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Not sure how much interest I'll get, but I thought I'd comment here anyway. I'm hoping to find a partner or two for some gore/snuff RPs involving muscular men. Some call it 'bara'. I'd prefer to play the victim/receiver of the violence, but otherwise am open to position and what not. Generally I prefer to play the bottom/sub character as well, but I'm open! Again, only really looking for partners interested in playing as and with muscular males.

Some kinks/Types of Gore I enjoy include:
- Amputation
- Genital torture
- Piercing/Branding/Scarring
- Skinning
- Eye fucking/Skull fucking
- Disemboweling
- Living insertions
- Zombies/Non-sentient monsters
- Brain play
- Large insertions/ Hole Ruination

I also enjoy incest, bestiality, scat, watersports, cum inflation, prolapse, unnaturally big dicks, and other extreme (duh) kinks. Not too picky and don't have many limits. Not really looking for underage characters and I detest footplay, but everything else is fair game.

I have a few basic scene ideas in mind, but I'll elaborate more later. I'm also happy to hear whatever ideas you may have. I only RP in third person, and do expect some level of literacy from my partners. Please have a grasp of grammar and punctuation, and be comfortable responding to 1-5 paragraph posts with something similar in length and detail. I generally only use art images for character references, but am OK with you using photographs so long as they're of celebrities/professionals, and are of legal age.

You can contact me via email at I look forward to hearing from you!


Shame that you are victim, I am total victim and would love to play with you if you were killer. My mail is in case you like snuff with other muscle victim

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