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Hey all. My name is Kat, I'm a lady seeking private RP of the gore variety (obviously) and thought I'd try my hand here. I have no specific desire in mind, but instead am open to coming up with a one-off scene or long-term RP depending on what you're interested in! I'd only be interested in playing females (any age) and the recipient of the violence/submissive role (also will only use illustrated/'anime' images for reference). I also only RP in third person and hope for the same from my partner.

I'm especially into: Disemboweling, brain trauma, skull fucking, organ play, fatal prolapse, breast mutilation, genital mutilation, hard vore (ripping/tearing/chewing of the body like a wild animal, etc), eye trauma, and skinning.

I'm not as into instant KO type stuff, such as being cut/ripped in half, beheading, headshot, etc. I prefer to draw out torture/snuff!

I'm a huge fan of zombies (of the particularly rotted variety), ferals/non-sentient animals, or really any other character interested in unleashing pain and suffering on my character. Consensual scenes are just as good as noncon, too!

If you're interested, please don't respond here (I probably won't see it). You can email me instead at Thanks for looking!


Still looking! Ideally seeking someone comfortable typing at least a paragraph per post; not as into really short posts devoid of detail or set-up!


You can also add me on discord, but most of the time (90% of the time) I won't want to RP there. But you're welcome to ask, or add me to chat/discuss kinky things:


Are you sure you got that right?


I changed my name on discord, not realizing it changed the add. My mistake.
My add is now: horny bunny #0464

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