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Extremely wicked and perverted player seeks for partners.

You are:
- male or female IRL and able to play female (preferred) and/or male characters.
- willing to play in emails or shared docs.
- graphoman and like to write thousands of words per turn.
- literate and while not a grammar nazi still pay attention to the details.
- able and like to DM if needed and also like if someone DMing for you.
- almost or completely limitless who either likes or gladly tries new kinks and fetishes.
- social and communicative and willing to establish a penpal relationship with your writing partner.
- already did some lengthy RPs and/or have stories you can share.

If you are still with me some more details follows.

Role playing for me isn't something what would linked to only one character, to only one personality. Role playing for me is creative way of writing stories together with somebody else, a collaborative creation where all writers' fantasies and ideas are involved. I play fantasy, I play scifi, I play historical settings, mafia wars or warfare situations, horror and thrillers. Before every game of mine I need to discuss my partner what is going to happen, what setting do we use etc.

I play usually via email or via shared documents. Not because I don't like same time interaction, but because my life is busy and this is the only way how I can still spend enough time with my favorite hobby.

I love to play, I love to write. I love to combine these hobbies together and the result is some kind of an interactive novel writing, what I just simply call role playing. And my role plays are from the dark side. I like to stretch my limits beyond human measures and my stories contains the most disgusting, most extreme, and cruelest ways of non-consensual, sexual based activities such as slavery, physical, mental and emotional torture and killing of all kind. I'm sick, and I love to be that.

*Active torment
Passive is good. Victim is shackled, bound, immobilized and the torturer is working on the helpless body. Classic. Active is even better. The victim is forced into a situation, into a position and limited in movements, but still have enough place to struggle, to fight, to elongate the suffering, the less tight bondage gives false hope. Passive example: Tie the victim to a stake (ankles, waist, upper body) and lit the fire. Active: Hang the victim over the fire by wrists or upper body (hooks through breasts maybe) and let the victim kick, struggle, wiggle like worm at the end of the hook.

*Bestiality torture
I think animals are cute. Dogs, pigs, horses, donkeys, they are nice and lovely and so good to pet them. But I think human versus animal sexual interaction is nasty, disgusting and a dirty act what definitely horrify most people. Including unwilling victims. And this is the reason why I love, adore victims being forced to make sex with animals, to be fucked by them, to be forced to orally serve them, to consume their bodily fluids like sperm or excrement, or as a snuff method being killed by them (bull fucks ass or pussy is definitely lethal). Not a must, but a lovely way of torturing someone both physically and psychologically.

My games are more collaborative writings then just simple role plays, but there is one point where I don't care about possible readers. I'm a visual type and I adore details. Very small, very long, very specific details. Describe me everything, give me tiny details, give me an almost movie like feeling when you are writing about nasty, cruel, extreme acts. In exchange I give you the same. Details.

*Diabolic sadists
Sadism has different levels. There are Masters and Mistresses who enjoy a good caning. There are bastard nazi officers who enjoy sending people to gas chambers. There are cruel inquisitors, who love their work and enjoy inflicting severe, non-consensual pain. And there are diabolic sadists, whose life is only about how to cause physical and psychological suffering, without any limits, without an boundaries, without any moral. Who are really obsessed with inflicting inhuman agony, inventing all the time new more horrible, more painful, more extreme methods of torture and killing. I vote for the last level.

*Emails & Shared docs
I prefer to play in emails and/or in shared documents. For three reasons. First of all I simply rarely have time to use IMs. Secondly in emails we can share a document and instead of reacting to each other all the time we can have the chance to insert additions into each other segments, in this way creating a story like final output. Thirdly in emails I have time to write, to create longer additions, to think and find the best ways of expressing myself. Emails have numerous advantages and have one big disadvantage what a limit for a lot guys out there: this method requires patience. I'm looking for patient partners.

*Female sadists
I like males being the bad guys in the story, really. They have cocks, what is really good as some kind of a cock is a must when time come to rape somebody. They are also strong, and masculine, and generally welcomed. But. A cruel, sick, extreme, beautiful, charming, dominant, intelligent, weird, diabolic female (or females) in the dark side's role is just lovely! She can be pure female, she can have a cock (I like real feminine ladyboys), but she needs to look, act, talk, feel like a woman. Like an evil sadist woman. My favorite.

Linked to hand fetish, I obsessed by sexy, long, charming, pampered, painted, pointed, oval, blue, red, silver, black, purple, french fingernails. Preferably real, but sometimes fake goes too.

*Foot fetish
Sexual attraction to human feet and toes (human, and only human, no paws), the mentioned body parts' sight, smell effect the similar way like a non-fetishist reacts to the sight of a favorable human genitalia. I love feet, veins, arches, balls, slender ankles, and mostly toes and toenails. Foot fetish is sexual fetish therefore includes activities like: foot worship (hand - massage, mouth/tongue - lick and suck), foot jobs (toes on cocks, toes in pussy and/or in anus), visual foot shows (toes' dance, showing off in sexy shoes etc.), foot design (pedicures, sexy painted toenails).

*Foot torture
Feet are instruments of pleasure but can be the objects to the most hellish torments as well. Once the foot sex is over the foot torture comes, and once it finishes those feet are not intact enough to perform anymore any sexual activity. I love foot related torments and require it in almost every games I play. Softer methods: Caning, forced into painful high heels, pins or thorns under toenails (favorite), hot wax. Medium methods: Toe crushing, toenail removal (favorite), small area skinning, second degree burns (favorite). Hard methods: Whole foot destroy, toe removals, skinning, burning/ roasting/ boiling (favorite), acid, feet eaten (favorite).

*Hand (female) fetish
Female hands are the most precious creations of every world. Shapely wrists, silky skin, slender long fingers, pampered and sexy, probably slutty long nails, painted or natural, but sexually attractive. Caresses, petting, charming dance of lovely digits, sensual or rough handjobs. All a miracle. Female hands are lovely and deserved to be adored.

*Hand torture
Hands are just as important as eyes. Since touch is just as important sense as sight their function is essential, not to mention their capabilities of grabbing, playing, handling. They are also sexual, pampered all the time, wearing laces, rings, polishes. Torturing them is very cruel, not to mention how sensitive they are, equipped with millions of nerve endings. Break a finger, or break all 10 of them. Flay the skin off them. Insert needles under fingernails are heat them up till red hot. Pry off those fingernails, slowly, twist them from side to side, make their owner scream her head off. Hand torture is cruel and beautiful.

*Innovative torture methods
I like the rack, Judas' cradle, the brazen bull and a nice alive burning at the stake as well. But I much more like something what is unique, imaginative, creative, something what is a nice new combination of old ways of inflicting pain (especially because possible physical effects are limited- heat, cold, razor, blunt, stretching or compressing etc.), what is something not usual. Of course good to play good old methods as well, but never say no to something new and juicy. Especially when that torture/snuff method gives some freedom to the victim to react, to fight, to move, to struggle.

*No limit
I love no limits games, when my partner is ready to play everything and we can deep dive into the world or depravities. I love to receive, adore when my partner is willing to play my fetishes, and in exchange I love to give. Whatever your fetish is you can count on me to have it perfectly fulfilled. Full kink mode on!

*Rape, torture, snuff
The natural order of a kidnapped victim's life from the point of the abduction. Of course the first two phases can be mixed and repeated again and again, and they can last from a few hours up to days, weeks, months or ion special cases even for years. But unfortunately every fun has to have an end, every soul can be drained, even the most alive heart can be turned into catatonic stone, even the most durable sexy body can be totally wasted. All slaves reach the point when they are useless, and then their life has to end. Preferably in the most horrible, extreme, painful, degrading way.

*Story and characters
Though they seem to be different topics but in fact they are just a slightly different reflections of the same need. I love to play extreme things, but I like to play stories. Stories with plot, twists, background, logic, with adventure, with romance, with bad ends but with loops, machinations and lies, intrigues and conspiracies. Something interesting and exciting. And all these become possible only if the story is based on well created, rich, unique characters, based on original and nicely prepared PCs (Player characters.) and NPCs (Non-player characters. Side characters.). I love multiple characters in stories, I love them having personality, likes and dislikes, goals and fears, backgrounds and history. And finally the story, the actions and reactions are coming from the characters, if the persons involved are well-done that the story and plot is guaranteed.

Linked to foot fetish, I adore sexy toenails, proportioned size, covering the top of the toe, pampered, maybe tastefully long, painted, slutty.

*Toilet slavery
Everybody, even cute and innocent girls fart, pee and shit. Sometimes even vomit. Of course all of these acts should be done privately, as they are disgusting, bad smelling and overall dirty things, human body is a dirty construction. But what else could be so cruel and extreme that torture somebody by forcing to play, to smell, to taste, the swallow these dirtiest and most disgusting substances? What could be more cruel than drown somebody into pure, smelly shit or gag her with a huge turd? Toilet slavery isn't a must, but can be a lovely part of the most depraved procedure while a human is tortured to death.

*Torture by fire and heat
My absolutely favorite method of inflicting pain, besides thousands of others, but usage of fire, heated irons, boiling water and other liquids makes me drool, not to mention their effect on a perfect, sexy human body, the charred wounds, the leaking ooze, the smell of burnt flesh and the screams and begs what accompanies these torture methods. I love it.

*Torture, snuff competitions
I particularly mean that two (or more) victims are forced to participate in a competition (or just participate in a linked execution) where their individual actions take effect on the situation. The best if they are forced to fight against each other and their aim is to cause more pain/damage to the other compared what they suffer from the others actions. This is closely aligned with the 'active torment' special kink. Example: 2 victims forced into a 69 position but instead of orally serving each other they have a wide range of torture tools (scalpels, blowtorches, pins, pliers etc.) and they have to torture each others genitalia. The one who first screams 'I give up!' will be executed (using some horrible method), the other goes back to her cell. Or a running competition on hot coals. Endless possibilities.

*Unwilling victims
I like a certain level of realism in my games. The torture related acts described in my special kinks are so severe and extreme, that I cannot imagine that anybody, including the most depraved masochist would ever enjoy them. Oh no. Human body has its natural instinct which cannot be overwritten. Victims of real torture have to be, always have to be unwilling ones who does not enjoy what is happening to them. They want to escape, they want the pain to stop, they beg and they plead, but never enjoy and especially will never experience orgasm. Males can be forced to cum, but women do not, never. Also make difference between a trained, brainwashed, broken soul and between a masochist. I love when the victim is FORCED to beg for more torture, but this has nothing to do with the victim's true intentions. This is my hard limit: victims of horrible torments and executions can never be consensual/willing.

3+ Penetration
Anal Fisting
Cum From Mouth/Nose
Dirty Talking
Extreme Humiliation
Foot Play
Gaping (Anal)
Genital Torture
Heavy/Extreme Bondage
Intelligent Partners
Multiple Characters
Non-Sexual Pain
Nonsexual Roleplay
Nonsexual Torture
Plot Twists
Prolapses (Anal)
Realistic Cum
Roleplay Perspective - Third Person
Scat Torture
Sexual Torture
Sexy/Slutty clothing
Story Driven
Swallowing Feces
Swallowing Urine
Swallowing Vomit
Throat Penetration
Vaginal Fisting

Let me know if you are interested :))
noya2929 at gmail dot com


Emails are not secure. To be clear, I'm entirely at peace with the world knowing my fetish, but I'd rather not assist in the monitoring of my correspondence.

Anything like e-mails but more secure would be vastly appreciated and recommended.


File: 1496866885618.jpg (422.13 KB, 1920x1080, surgical-instruments-medic….jpg)

I am interested and have some idea to share with you.

If you are interested, find Bimbo Nicole in f-list.


HI, Im extrem slave. Verry brutal torture, pain, total extrem no limit perverrs, dirty, toilet, rape sex, forcing prostitution - everyday 3-5 prostitution sex- SM?, pervers, sex - all verry hard, limit only no castration, no permanent scaars, no death. NO limit absolut pervers, dirty, prostitution - with anyone - no age limit of the client, image, dirt, toilet, extreme pain - no human rights - looking for imprisonment for at least a month


HI, Im extrem slave. Verry brutal torture, pain, total extrem no limit perverrs, dirty, toilet, rape sex, forcing prostitution - everyday 3-5 prostitution sex- SM?, pervers, sex - all verry hard, limit only no castration, no permanent scaars, no death. NO limit absolut pervers, dirty, prostitution - with anyone - no age limit of the client, image, dirt, toilet, extreme pain - no human rights - looking for imprisonment for at least a month>>2299


Whoa that was very interesting really I read all you wrote and I must admit that I did never thought I would find someone without limit like me (even if I admit bestial disgust me a little because of somebody who made me hate it) if you want to contact me know that I am always open I often write fantasy stories and sexual poems, example:
(T)onight we get dirty
(I) prepared all the tools
(E)nter my dark room

(M)ake you suffer
(E)njoy the pain

(U)ltimate bliss
(P)leasure attained

(C)andle wax poured on your skin
(H)umiliate you im hankering after it
(O)n your knees you beg for it
(K)eep you on the line
(E)nsure your spice

(M)ake you lose control
(E)mmerse your sour

Now I admit I seek for RP partner not someone to write some stories with still I am open to everything as I said (contact me at

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