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The purpose of this thread is to state about how you'd kidnap and have "fun" with a loli, shota or woman /teen or adult/. You can choose to kill them or keep them alive /and even fall in love with you/. Once your state your fantasy, you provide a pic and brief description of who your offering for someone else to write a fantasy about. I'll start.

Here's Rena Ryuga from Higurashi in her cute serafuku school uniform. Kidnap and have "fun" with her!


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If you'd prefer a loli, then here's a loli target......

Here's Rika Furude from Higurashi, kidnap and have "fun" with her!


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Just in case you'd prefer a shota target, here's one for you.....

Here's Nagisa from Danganronpa, kidnap and have "fun" with him!!


i want to whip her



Well then, how would your fantasy involving Rena or Rika go beyond just whipping her?


Is this still up?

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