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Hi all, BlueButcher here. I'm starting up a Penal Legion RP using the Only War TTRPG system.

It'll be set in the 40k universe where you will be a part of a mixed-gender penal legion, either as a convict-trooper or their handlers, thrown into battle en masse to find death and glory for the God-Emperor of Mankind.

For those not familiar with the 40k universe, that's all good! I'm happy to explain bits and pieces of the lore, or you could always play as someone poorly educated in the ways of the wider world.

Other roleplays are also being run - including a more traditional DND-like homebrew system run by Ace, and a guro cruise liner roleplay run by PsychoAiko, and we're happy to accept more if you want to come along and set up shop in our guro discord (roleplay is only one of many things we do but the most relevant to this post).

You can find my Guro discord here: as well as a more roleplay-centric discord run by Ace here:

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