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They call it Murder City. A section in the Central Sprawl, 30 blocks by 30 blocks, where the SecuriCops aren't contracted to enter. There's zero law enforcement there. Zero law, in effect. A few of the drug lords there have enacted a de facto order, but it's still a place inhabited only by the most dangerous and depraved, a place where snuff clubs aren't uncommon and thieves are raped and tortured on the street as an example to others.

Against all odds, you've woken up there, judging by the view from the empty, dilapidated room you're in. And you're not alone. Across the room from you, still unconscious, is a girl of about 20, small and trim and... maybe Korean? You can't quite tell. She's naked, bleeding from a number of shallow cuts, and it looks like someone's fucked her ass, leaving it gaping and oozing cum.

The question is, who are you?

>Roll 1d10 with your vote; your roll is the number of points you contribute to your choice.

>Highest choice after about a day will be chosen.


Your name is Marie. You're a corp baby, the daughter of a powerless middle manager in the Goro Group. You're a little young - 16 - but you already know you have a darker side, lingering on unmarked matrix boards full of hardcore BDSM clips and the like, but this place has a reputation of being WAY above what you're used to. Whoever dropped you here left you in your school uniform skirt and bra... but that's it. No shoes, no purse, no way to call for help. Wait - you do have one thing. A pack of drugs, left in your skirt pocket - a few ampules of Shriek, White Line, and one of Pure Agony. Figures they'd leave THAT with you.


Your name is Ai. This isn't your first time in Murder City, but your previous excursions have been to the club on the corner of 1st and 1st - barely scraping the corner of the No-Law Zone. You're a pro dominatrix, and you're very good at what you do. You can only imagine that your reputation had something to do with you ending up here. You're naked except for a torn up trenchcoat (the one you normally use to hide all your goodies), and your pockets are empty, except for one thing - a wire saw. Lovely. At least you've got SOMETHING that might be of use somewhere...


Your name is Tonja. You used to work security for KazeCo before they went under; now you mostly teach MMA to block kids that can't tell the difference from your BS and the real deal, and sleep on friends' couches. You're naked (which is annoying), your cyberware has been removed (meaning that you only have your right hand - that's REALLY annoying) and while you haven't been fucked like the girl across from you, someone jacked off on your face. You don't have any cyberware, then (except for the port to click a hand onto your wrist, if you can find one), but they haven't done anything to your bioware... which is good, because it's just your dick. Yeah, you're a futa. Pretty damn hung, too.



dice roll 7

i chose Ai (2)


((Is this for more than one or no?


(Pick one. The girl across from you is predefined already, as are any other NPCs/other victim characters you'll run across.

Leaving this up a little while longer.)


I choose 1.
I rolled a 6.


I rolled a 9.

I'd like to try for number 1


what is this actually for? :)

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