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Hello everyone! I'm Will, and I'm looking for people with as few limits as possible. This would include heavy gore, toilet play, vomit, and things far worse.

I am a fan of the fantasy genre, be it something set in medieval times or a modern day roleplay with supernatural creatures. Anything to spice it up works for me! I do have several rough ideas in mind, so you wouldn't need to come prepared with anything more than an open mind! That being said, despite all of this talk of kinks, the plot of a roleplay is incredibly important to me as well.

Both males and females are welcome, but I do prefer any pairings to be M/F or F/F, as I am comfortable playing both genders myself. If interested, me Kik is WJCthe3 and my email is Contact me through either of those methods and I will get back to you as soon as possible!

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