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So, I'm a pretty fucked up individual. Like shit, the stuff I get turned on by is absolutely disturbing. Anyhow, to keep things short and organized, I'll just list everything I'm looking for:

What I'm Looking For:
I am seeking a RP in which I play as a male sub, and the other play as a female dom (Y'know, that's probably already gonna turn people away). I know in the title, it says Fart/Scat/Gore, although they can be separated. An example is I'm fine with just doing Fart/Scat, or just doing Gore. Whatever works with you.
While I only play as a male sub, I'm willing to play as any creature, whether it be human, monster, animal, etc.
If you have a scenario in mind, then we can definitely discuss it. I'm open to almost anything.

Contact Info:
Skype: Agamemnon's Adequateness (Might not work)
Kik: TheRenderer
Discord: Agamemnon's Adequateness#2484


doesn't register. did you change it?

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