mind break through conditioning, traumatism and obedience training would be lovely, as long as we can avoid hypno and mind control stuff.
It can go into sci-fi territory or mad scientist stuff if that's your thing, as I can enjoy that as well.
I prefer playing humans/humanoid males (with dicks or with cunts).
No underage characters. No TG/bimbo, scat, snuff, pregnancy or diaper stuff.

As for the length, single paragraph to multiple paragraphs. Third person is preferred. Timezones + work make me a rather slow roleplayer so there's also that. Mind you, I won't be able to roleplay before mid-October, but I can find some time to discuss about what we could do together, just send a mail to cntbynonconalltheway along with what you'd love to play if you're interested.

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