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Little Alison was led down the stair to a bathtub. A big oval was all it was, with a high pressure hose hooked high and pointed down. My ally holds her in the bath while i shower her. She's clearly ashamed of her nude body. My ally holds her down on her back, with her head just above the cold water. Poor thing, she's screaming worried that she'll drown. She scrambles as best she can but can only watch in horror as we hold her legs high above her and I wash between her legs. I tell her how she's so very dirty, especially down there, and she's beyond mortified when I wipe her anus and dark fecal stains show up, which I hold near her face as I berate her for being so filthy. I then rub soap over her butt as my ally holds it in the air. She cries and scrambles and shakes as she lays in the shallow but frigid water.

But I can tell she wants to be a good girl. She'll learn.


this setup has me very interested, but this would be my first time setting up an RP over gurochan. do you have a preferred communication method I can contact you by so we might be able to start something up?


Here is fine. KIK is acceptable. Discord is nice.


discord would be my preferred method, could you post some sort of account name?


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