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What is it called when you want a Stalker? Crazy? I don't know. I just want one, I want anyone to know everything follow me and send that thrill into me that this might just be it, I crave it and its disgusting, but I'd do anything for one....


Maybe it´s not that crazy...
For me I wouldn´t have a problem with a stalker. I mean if someone is stalking you for days, months or even years it means that he/(for me the prefered type)she has a weird and big interest in you and want to be close but might be to shy (or just a person that hates you and want to torture you mentaly). In the first case he/she want do anything bad to you and you can take your advantage out of that in the second case... well then you atleast will have a person trying to breake you and fail with this (atleast in my case).
But if your a girl and don´t lie that far away even I´d be ready to do something ( I´d feel awkward stalking a guy).


This isn't roleplay so I understand that it belongs NOT in this board

Try /dis and I'll chat with you there


"being an attention whore", probably.
Maybe with a side order of exhibitionism and/or masochism, if you really want the lack of control and potential for the threat to go from just spying to something more...


If you want it, it is not stalking, that will be your boyfriend


But what if he doesn't know that she wants it?


That will be a success of the century if someone who wants to be stalked gets stalked by someone who does not know that. LOL
And one dumb stalker who cannot even collect information properly and see what is going on. LOL
Since otherwise, it is not a rocket science to see that your target wants to be stalked.


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Why Onix, you make it sound like you know the field well.

Npw I want a sitcom movie where this happens but the dude is himself stalked by an even crazier girl who is stalked by credit score dogs, The Agents of Credit.

But then one dude at like the NSA spies o his younger sister and finds out she's using the skills her taught jer to hack cameras and she's spying on the credit score dogs that are agter her.

Thus, she has the initiative and knows where to not be and so it's her brother stalking her stalking an agent stalking a crazy old woman stalking a less crazy young boy stalking his crush. Who turns out to be crazier than anyone.

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