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I invented a RP setting, were you, the GC community, will be playing a girl in a elementary school, hope you enjoy it.

Sex Slave Elementary School

It is the year 2036, unfortunately humanity has not reached flying cars, colonize the moon or even get rid of fossil fuels, but what the governments have achieved is an advancement on "behavioural schools", where bad boys and girls go to get corrected. One of those schools is the "Sex Slave Elementary School", where female attendants are trained to become sex slaves.

If parents see their young girl behaving badly, they can enroll her in this school so she can use her bad behaviour to turn her into a sex slave. Of course, in this school at least, boys are safe and they take regular classes.

The enrollment age is as young as five years old and the whole course lasts 6 years, so if a 6 year old girl gets enrolled, she will come out at 12 being a fully expert sex slave.

The classes for the girls consist in deepthroat principles, vaginal stretching, punishment endurance, sex excercise, swallowing techinques, bondage principles and the administration is planning to add more classes.

The uniform for girls consist of a nipple tag containing their name, a high-leg black g-string, a tartan red microskirt that covers nothing and varying heights of high heels, with 3 inches at first grade and 8 inches at sixth grade, increasing an inch every year. For the boys there is a white t-shirt and gray pants.

The cafeteria serves different meals for girls and boys, with the girls meal being a mixture of semen, vomit, shit, protein powder and artificial flavour, and the drinks are watered-down semen mixed with a bit of piss. For the boys there are ham sandwiches and apple juice.

What is different from this sex slave school and others, are that if any teacher or male student wants to fuck a girl, the girl must obey, else she will face detention and possibly a gangbang.

Each class is separated by boy-side and girl-side. This is done to avoid boys getting into the wrong seats, as the girls seats have built-in dildos and straps to immobilise the girl.

Unlike many schools, this one has a number based scoring system, where a 5 is a reprobatory, 7 is the minimum and 10 is excelence. If any girl fails to achieve at least the minimum score, they will be punished hard.

Also, the female students will live their entire course in the school, not being allowed to exit the campus at all.

You are Kimberly Adams, a young but bad behaved girl, to be more precise, you're 8 years old. Your parents got tired of you and they enrolled you into the "Sex Slave Elementary School".

After your daddy dropped you at the entrance you struggled to stay on your feet. You never had to use high heels but you knew you would use them everyday from now on.

Infront of you is the entrance to the school. What do you do?:

A) Walk towards the school and face your fate
B) Fuck it, you won't move at all, this is stupid shit
C) Turn back and beg your daddy to return home


C) (hope doing this right?)

Kimberly staggered to her feet scanning the school yard wearily with a frown. She hated her clothes, especially the high heels. Her favorite superhero Moongirl never had to wear high heels. It took all of two seconds for Kimberly to decide she didn’t like what she saw. The boys loitering around looked at her in a dirty way she had never seen before. The girls walking around all seemed to look sad and lost. Moongirl never had boys look at her like this nor was she ever sad and lost. Although Kimberly didn’t really understand what a “sex slave” was she did understand that this Elementary School was not where she wanted to be.

She flung herself at her Dad’s legs innocently hiding her face in his crotch. Her arms wrapped around him like a vice and she found the warmth of his body comforting to her cold bare chest.

“I don’t want to learn how to be a “sex slave” I want to learn how to be a scientist like Moongirl!” Her soft voice cracked.

“sob” She started crying looking to her father with begging blue eyes and an agape jaw. Bits of long red hair stuck to cherry red lipstick.

“p-please Daddy don’t leave me here, I… I promise I will be good from now on! pleeeeaaaseeeeee” Kimberly shamelessly begged. Tears staining her freckled face. She didn’t even know what she had done wrong. Just that her parents considered her poorly behaved. It all seemed terribly unfair.


(Well, it was not what I had in mind, the way I had imagined it to play was that the GC community voted and depending on the most voted option I would write the next part. But I liked what you wrote, so I will pick it up from there)

"Oh sweetheart, your mommy and me decided you need some behaviour correcting, we reviewed and researched this school and found that it is the best around here, so you will stay here for 6 years and we will visit you once a year. Now, be a good girl and enter the school" said your daddy.

Apparently you took too much time begging your dad, so the guards approached you, took hold of your wrists and made you walk towards the entrance, and as you walked forcibly you were having a hard time walking in your heels and the coldness of the morning made your nipples hard. Your daddy entered his car and drove away with a smile on his face and a small boner.

Once the guards left you with the newly enrolled girls youcould see that they all wore the same uniform and they were forming a line, which entered a room. You could only imagine what that line was for, and everytime you were closer and closer, the clicks and clacks of the heels made you uncomfortable. When you were infront of the door a guard opened it, revealing a chair with straps at the wrists, neck, ankles, knees, thighs and stomach. You were made to seat on that chair and another guard strapped you. You could feel the cold metal touching your almost bare ass and made youshiver.

When yousaw that line was to get the nipple tag you screamed but you couldn't move at all.

A guard pinched and pulled your left nipple and with help of a nurse he pierced your nipple with the tag assigned to your. Of course you let out a hellish scream of agony and pain as blood trickled down your flat chest. With a special screw the guard screwed and closed your nipple tag, so the only was to remove it was with that special screwdriver or ripping the nipple off your body.

When the guard finished he unstrapped you and gave you a red backpack (whose slings were directly over your nipples), a pair of notebooks, a pencil, an eraser and your daily class schedule with instructions on how to get to the classroom.

As you fought the pain emanatinf from your nipple and wobbled on those heels you glanced at your schedule. Your first class was "Deepthroat principles". What do you do?

A) Walk towards it, you don't want to be punished even more
B) If the guards took you from your daddy, its their job to drop you off at class. You just stand on the corridor.
C) You start crying as you know you will never be like Moongirl


Would have chosen A for the first one.
Will choose A for the second.




(As there was a tie I randomly picked two papers containing A and C, A came out 3 times out of 5, so A will be chosen)

You didn't want more punishment, so you checked the map to get to the class. It said "From the tag room, walk forwards until you reach the second corridor, then turn left and enter the third classroom". It seemed easy, but just as you were starting to move you noticed the " Class starts at 8AM". You desperately tried to check for a clock and found one. It was 7:58 AM and you doubted you could reach the classroom walking.

You started to run on your heels, but the pain of the impact and your inexperience walking with heels made you trip. The friction of the floor scratched badly your erect nipples from the coldness and they were starting to redden, you knew that if you tripped again, blood would come out.

You stood up and walked as fast as you could with those shoes.

When you checked another clock it read 7:59 and you were just outside the classroom. The teacher was not there yet, but all the girls assigned to that class were already there. As you watched their faces you wondered why they had a painful look. The boys, on the other hand, were socializing and laughing, as their class was "basic algebra".

As you entered the room you found an empty seat and made your way towards it. Once you were seated the techer entered the classroom and the bell rang. The teacher was a young cool-looking man, the kind you would expect at universities. He checked the classroom and found you seated, he glanced towards you and spoke "You, little slut, you might not know, but that seat is reserved for boys only, your seat is were all the girl are" and he pointed towards an empty seat on the girl's side.

You hesistantly looked at the empty seat. What do you do?

A) Obey the teacher and move
B) Say "That is just stupid"
C) Stay on your seat, you won't move


A. The teacher was being kind enough to let her know the seating arrangement.


Option A: Obey the teacher and move

You looked towards the seat, then towards the teacher. "So, you gonna move, slut?" said the teacher.

You didn't want to enrage him even more, so you stood on your heels and walked towards the seat, almost falling once due the high heels.

When you reached your seat you found it had a knob-like think on the seat, measuring 1 inch in diameter and half and inch in width. "Mmmm... Teacher, the seat has something on it" you asked. "Oh my god slut, you don't know anything right?. That thing is a training dildo, you need to move your g-string and stick that dildo in your pussy to loosen it. By the way, your pussy is your coochie".

You looked in desbelief that you were to stick that thing in your coochie, but looking at the other girls you saw that everyone of the looked in slight discomfort, so you knew it was not a joke.

You moved your g-string to allow the dildo enter your pussy, then you put all your weight and the dildo entered your pussy, and of course you screamed in pain. It was made to not take your virginity, so it was to ooosen your pussy.

When you were seated the teacher started writing on the chalkboard. " Ok boys, find X and the first five to finish, you get to teach the girls". All the boys were 14 and up, all fully able to erect their penises.

"Sluts, you are required to wait until the boys finish, but I will pick one of you to teach you how to deepthroat" said the teacher while unzipping his pants and walking towards you.

When he was infront of you his penis was fully erect and looked like he didn't wash it in a long time. He also found you were not wearing the hand straps, so he strapped you.

When you were strapped he grabbed your head and guided his cock infront of your mouth. What do you do?

A) Open your mouth and do your best
B) Open your mouth but then close your teeth as hard as you can with his dick inside.
C) Do not open your mouth at all


A, maybe he needs to use the toilet.


(I would love to include the piss, and I surely will in a future, but not this time)

A) Open your motuh and do your best

"So, slut, open your mouth and take my little friend inside, twirl your mouth and try to not gag" said the teacher.

You opened your mouth and did as instructed, licking and twirling the smelly cock. It tasted salty and had a little white crust on it.

Suddenly a boy shouted "X equals five!" and the teacher gave him a thumbs up, so the boy stood and walked towards the girls.

As you were lost and concentrating on not gagging you began to feel the cock starting to move up and down. "I'm about to cum slut, it is a liquid that you will swallow, if you don't do, you will be detained" said the teacher.

Then he came and you locked your mouth around his cock, swallowing his semen. It tasted horribly but you didn't want to be detained, so you swallowed it all up.

When he finished he took his cock out of your mouth, and to your surprise the boy who found X was behind the teacher with his cock already hard and the process repeated. When he finished the class was over and the boys unstrapped all the girls.

Your mouth had a smelly and salty taste, you wanted to vomit but you knew it would cause problems, so you fought to keep the semen down.

The next activity was breakfast time so you wobbled on your feet and exited the classroom. Just when you were outside 3 17 year old boys circled you and threw you to the ground. One of them said "we need to rest a bit, you understand us" and they all unzipped their pants.

What do you do?
A) Let them do whatever they want
B) Take one of your heels of your feet and use it as a weapon for your defense
C) Stand up and run towards the cafeteria


>C) Stand up and run towards the cafeteria


C) Stand up and run towards the cafeteria.

"So, you gonna obey or what?" said the boy who appeared to be the leader.

You didn't answer and you heart started pumping faster and faster, you brain releasing adrenaline to fight or flight, suddenly you came with a plan.

"If I can stand up quickly enough I can miss them and reach the cafeteria" you thought as you felt the cold floor touching your bare ass. With all your strenght you put your hands on the floor and lifted yourself, planting a foot on the ground and then the other. You started to run.

The boys were amazed, as you managed to do that in less than a second. Sadly, as you barely knew how to walk with heels, you sprained your ankle while running and fell to the ground.

"Well well well, this little slut does not know how to run with those tiny-ass heels" said the leader as they aproached you once more. "Jim, straddle the bitch and don't let her move". You felt how Jim put all his weight on top of you, touching your ass under the microskirt.

"Sean, go get a sixth grade slut and bring her to me, we gonna show this little bitch how she needs to behave". With that said Sean turned a corner.

You were starting to scream and shout for help, but nobody came to help you. What you managed to do was that Jim started to try to put his cock inside your ass, but as he was forcing his cock, Sean returned with the sixth grade girl. She had the same " uniform" as you, but she had bigger breasts than you and she was walking on 8 inch ballet heels.

"Nice Sean, I owe you one. Ok slut, movr infront of this little stradled slut and show her how we do here. Run back and forth". The sixth year old girl had no choice but run on those hellish heels, you could see the pain on her face.

"Ok slut, suck my cock" said the leader and the girl knelt infront of him, taking his cock into her mouth and making him hard. "That is enough bitch, get out of my sight you worthless whore" and the girl went off.

"You see little slut?" he said to you "We order, you comply, understood?". You just moved your head back and forth as a hall monitor was passing by. "Hey monitor, this slut didn't relax us" said Sean. "Oh, really?, Well, then she will get detention today, please get off from her" said the monitor and Jim complied.

The boys were laughing at your predicament. You couldn't believe your lovely parents enrolled you into this hell. You were lost on your toughts when you felt something warm hit your ass. They were peeing on you. When they finished they dissappeared into the corridors.

What do you do next?
A) Go to the bathroom and clean yourself, but that would mean you will be late to the cafeteria and possible face punishment
B) Go to the cafeteria soaked in piss
C) Stay there and cry.


B) Go to the cafeteria soaked in piss




(Again the voting was a tie, I wrote two papers with A and B, A came up 3 times out of 5)

A) Go to the bathroom and clean yourself

Your mind and your body couldn't believe in what kind of hell your parents put you in. In your first hour you had your nipple pierced, you had fallen twice and you were forced to suck 2 cocks. Also you were almost anally raped and 3 guys pissed on you.

You needed to be at the cafeteria at 9 am, it was 8:57 am. You pushed yourself from the puddle of piss and your skirt was dripping wet and you started to smell the piss. You didn't want to smell like that so you walked carefully as not to slip on the puddle and made your way to the bathroom at the end of the corridor.

There were two doors, one for male students and other for female students. When you entered you found a desk with a guard seated behind it, also you saw that the toilets were on full display and the "faucets" were nothing more than rubber cocks protuding from the wall.

"What is this?" you asked to the guard.
"Ah hahaha, I see you are new, slut. As slaves you do not deserve privacy and you need to know how to deepthroat. To wash your habds you need to deepthroat that cock on the wall and the water will come out for 10 seconds, if you want more water, deepthroat it again. Ugh, you stink, you peed yourself?" the guard said and you just walked towards the "faucets".

You opened your mouth and when you put the rubber cock on your moith you could taste other students saliva.

"This thing is dirty!" you said to the guard.
"Oh my, you're the most stupid slut ever. Slaves need to take everything their masters want them to take, this is training for you" said the grinning guard as he was taking his phone out.

What will you do?
A) Go to the cafeteria, if you run slowly you can make it
B) Try your best at deepthroating the "faucet"


A) Go to the cafeteria, if you run slowly you can make it


(By the way, I appreciate your effort on crafting this RP scenario. It's a lot of fun and I hope it can keep going for a long time. Also thanks beforehand for including fun fetishes that most people don't enjoy.)


(Thanks, I appreciate your support)

A) Go to the cafeteria, if you run slowly you can make it

Defeated you turned your body towards the door when the guard stopped you.

"You see, the school makes me stay here not to protect you from rape or anything like that, but as a part of your training. To exit you must allow me to stick my cock inside your pussy or let me take a picture of your whole body. I think I will go for the picture" said the guard while poiting his phone's camera towards you and ordering you move your g-string to allow a shot of your pussy. You complied as you didn't want trouble.

When you stepped out it was 8:58 AM, you had two minutes to get to the cafeteria.

Learning from your mistakes you ran but slower this time, it was hard to keep your balance, ignore the pain and try to correct any slip due the heel being covered in piss.

Fortunately for you the cafeteria was just at the end of the corridor and it was 8:59, so you just kept your pace and entered it.

You saw two lines, one conformed by boys of all grades and another one conformed by girls of all grades. Knowing what had happened in the classroom you went with the girls.

As the line was shrinking and you were getting closer towards the lady serving the food there was a weird smell in the air.

When it was your turn you were given a bowl with pinkish liquid inside. You asked "what is this?". Apparently the lady didn't like that and just turned around, leaving you puzzled.

You went towards a table and found that each table had those tiny training dildos, so you just asumed you were required to stick one of those inside your pussy again and you did.

Fortunately, a 4th grade girl sat next to you and you asked her "what is this thing?". She replied "There are rumors that this is cum, shit and vomit from god-knows-who"

You could not believe they were forcing you to eat that thing, but you were hungry.

What do you do?

A) Eat that thing
B) Stand up and try to get the boys food
C) Do not eat anything
D) Raise you hand and ask if you can get cleaned, the smell of piss is getting you dizzy


D) Raise you hand and ask if you can get cleaned, the smell of piss is getting you dizzy


D) Raise you hand and ask if you can get cleaned, the smell of piss is getting you dizzy

However, the hunger was displaced by an acrid smell which overpowered you. The smell was like piss and it was making you dizzy. Soon enough, the "food" wasn't as bad as the smell.

You looked towards the exit door and saw a guard there, so you raised your hard and moving it. The guard caught your signal and went walking towards you. Something in the way he was walking worried you, but you shrugged it off.

When he was at your training table you spoke "Can I get cleaned? This smell is making me dizzy". The guard took his radio out and presses a button while speaking through it.
"Err... Yeah, a slut is asking if she can skip lunchtime to clean herself... She smells like piss". You could not hear what the other person was talking because the guard had an earpiece.

You kept looking him confused when he said "Ok, I'll do it" and he took a small whip from his back pocket, swinging it at your left breast. You avoided the whip just barely, but he didn't like that and swung again, this time hitting your nipple as you tried to dodge it again. You screamed in pain and confusion, as you only made a question. Tears started to form on your eyes and the guard said "The council told me that every slave has no right to speak, that is why I whipped you. It is my first day too."

He went to his original spot, looking menacing. The other girl who you spoke to said "That is right, we have no rights here, we're just objects, and it will be better if you just assume that"

You started to cry, the cruelty of this school was too much for you, and just 1:50 hours you entered through those hellish doors.

Lunchtime was scheduled to end at 10 and it was 9:50. You hadn't eaten anything and you were an uncontrollable sobbing mess.

What do you do?

A) Try to eat and then go to your next class
B) Wait until lunchtime is over and stay there
C) Do not eat and go to your next class


A) Try to eat and then go to your next class


A) Try to eat and then go to your next class

You were hungry as your daddy took you without breakfast and your stomach was gurgling.

You reunited all your efforts, took the spook and dipped it into the pinkish mix, taking a spoonful of it.
Instictively you moved it to your mouth only to stop just an inch away, it smelled like strawberries but what the girl said to you worried you.

You thougth "Just don't taste it", opened your mouth and guided the spoon to enter your mouth, twirling your tongue on the spoon to grab the mix and then you swallowed. You kept doing that as all you could taste was a faint strawberry flavor.

You got confident on the thing and you said " I should taste it even more" so the next spoon you used your tongue to taste the mix...

Bad idea, that strawberry flavor was soon overpowered by saltyness, acidness and a horrible overall taste. That time is when you knew that, in fact, the mix had semen, vomit and shit in it. You wanted to puke there from the horrible taste that was invading your mouth and throat.

What do you do?
A) Try to keep it down and go to your class
B) Vomit on the table, the taste is horrible.
C) Try to finish your 'meal'


>C) Try to finish your 'meal'



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