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I have a major fetish for dolcett. It gets me really hard just thinking that one day I could go through with my fantasy, but...

I just can't decide how.

Number one, is the good old "erotic auto asphyxia". I suppose I could go to some remote place, so as not to be disturbed, get naked, and asphyxiate myself while masturbating in nature.

Number two, is seppuku. Yes, I know it is painful. But it also gets me extremely horny when I watch those japanese "fake harakiri" porn movies, and think I could do so much better if it was real.

But my biggest fetish is the Jessica 3000. And it's disappointing that i'll never be able to experience being spitted from end to end, but If I could prepare a reasonably sharp pole, and some way to get on it...
I'm thinking either a monkey-bar that I could climb on, then lower myself onto the pole inserting it into my anus, and just let go, letting gravity do the work, and feel the agony as the sharp pole drives into my abdomen.



forgot to add:

If you could influence my decision, what would you suggest?


>>2394 Go with the pole, except have a look at and consider the possibility of impaling yourself and living to remember the experience and do it again. Why go out with a bang when you can have lots of bangs before going out? xD


You'd need some pretty heavy weights on your ankles, probably arms and weight as well, to provide force in place of the speed or thrusting you can't really engineer solo, else you'll probably just end up with a spike halfway through your guts, unable to get back off OR go any further down, and experience a very painful, regretful, less-than-fun end. And it won't be anywhere near as interesting a scene for whoever finds you. Remember to tilt your head back as well.

However I'd maybe suggest a vibrating buttplug instead.


Similarly seppuku / harikiri is a two player game. You need a Second who can lop your head off once you've disembowelled yourself. And that means someone who will either An Hero alongside you in a different way, or who can make sure they don't leave any forensic trace of themselves behind, or take any such traces away from the scene, and arrive/leave without being observed and tracked, else they will be in a whole pile of shit very quickly.

Also come up with an entirely ridiculous yet believable reason for it other than "this gets me hard".


Third option: shotgun up the asshole (or pussy if you're of the internal gonad persuasion) if you can rig up some remote trigger. Or for heightened suspense and reduced ability to back out, a flintlock pistol with a slow burning gunpowder fuse running into the breach instead of the normal hammer-and-splint setup.

Dynamite if you want to be really hardcore, one up the ass (and/or cooch), another deepthroated. Doing a naked swan dive off the top of a high building a few seconds before the fuse runs out and the sticks explode. Set up a few dashcams around the site with decent memory cards in non-overwrite mode (or just running off batteries good for distinctly less time than the maximum rec time) at various angles to cover all possibilities of detonation time, including that of ground splatter followed by bang. Text, facebook, twitter, GC mass messages with the camera locations in sent just before the big moment. Hashtag ludicrous gibs.

Obtaining the materials is left as an exercise for the reader, I don't fancy being arrested.


I don't condone suicide, but if you want something erotic, cut your genitals off. I've always wanted to do that before, but now I want to live.


If you sit on the sharp pole it will just come out of your belly unless you will be in some confined space which prevents you from bending.

Besides that, I would >>2668 second idea to use explosives.
stuff them in your ass or pussy and boom.

Or just tie a rope around your neck and jump from the building for easy spectacular decapitation.

For something more complex take opium and stab and cut yourself everywhere with the knife rip out your internal organs until you die to pretend that it was some assault to mess up with police which will later have a hard time investigating what happened. As nobody will believe you did that to yourself.

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