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Looking for a girl interested in exotic voice chat sex on skype, and text chat as well. Add me on steam - roleplaymaster1991, email is I can go regular voice chat sex or snuff sex. Nothing is better then having a girl ride me, my one hand groping her right breast while twisting her chin to the side, my legs spreading hers.

I like asphyxiation, holding my hand over your mouth and nose while fucking you, I like the idea of strangling you and as I dominate your body. I prefer it to not be gore related. I am very dominate. We do not need to do snuff if you are uncomfortable with it.

I am looking for a girl only. Any age really 18 - 45. Still nice to dominate the cougars. I am very detail oriented in the text chat.

No gay - twink - trans.


Meant skype not steam. Find me on skype.


Uggg, on skype.


I should mention also that I am 25. Quarter of my life gone... WHERE HAS IT GONEEE!


Not that you can't do it, but do you really think you'll live to 100? I feel like a 3rd is a safer bet.


Well I hope I don't live to be 100. Nothing worse then being old and not able to do much at all but sit around... oh wait I kinda do that already... well... 75 probably before I start driving crazy like.


Bump, still looking for any girl that wants to have voice chat sex on skype. Please add me on skype.


I would have RP with you if there was no skype/voice chat involved.


Bump still looking for any interested girl in having her neck snapped, strangled, or smothered, while I fuck her tight pussy.


Still looking for a girl interested in being tied up and ravaged as my toy. Perhaps ill snap her neck as I cum inside her, or Ill do it before and enjoy rocking her body back and forth on my cock.


Sounds fun. I wouldn't mind it, Lady. Send me an email at


Still looking for a girl interested in skype sex. Please add me


Still interested in finding that perfect girl that wants to be used by me. Please add me on skype roleplaymaster1991.


There have been some girls adding me. However some are not really what i am looking for. With skype sex I really like the idea of having you (a girl) on voice as I talk dirty to you. About how you are riding me and I am pulling your hair. Listening to your breathing quicken as I fuck you. I want to listen to you beg and whimper as you imagine what I am doing to you, and maybe even have you do it. Say for example, I slowly start to turn your head, have you do it in person, slowly turning your head as I fuck you.

For an example of the type of rp / scenario I want you to think about is you bouncing up and down. Your ass rippling with each slap against my pelvis. My hand griping your hair tightly and pulling your head back while your arms are tied behind you, your back nice and arched. My free hand slapping your ass roughly before it moves over the smooth skin of your tummy up to your breast where I squeeze roughly as you ride and grind on me. Then I would lean up, kissing your neck and licking it, not allowing you to bounce easy but forcing you to grind against me.

Then if we switch position , id start fucking you doggy style, wrapping a cord around your neck and pulling it tight. Your arms still tied behind you. My thrusts hard and without mercy. I watch your ass ripple as I pull the wire tight, I see it dig into your neck as I pull back further making your back arch again. My cock pounding your pussy as you get completely used as a toy. After you started twitching I would release the wire but hold your hair, keeping your body elevated, then I would grab your chin, pulling it to your shoulder. Your eyes glossed over and your tongue resting out of your mouth.

Again I am looking for female specific no twink or trans... no guys at all. I am fine with doing text roleplay too, but I would much prefer voice or maybe even webcam. Please add me on skype


By the way, I understand its not easy to just trust someone and do this straight away. I would be more then happy to have you just listen and let you have your mic muted so you can become comfortable with my voice. Please do not misunderstand, I am very flexible and understand that trust is not easy to come by. I just want to find someone who wants to be my toy, and be fuck buddies. And will let me dominate her.

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