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I'm a crazy gorehound and I crave some RP! I'm down for being on either end.

Turn-ons: Furry characters, monsters/aliens (the creepier and more monstrous the better), medical play, plague doctors, creepy masks in general (Halloween monster masks and gas masks are my favs, doctor masks too), pretty much any bodily fluid except scat, biting, cannibalism/hard vore, tentacles, oviposition, insects (giant ones are the best), gore in general, snuff, animatronics/FNAF (I know, i'm trash)

Turn-offs: Scat, most any sort of vore aside from hard (soft has a few exceptions though), sounding, micro/macro, anything that comes from an ass pretty much, ANY SORT OF PAIN/VIOLENCE ON GENITALS

If something isn't listed, feel free to ask! I do have a few characters made, but I'm also down for making a disposable one for one session. Hopefully we can do more than just one~

Oh, and one more thing. I prefer the victim to be male/male identifying. Violent stuff on women makes me a bit uncomfortable, so sorry bout that. The killer/predator though, while I do still prefer male, I'm fine with being female!

(also, I'm down to just talk if that's what you want. Always happy to have a bloody friend~)

telegram: @dumpyowlman
discord: dumpyowlman#4369
tumblr: scarlet-flow


Oh, and please mention gurochan in your message! I wanna know you aren't some rando creeper :p


I tried on Discord but a bot said you blocked

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