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I'm looking for an RP preferably over Kik, but we can talk about finding somewhere else. I'm fine with nearly everything except scat, same size vore, and ladies. Sorry, but if you're looking for a woman to snuff or be snuffed, look somewhere else. I mostly play as the dom/killer/top, whatever it is in the situation. I'm mostly looking for amputation, playing with the idea of the victim being kidnapped and helpless about their situation, medical scenarios, or anything you can come up with. I have practically nothing against any existing characters or their ages, so go with canon characters or original characters, anything you like and as many as you like. My Kik is wubspon3, I hope we can work something out.
(Picture is unrelated)


There is a Discord board that is perfect for you

Feel free to join.


Dude, shut up. Everyone is sick of you shoehorning your damn discord group into every single thread here. Stop.



They did say they were open to RPing in other places so it is fitting


I did say that, but like (I'm assuming) most others here, if someone asks for a specific 1 on 1 roleplay idea they aren't looking for your Discord group. If I thought that sounded appealing I would already have joined.



Well you can contact me via PMs when you join and we can RP on Discord (there I am known as Psycho333


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Hey Lynn, if you're fine with roleplaying on another platform (no Kik for me), we can always discuss some ideas.
I only play guys, and the kinks you listed are in a good place in my fetish list. I'd rather play with original characters myself, but if you feel better using a canon one I don't mind much. I prefer playing the victim, but I don't like "victim types" characters, who act passively and do nothing but cry all the time, so you'll very likely get some opposition until we get to some mindbreak point.
Also, while I'm not the best writer there is, I'd prefer if we go with lengthy messages (single paragraph at least) rather than 1-2 sentences only.
If you're still interested, just give me another way to contact you.


I don't know what kik is but I'm down


I can't do kik. Is hangouts good for you? I usually play a fairly fem guy. Also the kidnapping sounds fun :) I prefer being a bottom/sub/slave/whatever.


Google hangouts is fine with me,



Hey Lynn. What you described fits my interests and I only play guys.

I'm on Google or Kik

Google: dam.incomplete
kik: dam_incomplete


Hey Lynn I would like to rp but what's your new kik? It says moved accounts on this one!

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