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Hi thanks for clicking on this. I'm a male writer looking for female penfriends turned on by fantasies to do with the abduction, rape, brutal torture and snuffing of boys in the age range of about 5 to 10.

The boys in these fantasies would be subjected to the most perverse sexual depravities and brutal torture with absolutely no limits. They could involve such things as: heavy bondage, forced dry orgasms, throat fucking, anal, strangling, rape, piss, vomit, punching, beating, needles, branding irons, cigarette torture, burning, blow torches, caning, whipping, extreme genital torture, mutilation, cannibalism, tummy torture, blow torches, broken ribs, broken fingers, bone saws, electrocution and snuff. Obviously not all of these things have to be included in a roleplay or chat and there are probably plenty of other ideas that are not in this list but basically I'm open to everything.

I'm looking for women who enjoy writing and obviously enjoy very depraved and sadistic fantasies in which boys are the main victims. I'd ideally like something long term and would love a situation where we can excange emails and explore this fantasy in lots of detail with the possibility of either me or both of us together writing a story based on our most thrilling ideas.

Role play perspective: Either first and second person, or third person. I'm happy for the fantasy to be written about you and me or it could contain purely fictional characters. Whichever way we write of course it's just a fantasy.

As well as email I also love chatting on Wickr, or anything similar, and although it's not essential I find that a combination of email and instant messaging is the most fun. The best thing about email is that I can write when I've got time and I can also think and be creative about what I write. Instant messaging on Wickr can be fun though and it's a good way to get quick answers, share ideas quickly and just get to know each other. I really am looking for a penfriend.

My main criteria is that you're female and enjoy very depraved, sadistic fantasies involving boys as victims. If you'd prefer female victims that would be fine too though. If you thik that being sick and depraved is as hot and as much fun as I do then drop me a line. I look forward to hearing from you!


If you want to email me my address is tinribs [at] protonmail [dot] com

If you want my Wickr ID then just ask in an email :)


Hi Tinribs, I have pm'd you.


Always wanted to discuss and share ideas from dominant, sadistic women who like to abuse, humiliate boys. Mother/son a plus who are into heavy cbt, older females and young boy stuff.



Hi there, I don't know where you PM'd me. I didn't get an email.


I have pm'd you again at protonmail.


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If per chance I may indulge, tinribs and I are both males and I'm str8. Would you care to share an email adress with me? I also have access to discord and kik.




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Hi mah bich what's good


I'm a girl who loves this but you didn't reply to the email I sent you. I love to rp torturing and snuffing little boys :P


Hey Em and anyone else that actually wants to roleplay you could come here for a short while...



Your email went in my spam folder. I've replied to you now!


I would love to roleplay this but I don't do email, I would also gladly do little girls! ^-^

Message me on discord at: AngelaSadist#7016

My kik is: Angela_The_Sadist



I would like to take part in Your RP. Please contact me.


I would Love to chat with People about this theme, heavy CBT Ballbusting everything is Possible i wrote you a message on Protonmail if someone of you want to e-mail me


Everyone is welcome <3


Hey if you want to write about this theme just write me


Open for everything :D

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