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Hi everyone, I would like to offer you a little adventure. The purpose of the adventure is heroin death. But how and when it depends on you. Will his name be remembered in time? I'll just be a sex doll in the den of some devils.

Every time I write I'll give 2 to 3 possible choices. These will determine the character of our protagonist, such as the chances of success or failure. It also depends on the dice ^^ (which I pulled at home)

Now, let's start. I apologize in advance for my lack of mastery in English.

The deep night wraps all around. Only the light of the headlamps positioned to the exterior makes it lighter on the sides of the train.

A young woman, Risa sits on the ground in one corner, knees are against her breast, her arms wrap both legs and Katana. The forehead is resting on the knees. Her long black hair covered her.

The body with its generous and atrhetic shapes and wrapped by the adorable dress from the combat of her dojo. Until a few hours ago she was a simple young woman who looked after the family dojo. But the empire's soldiers came to reclaim it. Mandatory military service, Risa was traveling to the front, in the war against the island's armies. Wonders and monsters await her. Not that the train trip was safe for itself.

Predones, and other worst dangers could be pulled by a train full of recruits and especially refueling.

The tip of a boot hits her hips "gentiles" forcing her to open the eyes of amethyst.

"Wake up recruits touch you to be on guard!"

The veteran fixes Risa with insistence. Until the woman does not get up to leave.


A suffering groan comes out of her lips, while her head is pulled back from something. The veteran caught her hair pulling them.

"What are these! Cut immediately, these will kill you"

Strongly bothered strikes the hand of the man moving away from the carousel to go to his guardianship.

1) "Go to hell! First you force me up, then you tell me to cut my hair? bastard "

Irritated Risa ignores the man's warning and go in advance to his guard site.

2) Maybe he is right, Risa hesitantly takes the sword by cutting off the long hair and turning it into a practical shoe. This takes a little time, so it has to pass for the other cartoons before going to the guard. But it arrives probably on time

3) Thin hair hooks up to make them become harder to grab in combat, this time with long hair. You will probably arrive just in time for changing the guard, unless some unexpected one blocks you.


Number 1


Tall still angry with the actions of the old soldier head to one of the main carouses just before the locomotive.

There are already soldiers preparing for the shift of the round, noting that you do not have a gun to give you a rifle, it's working, but you're not a weapon, you prefer Katana.

No annoying comment on your hair, eventually the soldiers leave you alone, normally you are in a total of 4 to watch one of the wagons. Then wretch for the moment between the left and the right side to watch the interior of the wagon sides.

The growing reverberation of your guard companions makes you angry and troubles you, making the next few hours alone will not bother you. But doing all the work could prove to be a difficult challenge.

In the meantime, you finally hear the rumors, catching you aunts of the known two soldiers coming in, recognize them as the recruits who were with you at the station where you were on the train.

Note that one at a lantern and stops shaking it to the east, are armed with a white weapon.

1) The thing smells you. Get out of the car and take them off to ask for explanations on their delay. Of course with the weapon ready for security?

2) It is only paranoia, then absorb them inside the wagon, to guard all together.

3) The door can be blocked from the inside. So you block it, whatever their delay is unforgivable to be somewhat fresh, will do well to those two.



(For security, action 3. basically blocks the door, mainly for revenge, against the late two, but also because it does not sound right)


I say 1




Risa pulls out the weapon. A second later he opens the door, standing in front of the two guards, who look at you with a little surprised, the lance in the man's hand behind and still up.

"What are you doing ! "

Instinct Rice goes to attack position, Man attempts to pull out the weapon while the second throws the lamp to take the knife too The young woman makes a low-waved slider high by slicing the man's arm.

The warrior yells as your katana shakes over your head to drop heavily against the man a precise clean cut.

"Stupid whore, I'll kill you like that other slut"

The man also pulls out the sword while his mortally wounded companion falls from the train finishing under the train wheels. Meanwhile, Risa feels other noise. Men on horseback are approaching.

She sees them in the bush. Are so many and are attacking the train! The alarm does not seem to be played yet must decide what to do and do it in a hurry.

1) Your opponent is before you kill him first then he returns to the wagon and press the button to give the alarm.

2) The alarm has the priority, then run to the wagon to press the alarm then you will occupy your opponent.

3) Take back that little enough to close the wagon door and lock it. You can give them the alarm, and prepare to spread your position by shooting men on horseback and even on the outside. (There are enough weapons to shoot without recharging)



P.S. I see that it is not the first time you put the number and (?) So I ask you if any of the posts that are not clear tell me that I explain it.

2 in this case ignore your opponent by running away from him, to go to the alarm, then once done you can fight with him ..


P.S. I see that it is not the first time you put the number and (?) So I ask you if any of the posts that are not clear tell me that I explain it.

2 in this case ignore your opponent by running away from him, to go to the alarm, then once done you can fight with him ..


Thanks, I was just choosing 2 though.




when unlock the draw. I write ^^

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