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Hy, I'm looking for people interested in the following game.
Recently I found really thrilling the theme of execution where the execution happens in the moment of the orgasm of the victim.
I would like someone to write me, how he would execute me in a scene like that. I would like basically an exection themed JOI.
My partner could tell me:
-how to prepare to the execution (shaving, what to wear, etc.)
-how to restrict myself at the beginning (bondage, anal dildos, etc.)
-how to bring myself to the edge (with which tools (dildo, hands...) and
how to use it to tease myself, how long)
-what method of execution should I use (guillotine, electric chair, hanging, etc.) (of course I would only simulate the method, until some point, with the posture, restrictilons, etc, in a safe way)
- should I record the session on video
It would be a great bonus if there would be some hardly achievable condition during the teasing phase, which could decide if I'm allowed to suicude myself instead of execution. (at the execution I woulduse some hand free method to orgasm, while at suicide I would give myself a ruined orgasm).
I also interested in any idea to expanse the outlined idea.
If you like to write me a session please send it to this post instead of PM.


I'm intrigued... Are you m or f?




Quite an interesting setup...
Would anyone like to write me a similiar stroy?
I'm female, 24.>>2330


Hmm.... I could think of some interesting ideas if you were female


I could be interested in that kind of thing for a woman, if our kinks align otherwise. adk.writes @ gmail


I could possibly help if you're a female doing it as well, just post in here if you would like me to





It would be great, if you would like to write me a story about my erotic doom :)
Btw I'm the >>2372


This RP sounds like fun. Would be out there anyone, who want to finish me?
I'm female.


Sounds like fun!. Is there anyone out there, who want to finish me?
I'm female


This RP sounds like fun. Would be out there anyone, who want to finish me?
I'm female.



Um. Something is strange. Are you sure you gave the right email?

Also, why does their post not show up in the thread itself, but in the board it seems to.


I'd love to write a script. This would be incredible. Probably make it blackmail themed so the video is even better and makes more sense. a really incredible build up to the end which at the last moment just climaxes with everything in perfection. My kik is harley_abi if you want to talk there just say. or we can email or whatever

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