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(Picture semi-related.)

Since not everyone who participates in Killer and Victim enjoys younger victims, I decided to make a new thread focused only on that subject. This is the same as Killer and Victim, but victims must be twelve or younger (you may include an older victim if they are having sex with a younger one). Killers can be older as well, but the scenario must involve them killing at least one victim under thirteen.

Here's the template;


Here's the first scene.

Name: Chelsea Wong
Age: 12
Gender: F
Characteristics: She's Asian with a fair, dark-brown complexion, wavy chestnut brown hair, dark-brown eyes, a nice fit body, promising buds on her chest, and curvy, but tight, hips and ass. She's wearing a white sports bra and gym shorts.
Scene: Chelsea won a recent beauty pageant, and angered the wealthy father of another girl who lost against her. So he hired you to kill her. You managed to catch her alone during a morning jog as she ran through a secluded park at 5 AM.


V/K: Killer
Name: Agent 745
Age: 35
Gender: M

He had to kill a child. He didn't really like the idea, but a contract's a contract. He had followed her around, and finally found a moment when she was alone. He approached her slowly while she was catching her breath during her jog, holding a piano cord. Then suddenly, he tightened the cord around the kid's neck. She tried to struggle but she was no match against a pro adult assassin. He brought her on the ground witj not problem. Her fate was now definitely sealed
He kept strangling her with the piano cord and soon, she was no more. It had been his easiest contract yet. He didn't forget that his client asked him to bring the child's head as a proof of her death and as a trophy. So he took his machete and started cutting her head off. Then he took her head and put it in his bag. He them went back to his client, gave him the head, and collected his money.


File: 1521939746649.png (625.57 KB, 668x937, noucome___douraku_utage_re….png)

V/K: Victim
Name: Kyu
Age; 12
Gender: F
Scene: This cute kid and you had a great journey. She's now at your home with you. She's turning her back to you, on her knees looking at the tv. You can't resist snuffing her right away. How do you proceed ?


File: 1522005738359.jpg (49.86 KB, 556x669, 65b749022e0c929cc3572e0598….jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Ryu
Sex: M
Age: 12

Young Ryu had a crush on the beautiful Kyu. But he has always been too shy to tell her. But one day, he decided to tell her. He went to her, blushing, and told her how much she was beautiful and that he loved her. She laughed. "As if I would ever love such a crybaby ! Get lost ! I'd rather die than being your girlfriend !"
Ryu's heart was broken. He wasn't even crying. He was just in rage. She was still laughing. It was unbearable. He wanted to shut her up. And before he could understand what he was doing, he was on top of her, pressing his hands around her skinny neck. She was struggling, but Ryu's rage seemed to have made him stronger. Slowly, her life faded. She went limp, her eyes rolls and she was gone. Ryu kept applying pressure though. He didn't even noticed she was dead. Eventually, he was pressing to hard. Her neck snapped. This snapping noise suddenly woke Ryu up. He saw what he had done. His crush was under her, dead, with his hands around her neck. He pulled away when he realised what he had done. He started crying. He had done it again. He begged for his life to stop. He couldn't bare killing people anymore. His wish became real. Big hands suddenly grabbed his head.


File: 1522006451027.jpg (22.82 KB, 350x350, jordan_sweeto_by_squchan-d….jpg)

V/K: Killer
Name: Seigi
Sex: M
Age: 18

He was going to get her little sister Kyu back from school. He didn't expect to see her lifeless strangled body under a little killer boy. When he saw that, he was enrage. He went behind the boy, grab his head, and snapped his neck. The boy gasped. He was dead the instant his neck was twisted. His body went limp, dead. He threw the boy away. He carried his sister back home.


File: 1522009317894.jpg (55.88 KB, 574x626, 26b402e9b5e35260718534b705….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Lena
Sex: F
Age: 11
Scene: She's a kid prostitute. She works for you but sometimes let you fuck her in exange for an extra money bonus. But she's been robbed by someone who raped her as well. She lost all of the money she had won by selling her body, when she's supposed to give half of it to you. If girl doesn't bring her money, you always kill her. She tries begging, but you don't care. You're going to kill her.


V/K: Killer
Name: Johnny
Sex: M
Age: 34
Characteristic: Tall, strong, prostitution leader, green eyes, blond hair


He grabbed the poor Lena by her hair and dragged her to the termination room. As she was uselessly struggling, he wondered how he could kill her. Then his gaze spotted the axe. He knocked her out and tied her up. He laid her on the back on a table. He waited until she woke up. Then he raised his axe, and Lena could only look at him with terror. He savagely decapitate her in one shot. She went limp, just a few spasm who stopped quiet quickly. He took her head and kissed her. Then he raped her lifeless body for hours. Finally, he grabbed her body and threw it in the incinerator. But he kept her head.


File: 1522011298091.png (503.71 KB, 1024x1024, 1753051 - Asgore_Dreemurr ….png)

The Dreemurrs kids

V/K: Victim
Name: Frisk
Sex: F
Age: 10

V/K: Victim
Name: Chara
Sex: F
Age: 12

V/K: Victim
Name: Asriel
Sex: M
Age: 12

Scene: Whatever you want


File: 1522011339654.png (503.71 KB, 1024x1024, 1753051 - Asgore_Dreemurr ….png)

The Dreemurrs kids

V/K: Victim
Name: Frisk
Sex: F
Age: 10

V/K: Victim
Name: Chara
Sex: F
Age: 12

V/K: Victim
Name: Asriel
Sex: M
Age: 12

Scene: Whatever you want


K/V: Killer
Name: Fernand
Age: 23
Gender: M


It had been a while since the Monsters had came back from the Underworld. Now there were monsters everywhere. Fernand hated monsters for personal reasons. So when he saw the Dreemurr kids playing un a park with no surveillance, he didn't hesitate. He spied ln them and hid in a bush. When Chara and Asriel turned their back to Frisk, he grabbed her from behind and chloroformed her. She was struggling but he silenced her quickly as he came back in the bush with the poor child. When Asriel and Chara noticed Frisk had disappeared, they wondered where she was. They split up to find her. Bad decision. Chara was the first one to get chloroformed. She struggled more but went limo anyway. Then was the Prince's turn. He went easier than the others, Fernand's human soul being way stronger than a poor monster kid's. He tied them up and threw them in his car. He drove to his house and brought the kids in his basement. They woke up and started to panick when they saw him. He was going to kill them. But first, he wanted to break their spirit. He got undressed. They looked at him with terrorised eyes. He grabbed Frisk first. He bent her over a table and started raping her. She was sceeaming in pain. Blood spilled from her bleeding vagina. The more he fucked her. The moee she started to enjoy it. This kid was pretty slutty. She even asked for more. What he gave her by slamming her pussy with his giantic cock. She came 5 times before Ferdinand finally came. He tossed her aside before grabbing Chara. He picked up and shoved his huge member inside. She screamed in pain, her virginity gone. As for Frisk, her mind was broken quickly and she screamed in ecstasy. He filled her up too. He let her fall on the ground. Then came Asriel. He wanted to break him more. So he raped him too, even rougher. He went so far than Asriel soon started to call him daddy and to beg him for more. Asriel was the cutest. Soon enough he had the three kids sucking on his dick. He had broken their young minds. He decided to keep them instead of killing them. He had three sluts at his service to fuck whenever he wanted.


File: 1522105075538.jpg (154.37 KB, 450x600, L0049.jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Angela Tran
Age: 11
Gender: F
Characteristics: See image.
Scene: She comes home early due to her after school activity being cancelled, unaware that her home is being robbed until she enters the house.


Wow, she's ugly. And she ain't 11 dude. I ain't snuffing that.


File: 1522182932351.png (6.45 MB, 1300x1300, ff8ca2e3ddf59d7594e4ababc6….png)

V/K: Victim
Name: Finn and Aaron Fisher
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Characteristics: They're twins
Scene: Whatever you want.



Angela had come home early today, since her piano lessons had been cancelled. She thought it was a little strange that the front door to her house was slightly open, but her mother must have just come home early from work and forgotten to close the door. "I'm home!" she called, taking her shoes off and then heading into the kitchen to look for an after-school snack. She was shocked to find two nearly identical-looking boys, probably a year older than her hanging out there, the darker-haired one rummaging through a cabinet. The lighter-haired one waved to her, and she, unsure of what was going on, waved back. "H-hello...?"

"Yo, I have something cool to show you. I think it's your dad's!" The boy pulled a pistol out of the waistband of his pants, pointed it at Angela, and pulled the trigger, a loud crack resounding in the kitchen. A bright red spot centered around a small and ragged hole appeared in the middle of her white sweater, expanding quickly. Angela looked confused briefly, blood beginning to trickle out of the corner of her mouth and one of her nostrils as she began to lower her arm in confusion, and then she collapsed to the ground, writhing.

"Finn, did you really have to do that? Ugh, it's not like she was going to call the cops instantly." The darker-haired boy goes over to Angela and pushes her with his foot, rolling her onto her back and watching her for a few seconds as her body bucked and twisted, both of her hands clasped between her flat breasts, trying in vain to stop the bleeding. "Oh, nice shot, you stopped her breathing. Let's just get her up on the table so she can at least not die on the floor."

The light-haired boy sighs and bends down next to his brother Aaron, and the two of them heave her dying body up off the ground, lifting her up and putting her on the kitchen table. "Haha, Aaron, look, she's turning blue." Finn laughs as her squirming gets weaker and less coordinated and the blood pumping between her fingers slows. Right as Finn thinks it's about to stop, though, the young girl suddenly sits halfway up and reaches out to him, the blood flow from her chest almost imperceptible and her eyes full of abject terror. Finn steps backwards with a yelp, and then hears the sound of liquid pouring to the tile floor. "R-really, you peed yourself...?" He looks her over, seeing wet trails along her pants and liquid pouring out of them onto the ground, and embarassment mixing with the terror in Angela's eyes as they glaze over and she slumps back down to the table, unmoving.

"Yeah, dumbass, you piss yourself when you die. And now we need to get out of here before the cops show up!"


Don't wanna be a dick, but they were victims, so you were supposed to kill them.


File: 1522259732001.jpg (36.4 KB, 618x800, L0032.jpg)

K/V: Victims (Hope whoever is next is up for a massacre.)
Name: Jenny Miller(left) Jessica Brooks(right)
Age: 12, 10
Gender: F
Characteristics: See picture.
Scene: Two preteen lovers having sex. You decide the rest.


I'll do a follow-up story. I'm not into boys, so it will just be a quick kill—won't be sexual.

"Angela, you idiot," Stephanie Tran spat as she stepped onto the driveway to her house, and noticed that the front door was standing wide open.

Stephanie stormed over the threshold, intending to scold her sister about leaving the door open, but immediately stopped when she saw two boys with her parent’s belongings in their hands. Stephanie then noticed her sister laying on the kitchen table with blood pooling underneath her.

“Angela…?” Stephanie asked.

Her gut seemed to twist when Angela didn’t respond, but her attention turned to the boys as the light-haired one pulled a pistol—her father’s gun, from the looks of it—from his pants. Stephanie screamed as he pointed it at her, but before he could pull the trigger it slipped from his hand. He tried to regain hold over the weapon, but each attempt to grab it caused it to summersault into the air. He eventually managed to grab it, but accidentally squeezed the trigger. Another loud crack resounded and the gun clattered to the floor, as a hole appeared where the light-haired boy's nose was. Another hole appeared in his blue cap as brain matter erupted from the a orange-sized hole in the top of his head.

“Finn!” the other boy shouted as his brother crumpled to the floor. He dropped his loot and rushed to his brother’s twitching corpse.

The boy reached for the gun, but Stephanie’s survival instincts kicked in. She dove for the gun as well, but not quickly enough. The dark-haired boy grabbed the weapon. Before he could shoot her, Stephanie pulled a pencil from her pocket and, screeching, buried it halfway into the side of his throat. The gun once again fell to the floor as the boy grabbed at his throat. He started making wet raspy noises and thrashed around on the floor, while blood sprayed from his throat and mouth.

Stephanie kicked across the room and rushed to her sister.

“Angela! Angela!” She screamed. “Wake up!”

Stephanie tried lifting her arms, and screamed hysterically as her limbs fell back uselessly to the table. After pulling herself together, she called 9-1-1 and then her parents.

She sat down under the table and watched the dark-haired boy thrash around and attempt to draw breath, as he drowned on his own blood. Stephanie watched his movements relax and then stop as sirens approached.


File: 1523073459544.png (617 KB, 682x480, sketch-1523073024964.png)


K/V: Victims (I hope whoever goes next is up for a massacre.)
Name: Amanda Fisher(1), Heather Baker(2), Laura Scott(3), Amber Barnes(4), Brittany Walsh(5), Jane Simpson(6), Katherine Larson(7), Melissa Alexander(8)
Age: 9-10 (all)
Gender: Female
Characteristics: See pic.
Scene: The girls are having a sleepover. Choose one of two scenarios that will result in their deaths;
1. An assassin has been hired to kill the family who owns the house, and has been ordered to not let witnesses live.
2. A random serial killer gets into the house.

A yellow school bus stopped by a curb at the corner of Melissa Street and King Lane. Jessica Brooks, a ten-year old with neck-length blonde hair, was the first to climb off. A dark-skinned girl, twelve with a ponytail to her shoulders and red headband, known as Jenny Miller, stepped off after. Two more boys and another girl got off before the bus closed its’ door and pulled away. Jessica walked next to Jenny, while the other kids each went their own way.
“So, do you want to do homework first? Or should we play our special game?” Jenny asked.
“I dunno. It depends on if my mom or dad at home.”
“They’re not.” Jenny pointed at the empty driveway of the fifth house on their side of the street.
Jessica glanced and replied, “then we can have a little playtime.”
The girls giggled before they sprinted down the sidewalk. Jenny reached the front door first, but had to wait because it was locked.
“Looks like I won.”
“It doesn’t count until we reach the bedroom, silly.” Jessica reached into the pockets of her shorts and pulled out her spare key. She unlocked the door and sprinted into the house.
“Not fair!” Jenny called after as she bolted in after.

Across the street a forty-eight-year-old man, known by the name of Nathan Carpenter, watched from his bedroom window upstairs as the two girls walk home. Nathan moved into the house only a few months ago, and has spent every weekday afternoon spying on his neighbor's daughter and her friend. As a bonus, their bedroom was at the front of the house, and, as Jessica never covered the window, which was large enough that anyone could see pretty much the entire room, Nathan could watch whatever they did in there. As he was delighted to discover, the two girls were closer than their parents might have suspected, and Nathan was probably the only person other than Jenny and Jessica to know the nature of their friendship.
This afternoon’s spying was going to be different, however; instead of the usual set-up with a telescope and recording equipment, he was watching them through the scope of an M24 sniper rifle. The night before, while intoxicated, he made a mistake which resulted in his real identity being connected to illegal activities. He knew it was only a matter of days before he was arrested. Nathan reasoned that he could wait for the police to knock on his door, or he could pick a more adventurous way out. He decided with the latter. Nathan would wait for the right moment and begin.

Jessica threw open the door, then turned right and flung herself onto the bed.
“I won!”
Jenny emerged through the door moments later and closed it behind her.
“You’re a little cheat. I would have won if I didn’t have to wait for you to unlock the door.”
Jessica giggled and stuck her tongue.
“Oh, really? How about I swallow that tongue?”
Jenny locked Jessica’s bedroom door and plopped down onto the bed over her friend. Jessica stuck out her tongue again and Jenny quickly closed her lips around it. She sucked on it, making slurping sounds. Jessica threw her arms around Jenny’s torso and the two girls locked lips. Jenny slipped her tongue into Jessica’s mouth, and both tongues wiggled and probed around each other’s mouth. Jessica pulled Jenny closer, until the latter’s weight was fully on her body. Jessica then slightly pressed her flat chest against Jenny’s to feel her small breasts through the green t-shirt she was wearing. Jenny broke off the kiss and sat up.
“I think you’ll like these better without the top.”
Jenny lifted her shirt up over her shoulders and tossed it onto the floor. Jessica sat up as Jenny cupped her orange-sized buds. Then Jessica pressed her lips against Jenny’s right breast and stuck her tongue out against her dark nipple and very gently brushed it back and forth. Jenny started breathing with a soft rhythm, and Jessica wrapped her lips around her breasts and slightly sank her teeth into Jenny’s nipple. Her tongue twirled on the tip of her nipple while her teeth gently bit into it, and Jenny shut her eyes as she began to groan. Jessica continued this until Jenny’s chest was rising and falling noticeably. She then pulled back, stretching her friend’s breast like a piece of taffy, and let go with a wet slurp.
“My turn!”
Jessica lifted up her pink tank top and tossed it onto the floor with. Jenny puckered her lips around one of her little mosquito bite nipples and began twirling her tongue around the pink flesh. She then took as much of her flat breasts between her teeth to elicit groans. Jessica threw her arms around Jenny’s head and pulled her tightly against her chest, and Jenny threw her arms around Jessica’s torso.
Jenny continued sucking on Jessica’s nipple for several minutes, then repeated the act with Jessica’s other nipple. After, she broke off and began kissing her chest, each one a little higher. She reached Jessica’s neck and suckled on it, then her dark-brown eyes locked onto her green eyes for several seconds before the two locked lips again. They held their arms around each other, and Jessica fell back with Jenny on top of her as their tongues resumed dancing around inside each other’s mouth. The room was filled with muffled groans as the two prepubescent girls kissed and rubbed their hands around each other’s bare backs and shoulders. Jenny pulled back laid her chin on Jessica’s chest, and the two locked eyes again.
They laid there grinning at each other for several minutes, then Jenny climbed off the bed and stood up. She kicked off her black tennis shoes and socks, then pushed her navy-blue skirt down to her ankles. She kicked the skirt aside before pulling off her light-blue panties and placing them in the growing pile of clothes on the floor.
Jessica sat up and removed her pink sneakers, followed by the white socks beneath, and tossed them next to Jenny’s. She laid back and lifted her legs straight up, and pulled off her blue jean shorts. Then her pink Hello Kitty panties joined the pile, exposing her hairless clit to her girlfriend, and anyone else watching.
Jenny laid at the edge of the bed and placed her head between Jessica’s thighs. She inserted her fingers into the little girl’s slit and pulled it open. Jenny inserted her tongue as deep in as it would go and began lapping at Jessica’s girlhood. Pleasure radiated out from her groin, coursing through her petite body, and her fingers dug into the sheets.
As Jenny’s tongue danced inside of Jessica’s hole, she closed her lips around her labia and slurped up her juices like an oyster. Jessica was breathing and moaning loudly. Jenny could feel her thighs and legs stretch and squeeze around her head, and her ass cheeks clenched together. She let out a ear-splitting moan as her orgasm unraveled. Jenny’s tongue continued probing her pussy for another minute, and emerged with her mouth and chin moist with an intoxicating mixture of saliva and cunt juice.
Jessica closed her eyes to bask in the afterglow and took a deep breath. Her legs twitched and fingers continued to dig into the bed. She started to doze off when Jenny stood up on the bed.
“My turn.”
She leaned forward with her ass and pussy protruding behind, and placed her hands on the wall for support.
“Alright,” Jessica replied groggily as she sat up and grabbed onto Jenny’s thighs.
Jessica placed her mouth against Jenny’s plump labia, her nose in her asshole, and started licking her meaty slit. Jenny began to groan, and louder when Jessica rubbed her nose against her asshole.
Jenny would not reach orgasm. Just as they were getting started, a loud crack like thunder echoed out over the street and the sound of glass breaking filled the room. Jenny cried out as a bullet tore through her upper back. She collapsed forward and slid down the wall, leaving behind a trail of blood.
“Jenny?” Jessica cried out.
Jessica grabbed her waist and turned her over onto her back, then screamed. Her entire right breast was gone, replaced with a blood-filled orange-sized hole. Her chest heaved and she wheezed; blood poured from her mouth and nose. Her chest heaved several more times then her body went still.
Jessica kneeled over her friends body, shaking and unable to utter anything more than frantic whimpers, when something wet drenched her knees. She let out a high-pitched shriek when she realized that Jenny was pissing, then jumped off the bed.
Before she could run for help, another shot rang out. Jessica screamed as something pierced her back, and her heart burst out of her chest in gory chunks all over the bed. The worst pain she had ever felt shot through her body and Jessica collapsed onto the floor. It quickly faded, as did her consciousness; the last sensation Jessica Brooks experienced before everything turned to darkness was the taste of her own blood as it trickled out of her mouth. Warm piss flowed from her urethra moments later.
Over the next thirty minutes, Nathan Carpenter opened fire on anyone who left their houses to investigate the first shots, until SWAT teams stormed his place and put a bullet in the back of his head. The bodies of the two preteen lovers were discovered by Jessica’s older sister an hour later.


File: 1529041620049.jpg (422.75 KB, 900x1238, 1445803824044.jpg)


The response to this is over in my thread on /lit/:

As for the next one:
K/V: Victim
Name: Midori
Age: 12
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture. A cute and friendly, but rather shy and innocent girl.
Scene: She's on her own, taking a late-night dip in a hot spring in the mountains. You may or may not be someone she already knows and trusts.


File: 1529130568848.jpg (112.53 KB, 708x1000, sample-ef3dceb8ac9c1a64d26….jpg)

It was late at night, and Midori had been swimming about. As she stopped on the rocks to have a rest, she looked up and saw me.

"Oh, h-hey..." She blushed. I saw that her swimsuit had slipped off and had exposed her breasts. I wasn't sure if she noticed... I just wanted to say hello, but I felt a strange urge to do more than that. I got into the pool as well. "W-what's going on?" She asked me. We were close friends since kindergarten, though as the years went by, I began to feel like she was more than that. I hugged her. When she looked down, she noticed that she was topless.

"S-stop! I-I can't..." She blushed... Daaaw, she looked so cute when she blushed. She was so adorable, that I couldn't just stop hugging her, even when she tried to struggle against me... She eventually broke out of my hold and tried to get away, but, on pure instinct alone, I grabbed at her leg and caused her to trip and fall, cracking her skull against the rocks.

"Midori!" I screamed as I saw her naked body fall into the water, eyes widened and yet not looking at anything specifically. I grabbed her and saw a trail of blood leaking from her head. I had snapped out of that weird perversion... only to have Midori die in my arms... And yet...

And yet my first response wasn't to mourn for my friend, but to finger her smooth pussy. She had felt very aroused at the time of her death. I just held her in my arms as I jerked her off. I pulled down her swimsuit and groped her ass before I placed her on the rocks and pounded her ass. I grabbed onto her and rubbed her erect nipples. So pretty... So cute... So friendly... And now she's dead. I held on tightly as I released my load into her, then proceeded to jack off all over her butt where my spunk would reside on. Next came the question of leaving her here or not. Her granny might end up finding her and I didn't want to be caught, even if what happened was an accident.

I then saw some monkeys dip into the water as well. I looked around, kissed Midori where she hit her head, then on the lips, closed her eyes, and handed her over to the monkeys to do with as they please. Worst case scenario, they leave her be. I got out of the springs before anyone noticed...

As I retreated, I stopped. I let out a huge cry as the reality of Midori being dead hit me. I loved her, and while I managed to have sex with her, I knew full well I would miss her...

I then felt a twitch. It was chilly, especially since I was butt naked in the water... but no, that's not why I twitched. That brief moment... I enjoyed it. I enjoyed using Midori's innocently lewd body. I bit my fingernails hard. This would be a craving that I would have problems with trying to handle...

So, feel free to use this killer for your future stories.

K/V: Killer
Name: Akashi
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Characteristics: While he presents himself as sweet and innocent, as soon as a girl is naked in front of him, a perverted side takes over and will stop at nothing to cuddle her. However, after an accidental murder, that perversion turned into a fetish for him.

And now a victim. Or rather... two.

K/V: Victims
Name: Inazuma and Ikazuchi,
Age: 10, both
Gender: Female
Characteristics: Inazuma is shy and timid while Ikazuchi is energetic and wild. Ikazuchi is the top, Inazuma is the bottom. Both are sisters.
Scene: They were busy having sex when suddenly someone enters the room.


Name: Jason
Age: 24
Gender: M

Jason entered the room where his victims were, and saw them having sex. They didn't notice him, so he quietly approached, his knife in his right hand. Then, when he was close enough, he grabbed Ikazuchi's chin roughly, raised it and, before she could react, slitted her throat. Inazuma screamed in horror as her mate's blood was getting all over her cute face. Then, he beheaded her completely and threw her body away, kissing her head. Inazuma tried getting away, but he grabbed her throat and kept her in place. He threw Ikazuchi's head away and unzipped his fly with his other hand, pulling out his 12 inches dick out. Inazuma started panicking but she was just a kid. She couldn't resist him. He shoved it in and she screamed. He started fucking her relentlessly, making her moan loudly, still holding her throat. Soon she started feeling really good. He was so close, and as he came inside, he applied pressure on her fragile throat and snapped her neck easily. Two more victims from Jason.


I think you didn't quite get it; the point is to post the victim or killer for the next story, not your own; plus when posting a killer, you need to specify a scene featuring at least one loli/shota victim as well.

Whoever wants to post here next just use the victims from >>4008


So what of the killer I created over at >>4008

I kinda made him for use in other stories regardless of scene, but if you want one...

Scene: He can't get over the craving he has and sets his sights on someone else.
Modis Oprendi: The less blood/dismemberment, the better.


File: 1531254622323.jpg (113.01 KB, 850x708, sample_9ac024b994019dc8580….jpg)

Not good at bloodless, so sorry ahead of time....

K/V: Victim
Name: Julie
Age: 9
Gender: Female
Characteristics: She's a young, blonde haired american girl. She's taken to touching herself and enjoys it quite a bit, being desperate for real sex. Still a virgin though. She's got green eyes, despite the picture
Scene: Her parents away on vacation, the little rich girl is left to her own devices. She spends the day playing her 3DS and touching herself. You manage to slip into her house while she's playing with herself. You saw her doing so at he park earlier and getting away with it due to her money. You followed her deciding to punish her by ruining her pussy. You're armed with a 9mm pistol with hollow point magnesium rounds and a rather sharp knife, you walk in and she's too busy and close to orgasm to notice you.

*Akashi hummed as he walked down the street. Somehow, he couldn't get that kill out of his head. He knew his next target, too. He had a little sister he knew was begging for his cock... He rushed home, knowing he'd be alone and smiled. He saw his sister heading into the bath naked. She was only about seven, but that made it better. He watched as she began to run her water. Before she could get in, he rushed her. Without warning he rammed his cock into her snatch, ripping her hymen. He began to thrust away as she shrieked and struggled.*

*While he enjoyed the sounds, he couldn't draw attention. So he pushed her head under water as he impaled her on his cock. He thrust hard and fast as she slowly began to stop struggling. Soon, he felt her pussy twitch around him. She was cumming~ Akashi couldn't handle any more and blew his load inside her, then slid out slowly. He left his sister laying there, ass up and cum dripping from her pussy with her head under water.*


Anybody here?


Seems that gurochan is going more and more down :-(
Pussy Shooter / Slit Slicer are you doing RP?
Your Nick sounds very tempting.

Mail me :

Greetings, Lena


Seems that gurochan is going more and more down :-(
Pussy Shooter / Slit Slicer are you doing RP?
Your Nick sounds very tempting.

Mail me :

Greetings, Lena


Seems that gurochan is going more and more down :-(
Pussy Shooter / Slit Slicer are you doing RP?
Your Nick sounds very tempting.

Mail me :

Greetings, Lena




File: 1532679908497.jpg (180.2 KB, 800x1131, 3247445319ec8327f68c2b66b8….jpg)


After silently making my way inside the house through a window left carelessly open, I pause at the entrance to the living room, observing my victim-to-be from behind. Julie is sitting on a pillow on the floor with her red and orange dress both pulled down enough to reveal her small, barely growing tits, and her completely smooth virgin pussy – and utter lack of underwear – and she's very ostensibly fingering herself. Her blushing face and high-pitched, poorly-contained moans quickly get me rock-hard, but I pace myself, waiting until it sounds like she's almost about to cum, before suddenly stepping into the room, my gun trained on her.

Julie shrieks in surprise and at the same time tries to pull her dress back to cover her and turn around and jump up, but only ends up stumbling and falling flat on her stomach instead. “Don't try to run, or you're dead.” I explain, and she slowly turns back to me, her face completely flush in both embarrassment and the vestiges of her arousal, but the fear clearly reflected in her eyes.

“Wh-what do you want from me?”

“It's easy, really. I saw you in the park the other day, fingering yourself like a little slut, you only got away with it by bribing the officer with your parents' money. But I'm here to punish whores like you.”

“N-no, please! I was just trying things out, and I didn't want to get into trouble, and-”

“Save it. You've clearly been doing this for a while.” I kneel in front of her to drag a finger over Julie's completely wet pussy, making her flinch. “Did you ever fantasise about being fucked by an actual cock instead of your fingers?”

“Y-yes...” She admits after a moment, blushing even further. “D-don't tell anyone, please.”

“Then today is your lucky day, whore.” I open my pants to pull out my completely hard dick, and quickly grip Julie's hips to pull her closer before thrusting deep inside her with no warning, making her scream in pain and surprise as I break her virginity; her pussy is seriously tight, but also very well lubricated from her previous ...efforts already.

At first Julie starts crying and trying to fight back, but after barely a minute she actually seems to be getting into it. I keep thrusting into her fast and hard, and even if it seems clearly painful, from her face I can also tell Julie is enjoying it, the little slut. She quickly starts moaning and moving her hips counterpoint to my thrusts, and indeed just a couple of minutes later seems to cum, loudly gasping and moaning as she shudders and her pussy clenches around my dick, making me quickly follow suit and fill her up with a huge load of my cum.

Pulling out of Julie a little while later, leaving her panting on the floor with a rather dazed smile on her face, I take out my gun again, pushing the barrel deep into her pussy, and her expression turns to one of utter terror. “What are you doing?! Please don't, my parents have lots of money, I can-”

“I don't care for your money.” Not that that's gonna stop me from taking whatever I can find, though. “I'm going to punish you for your deviancy.”

“No, plea-” I cut her off by pulling the trigger, reducing her pleas to a pained scream, then just keep shooting, bits of blood spraying from her pussy and Julie's body jerking and shuddering with every bullet, until I'm out of ammo and withdraw the gun, letting a huge stream of blood, urine and shreds of tissue gush from her pussy as she futilely clutches her hands over the injury, weakly sobbing and shuddering in pain.

Those injuries are pretty sure to be fatal, especially since her parents are only gonna be home in a week, and there's no one close enough to hear her scream, but best to be sure, so after observing Julie's suffering for a couple of minutes, I draw a knife, dragging the blade all the way across her neck, completely opening her throat, making her bleed out after just a couple more seconds.

Grabbing some cash she had just lying around in the open, I call a 'cleaner' I know who's quite good at making bodies disappear, then quickly tidy up after me, and leave without a trace.


K/V: Victim
Name: Yuki
Age: 12
Sex: F
Characteristics: See picture. A sweet, but shy/awkward, as well as very submissive girl.
Scene: One day Yuki asked you (you can be m or f, and are at best a few years older than her) to meet her after school, making a rather unusual love confession, completely naked, saying she wants nothing more than be yours, and would do anything, even die for you if you asked her to. Why not grant her that wish. (NOTE that this is a con scenario, so be nice/friendly and don't go callously calling her 'bitch' and so forth; maybe kill her in a particularly erotic way such as hanging/strangling).


File: 1536967470464.jpg (1.55 MB, 2000x1500, LI0018.jpg)

K/V: Victims
Name: Katherine (top) and Molly Chang (bottom)
Age: 9 (Katherine) and 11 (Molly)
Gender: Female
Characteristics: See pic.
Scene: You live in a society in which children are merely the property of their parents; you can legally do anything to them, even execute them if they disobey your rules. Of course, in your house, kids having sex is grounds for execution. When you come home early to find your daughters having sex, you have to make an example out of them. Will you kill them on the spot, let them finish and then kill them, or restrain them and execute them later?


I began my career in high school. It was an unusual job for most people, much less a sixteen-year-old; I got paid to kill people. By the time I was in my Junior Year, I had killed thirteen people, and had a safe hidden beneath a floorboard in my bedroom with over 500,000 dollars.

Of course, being a hired killer while still living with my folks, and going to school, was a risky arrangement. When I first started out I was rather careless, and not nearly as paranoid as I would become in later years. Sure, I did get jittery after the first three or so murders, but, as the shock of it all wore off, I relaxed. After an incident involving one of my schoolmates, that changed.

At the start of my Junior year, one of the new girls developed a crush on me. She was a Japanese girl by the name of Yuki, in the sixth grade – the building I attended school, known as McKinney Academy, was shared by junior high and high school students. The girl was petite, with short brown hair that she normally kept in pigtails, and brown eyes. Yuki first took interest in me after I helped her pick up her belongings, when she forgot to zip up her backpack. Throughout the next few months she always sat at a spot that would give her a view of me at lunch, or intentionally went the long way to class just to walk by one of the classes I was in. On several occasions she would drop something, seemingly on accident, and bend down to pick it up in such a way that I got a glimpse of her cleavage.

I was not the only one who noticed, and, during one day after school a redheaded girl who used to hang out with her straight up told me that Yuki had a crush on me. I just nodded my head and she went on her way, giggling. I will admit that the feeling was somewhat mutual; Yuki, even for a tween, was cute, and I did take a longer peak than necessary when she bent over. I would never have admitted it back then; even at sixteen, telling everyone that you thing a twelve-year-old is attractive was not a smart thing to do. I just acted like I was completely oblivious to Yuki.

The idea that Yuki might so much as ask me on a date, or even ask me on a date, never crossed my mind. As is typical when someone has a crush on someone, she always spoke softly, and with a stutter, around me. She was also rather clumsy and falling over in my presence; though, whether that was due to her being socially awkward, or just trying to give me a peak, I was never certain. Which was the reason I never expected what happened.

It was three weeks before Christmas, and I was about to close in on my fourteenth and fifteenth kill. My target was two women; Jessica Rey and Amber Sharp. My client, who I understood was the girlfriend of Jessica, offered enough to more than double the hoard of money I already kept under my bedroom after she discovered that Jessica was dating someone else.

My parents were out of town and would not be back for several days, which meant I could stay out all night without raising suspicions. I arrived home first and gathered my supplies; gloves, cleaning equipment, a Ruger MK II pistol, and several clips of ammunition. I stored the cleaning supplies in the trunk of my car, ate dinner, then drove off at midnight.

The couple, according to my client, was staying in a cabin in a wooded area not too far from town. This was my third trip out here – the first two were merely to survey the area – so I found it pretty quickly. It was quiet and dark place, so I made sure to turn off my headlights as soon as I hit the dirt road leading through the thicket of trees, and approached as slowly as possible. I parked in front of the house and climbed out.

I walked up to the door, even though I knew it was probably locked, and turned the knob. To my surprise, it was unlocked. It pushed the door open and walked in. The light was on, piercing the blackness of the forest outside. The cabin was a single room, not including the bathroom, with only a large bed in the center. My targets were in the bed. The two women, Jessica; a petite redhead with perky tits, and Amber; a busty dark-haired beauty, were sleeping naked in each other's arms.

Things were going too perfectly, and, though I never have been a superstitious man, I expected something to go wrong. The most likely screw up being me giving in to strong urges brought on by my teen hormones, and try to rape one of the targets. However, my more professional mindset was firmly in control, and I carried out my mission with cold efficiency. I walked over to the bed and drew my gun. I placed the barrel against Jessica's ear. Her body began to stir at the cold metal, but, before she could wake, I pulled the trigger. BANG! The shot rang out as the bullet pierced her eardrum and burrowed into her brain.

Amber's eyes shot open at the sound of my gun going off.

"What's happening? Jess... What...?"

I pointed the gun at the center of her forehead and fired again. A red hole opened up; a mist of blood and brain tissue sprayed everywhere, and Amber's eyes went blank. Piss sprayed from their urethras, soaking the sheets and mattress beneath them.

During the early years of my career, I was a bit of a stickler when it came to making sure they were dead. I put three more rounds into each of their heads, to guarantee their deaths. During that barrage, I noticed another loud banging sound from outside, and initially assumed it was an echo. Only moments later did I realize that it was the back door of my car being shut.

When I was certain that Jessica and Amber were dead, I shoved the gun into my pocket and headed towards the door. Another figure stepped through the threshold, and I stopped.

"Yuki?" I said, eyes widened.

Yuki was standing at the entrance to the cabin, completely nude.

"It's me." She replied. She smiled and held out her arms.

"How-how are you here? And where are your clothes?"

I was perplexed, and fairly certain that what I sW was either a hallucination or some sort of apparition. Even the latter idea seemed a far more plausible explanation for her being there than any I could think of.

"I fell asleep in the back of your car."

"What do you mean?"

"I came to your house to tell you something, but..."

Yuki's mind finally processed what she was she saw on the bed, and she stopped talking mid-sentence.

"Are-are they dead? Did you kill them?" Her voice became higher pitched with each word.

I pulled the gun out of my pocket and sighed. "I liked you. Too bad you had to see this."

"Oh dear!" Yuki backed up and threw her hands out in front of herself.

"I'm terribly sorry," I told her as I raised the gun.

"Wait! Please! Before you kill me, can we make love?"

I stopped for a second, then lowered my gun.

"You can kill me if you want. Just please make love to me first. That's sort of why I came to your house in the first place. Plus I'd rather not die a virgin."

I looked at her for about thirty seconds. Even though she was only twelve, with a soft round face like that of a doll, her hips were not quite those of a child anymore. Her breasts were also developed for her age; round, orange-sized, with tiny, hard, nipples. It would be a shame to waste her; besides, this was not some cheating whore, but someone I was fond of, and she at least deserved to have her last requests honored.

"I can do that, Yuki," I said, "but you will have to die afterwards. I can't just let you go after seeing this."

She gazed at me for a few seconds, with teary eyes, and then nodded. "I-I'm okay with that. Where do you want to do it at?"

"We can do it in the back of my car. Come on."

Yuki nodded again and we both walked to the car. I opened the back door and let her climb in first. I threw the gun up into the back dashboard then dropped my pants and underwear to my ankles, and my erect cock sprang forward. I climbed in and sat next to her. I closed the door.

"Come on," I slapped my leg and smiled.

Yuki climbed on top of me, wrapping her armed around my neck as she positioned her pelvis. I put my arms on her back and gently pulled her towards me as she lowered herself onto my shaft. A gasp escaped her lips as the tip of my penis penetrated her tight girlhood. I broke the hymen, which illicited a rather sharp yelp, and virginal blood trickled down my member.

"How is it?" I asked, as my dick went deeper into her.

"It's," she gasped, "it's pretty good. Better than I imagined."

It was slow at first; Yuki started riding up and down slowly, pushing her pelvis lower, and my cock deeper, with each downward thrust, with exasperated grunts and heavy breathing, until she reached my pelvis. As she grew more comfortable, the speed of her thrusts increased. I started thrusting up into her, in coordination with her thrusts. We were both grunting like wild animals. Yuki's moaned particularly loudly as she approached orgasm; her grip on my neck tightened, and she buried her head into my chest. She climaxed, and pussy fluids sprayed into my crotch and the fabric of the seat. I felt her vaginal muscles contract around my shaft, and seconds later I climaxed as well. I bellowed a long, drawn out, groan, I pumped thick strings of my sticky seed into her belly with each thrust.

When I finally pulled out, our chests oscillated like a pump as we took in air. I turned and laid back on the car seat, with Yuki's naked body on top of me. I looked into her brown eyes, and she looked back with a weak smile. I caressed her cheeks, and softly stroked her pigtails. Her face moved closer and we locked lips. We kissed for probably ten minutes; first just soft pecks, but eventually our tongues found their way into each other's mouth.

It may have gone on longer, but my memory is a little blurry. My only memory after that is waking up about two hours later. Yuki was still asleep. One of my hands rested on her back, and the other between the cleft of her buttocks. I remembered quickly what I had to do, and sighed.

I gently lifted her up and laid her upright against the door. Her eyes opened and she stretched out her arms.

"I'm sorry Yuki, but it's time," I said as I pulled my pants up.

"Oh. Okay," she said groggily. Whether or not she was awake enough to remember at this point, I was not sure. Either way, she closed her eyes and fell back was soon snoring again.

I grabbed the gun and placed it in my pocket. I knew that killing her in my car would be stupid; I was already worried about her dried up virginal blood stuck to my seat. Plus, I couldn't leave her body this close to the cabin. Then I recalled that my dad's shovel was in the trunk.

After I tucked the shovel into my pants, I scooped Yuki up into my arms and went deeper into the woods. I stopped about a mile from the cabin and gently laid her in the softest patch of grass I could find. As she slept, I started to dig.

At three feet I stopped. The Sun was starting to rise. I wiped sweat from my forehead and turned to Yuki. She was still asleep, so I gently began caressing her face until her eyes started to open. I placed my lips on hers and kissed; she kissed me back, and I let her for a few minutes before I broke it off.

"I'm sorry."

She sat up as I pulled from the gun from my pocket. Yuki was a little shaky, but the smile on her face told me that she was at least content with her fate.

"Can I hold it while it happens?" She asked.

"Hold what?"

"Your penis. I want to hold your cock while I die."

I nodded and unfastened my pants. After fumbling with my underwear, my cock was once again sticking out. Yuki's gripped the shaft with both hands.

"Now, not many people are going to get this offer. Where do you want it? In the forehead or the heart?"

"Hmm. Actually, could you put it in my mouth? I don't want my face ruined, and I'm afraid it will hurt if you shoot me in the heart."

"Very well then," I replied.

She opened her mouth and I started to put the barrel in. Then an idea occurred to me.

"I'm giving you a few more minutes," I told her. "I'll need this," I said, moving her hands away from my cock. "Don't worry, I'll give it back," I assured her when she made a whimper.

I started to stroke myself. At first she looked at me with her head cocked to the side, and her mouth open, then smiled. After a minute I climaxed; I squirted as much cum as possible on the barrel of the gun. It stopped, and I smeared my seed into the metal.

"Alright, now we can continue."

Yuki's hands gently wrapped around my member; this time getting smearing leftover cum into her palms. I shoved the barrel into her mouth, and gave her several seconds to taste the sticky treat. Then I pulled the trigger.

Tufts of hair, bone fragments, and blood sprayed from the back of her head. Her expression went blank and her body slumped to the ground; her soft fingers slipped from their grasp around my cock and laid uselessly beside her. Her bladder emptied itself into an arc of piss, creating a damp spot in the dirt that quickly expanded.

I kissed her on the lips one last time, before heaving her corpse into the hole. For the next three hours I shoveled dirt on top of her. I went home – arrived back at the house around noon – and slept until midnight.

That kill is still the only one I have any regrets about; and why I am careful about who I let get close to me.


File: 1543820118703.png (338.53 KB, 600x1140, 49552597_p5.png)

V/K: Victim
Name: Patricia Viktorinova
Age: 9
Gender: F
Character: The youngest daughter of the dictator of a small Eastern European country, she's intelligent but extremely sheltered.
Scene: Patricia has been kidnapped by a brutal rebel group intent on making an example of her.


File: 1544483263475.jpg (61.54 KB, 531x600, 43b6a2502f3df20f037f923086….jpg)

K/V: Victim
Name: Courtney Sanders
Age: 11
Description: See Pic.
Scene: Courtney's pissed off a loan shark, so a hitman were hired to kill him. You enter the house as he's getting a blowjob from Courtney. As she is a witness, she has to die as well.

Optional scenario: Courtney isn't scared of dying, but she is disappointed that her dad was killed before he could cum. She asks the hitman to cum in her mouth before he kills her.




K/V: Victim
Name: Courtney Sanders
Age: 11
Description: See Pic.
Scene: Courtney's pissed off a loan shark, so a hitman were hired to kill him. You enter the house as he's getting a blowjob from Courtney. As she is a witness, she has to die as well.

Optional scenario: Courtney isn't scared of dying, but she is disappointed that her dad was killed before he could cum. She asks the hitman to cum in her mouth before he kills her.



My response here.



File: 1544516774627.jpg (122.48 KB, 523x640, 79cb5789e40eba43c5ed3bf6c6….jpg)

V/K: Victim
Name: Elaina Ishikawa
Age: 12
Gender: F
Characteristics: See pic. The daughter of a French businessman and Japanese waitress. A tomboy through and through.
Scene: While visiting her father in Paris, she gets lost and eventually finds herself wandering one of the most notorious and dangerous banlieues at night.

It was 11:00 in the morning when Konrad pulled into the driveway of the 2 story house with cream colored siding. The suburban neighborhood was quiet, with most of its inhabitants at work. The assassin took one last look at the photograph of his target. Adam Sanders was a mid level HR manager with a rather nasty gambling habit. The loan shark had finally gotten tired of Adam and had called Konrad to deal with the problem.

Konrad exited the car, collected a briefcase and walked towards the front door which was, to his surprise, unlocked. The assassin slowly opened the door and entered the living room. His enhanced hearing picked up moans and wet slapping sounds coming from upstairs. Konrad cautiously crept up to the second floor and stood in front a bedroom. Big pink letters glued to the door frame spelled "Courtney" out.

The moans and gasps were coming directly from the bedroom. Konrad dropped the case and opened it up. He rummaged around and picked up a cut down Remington 870 shotgun. With his weapon in hand, he kicked open the door. He found Adam naked, with a young girl in a school uniform kneeling in front of him, her face covered in strings of cum.

Both had shocked expressions as the hitman raised his shotgun. Adam rose to his feet, pushing the girl away from his crotch as his mouth opened. He tried to say something. Konrad just fired away, pumping two 12 gauge 00 buck shells into the middle aged man.

Adam's head imploded as dozens of pellets pulped his face. The man collapsed backwards onto the bed, leaving the little girl cowering and covered in blood and bits of flesh.

Konrad turned his attention to her, the muzzle of his shotgun inches away from her forehead. "Who're you?" he demanded as the girl stared, dazed, at the gun. "Courtney, I'm Courtney" she answered, then added "I'm 11 and a half, and that's my dad", as she pointed at the corpse on the bed.

She looked up again, only to see the muzzle of the shotgun fill her view. "Wait!" she screamed, "Don't, I don't want to die!" Konrad pulled the trigger, and the shotgun roared once more.

Courtney's head blew apart into several meaty chunks, leaving a headless torso with a fountain of blood spraying out of a shattered neck stump. For a moment, the body of the girl swayed on its knees, its hands rising up to where its head used to be, before gravity caught up and dragged the limp corpse down to the shag carpet. The assassin wiped away the girls blood from his face. He reached into his pocket, retrieved a compact camera and took a photo of the gruesome scene to send to his client.

The bodies were discovered a couple hours later by Adam's wife, causing a major scandal for the peaceful small town.

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