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I'm a big fan of the game For Honor so far...could someone kill this Peacekeeper in any way you want. <3


Yes, do you have a kik or Skype by any chance?


My my that would quite fun~ And how would one find this peace keeper?




One dead Peacekeeper coming up

The battle was all but won with most of the defending forces dead at my feet. Now all that needed to be done was to flush out the remainder of The Iron Legion’s pitiful warriors. By the sounds in the halls, I was certain that it would be soon.

As I used one of my kills to wipe clean my sword, I heard the door open. I turned to see a slightly winded woman with her face covered and twin blades in her hands. She seemed surprised for a moment at the scene before her, but I was not. I grabbed a discarded sword and flung it at the woman, before charging at her myself. The thrown blade knocked her sword away, forcing her onto the defensive with her dagger.

My powerful blows soon proved too much for her and one well-placed strike removed her other weapon from her grasp. She shouts something I can’t understand, but it doesn’t matter as I slash my blade through her knees and her shouts turn into cries. I drag the woman into a next door room with a smile.

Once in the room, I remove my pants and put down my sword. I remove her helmet and force her to lube up my cock with her weakening mouth. Once I’m properly ready, I push her onto her back and thrust into her pussy. I pound the bitch as hard as I can as she slowly dies under me. When she expires, I cum inside, gifting her with my seed for the next life, before throwing her into the corner of the room to burn later.

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