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As the title says, go ahead and murder my oc, Saki. You can do anything you want to her, just make sure it's bloody and painful, guts encouraged!

She's 17, gamer shut in and physically weak, the perfect victim. Get to killin'



I will probably have a story out by tonight or tomorrow night. Depending on how many distractions I get.


A discord board for guro and snuff and things like that.

A place where you can find more to kill your OC.


Jesus christ, enough.
We get it, you've got a discord, stop fucking shilling for it in every single thread on this goddamn site.


I know right?!?


Robert was fucking done with trolls. Everytime he went into a chatroom, message board, or, hell, even play an online game someone had to talk shit just because they felt safe hiding behind a monitor. Several months ago, while playing his favorite shooter, some bitch going by Saki teased him about his username, LongRob, and made jokes about how big his dick really was. Saki's jests, however innocent she thought they were, nearly drove him to suicide.

After being roasted by Saki, Robert smashed his computer monitor and went to the bath to slit his wrists. As he sat in the water with a knife in his right palm a powerful question entered his mind: why should he be the one to die? Saki was the one being a rude bitch by making dick jokes about his username; so shouldn't she be the one to die, instead of him? Robert tossed the knife aside and started thinking of a way to make this Saki bitch pay for teasing him.

After replacing his monitor Robert set out to locating Saki and stalking the smartass bitch to her home. He managed to find her social media accounts and started stalking her pages to find out as much information on her as possible; the most important was, of course, where she lived, what she looked like, and what she did during the day. Saki was a seventeen-year-old with platinum blonde hair and an hourglass figure. From what Robert could figure out she was a lot like him in some ways: she stayed in her room all day playing video games. Saki had hundreds of people on her friends list, but they seemed to be people she barely knew; she operated a somewhat successful gaming channel, and a lot of fans of her show added her on. Robert made a fake account and added her myself: she accepted within an hour.

Robert eventually grew tired of stalking her online and one day sold his computer, along other gaming systems and high-dollar devices, to get enough money for a trip to the town she lived in. One road trip and two days later Robert arrived on the outskirts of her town. He stalked her to and from school, the only time she left the house, to study her daily routine. Saki lived with her mother and a younger sibling; her mom usually worked until midnight and her little brother always stayed out until eleven while Saki was playing her games or whatever else she did. After four days Robert decided to put his plan into action.

Friday afternoon gave way to evening and Robert was waiting in his car at the park down the street. He watched through binoculars as Saki's mom got in his car at 5:00 PM and drove off to work. Ten minutes later Saki walked into the house followed by her brother; another boy and a girl knocked and Saki's brother took off down the road with him. At 6:00 PM Robert got out of the car and walked towards her house with a knife in his pocket: the same knife he almost killed himself with.

Saki's brother forgot to lock the door, which made it much easier for Robert to get in; he could've broken a window, but it's better for him if she's taken by surprise. He opened the door and walked over the threshold. Saki's location wasn't difficult to find with the sounds of video game guns and some sort of cutesy Japanese music flooding every inch of the house. Robert climbed the stairs left of the front door. The audio was coming from the first door on the right. The door was already slightly ajar, so Robert just gently shoved the door open.

Saki was sitting in front of three big ass computer monitors with her back to the door. She was wearing a red shirt and blue jean shorts. Saki was too involved in her game and didn't notice Robert walking into the room.

"What an ill-mannered bitch," Robert muttered when he noticed a lack of headphones.

He crept up behind her and pulled the knife from his pocket. Before Saki could respond Robert pulled her hair back and ran the knife from one side of her throat to the other.

Saki let out rapid, panic-driven squeals and fell out of her chair, grasping at the bleeding line in her throat; it wasn't deep enough to sever anything vital, but she was clearly in pain.

"Hi there Saki," Robert said teasingly.

"Who the fuck are you? What the fuck did you do to me?" Saki screamed, and looked down in disgust at the blood soaking into her shirt.

Robert unzipped his pants and pulled out his erect 8-inch cock. He grabbed the back of Saki's head and pressed her face against his swollen member, and slapped it back and forth hard against her face?

"How's that bitch? Does it look big enough for you, bitch? Do you think I need to compensate?" She flinched as he slapped her eyes with his cock.

"W-what is this about? Why are you doing this to me?" Tears flowed freely from Saki's eyes as she looked up at him pleadingly. "I-i don't even know you."

"You don't remember LongRob? You told me I had to use the name to compensate for my small penis," he slapped her with his dick again, "Does this look small you fucking whore?"

"I don't remember, I swear. Please stop,"

Robert gritted his teeth and swung his first hard against her face; his punch struck the bridge of her nose and sent a wave of pain over her fragile face.

"I nearly killed myself you slut and you think you can just forget about it like it never even happened?" He opened his grip and swung another punch at her already-broken nose, sending her flying back into the wall and knocking her glasses off onto the floor. Saki sat there howling in pain and clasping her bleeding nose.

Robert placed his boot on her glasses and shot her a spiteful look.

"Please don't... my mother will be mad at me if she has to replace them... Don't!!" Saki begged, "Noooooooo!" She wailed as Robert crushed the frame and lenses underneath his boot.

Saki gave Robert the most sympathetic look she could and pleaded, "I-I'm sorry for saying something to offend you. Please just forgive it me. I-I suffered enough, I promise not to ever tell mean jokes again. I need an ambulance. Please call an ambulance."

"You haven't suffered enough, bitch. Now get over here and suck off my 'tiny' cock and I might consider getting you an ambulance," Robert replied coldly.

Saki pushed herself up and walked limply towards him.

"Take off your shirt, too," Robert demanded.

Saki sniffled, and clutched her nose as that little action burned her shattered nasal cavity. Then she grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her shoulders, before tossing it to the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra so her natural, watermelon-sized breasts bounced out as she pulled the shirt off. Robert thought it was kind of hot how blood caked the top half of her tits and formed a crimson river between her cleavage and down to her crotch.

"Kneel down, and suck," Robert poked the top of her head with the knife, and applied pressure until she dropped to her knees.

Saki opened her mouth and Robert immediately thrust his member all the way into the back of her throat. She gagged and tried to pull back, but Robert placed one hand on the back of her head and held in on his cock. Then he grabbed both sides of her head and started thrusting his shaft in-and-out, fucking her teenage mouth. Saki made mumbled cries with each thrust as the movement inflamed the pain in her broken nose.

"Is it big enough for you bitch?" Saki only sobbed in response, then Robert yelled, "Is it fucking big enough? Answer me you bitch!" He raised his hand and struck the side of her face hard enough to leave a mark. She nodded yes as best she could with his cock ploughing her throat, and closed her eyes as the tear flow increased.

Robert started fucking her throat faster, and he started breathing heavily as he edged closer to an orgasm. A few seconds later he squirted his load down her throat; Saki gagged as the warm semen filled her mouth, and Robert held her in place so she couldn't pull back. Then he pushed her back, and watched her flinch as his last squirt splashed her face.

Saki dropped to her hands, spitting cum and vomit onto the floor. She was breathing and panting heavily; each draw of breath through her nose burned like fire, especially when semen was sucked in.

Robert placed lifted her up by the hair and slammed his first against her face again, sending her sprawling backwards onto the floor.

"I thought you were satisfied?" Saki cried out.

"Nah," Robert dismissed as he dropped to the floor next to her, "But I'm about to satisfy my anger," and he slammed the knife into her lower abdomen.

A wet gasp followed by a loud scream escaped her mouth. Her face contorted and she doubled forward as Robert jerked the knife up, cutting a gash in her stomach. Saki thrashed, but that only caused more internal damage as Robert's knife opened her belly. He stopped when the blade hit her ribcage.

"Please stop hurting me," Saki cried. She tried to plead further, but blood welled up from her esophagus when she tried to speak.

Robert ignored her pleas either way as he sat the knife down. Then he grabbed the seams of her sliced belly and pulled it open, causing Saki to scream as her flesh came apart. Robert reached down and started pulling her internal organs out. Saki started vomiting violently at the sight of her insides. Robert pulled out her stomach and placed it on the floor; he stood up and stomped down hard on it; it exploded into a puddle of blood that splattered across the room, and another fountain of blood erupted from her mouth. Saki lost consciousness five agonizing seconds later.

Robert pulled lifted up her legs and pulled off her blue jean shorts and the blood-stained panties underneath. Her smooth cunt was soaked with blood, but he didn't care; he put his hands on her shoulders and placed the tip of his member against her pussy lips and pushed through.

Seemed she was a virgin, because he felt fresh blood on his cock when he pushed further. Robert pounded Saki's bloody cunt for several minutes until he squirted a final load of hot semen into her now-worthless womanhood.

"Well Saki, I'm satisfied," he said patting her head.

Robert was sure she was dead, but he decided to stay long enough to make sure. He ended up falling asleep with his head resting on one of her dead melons. He was awaken late the next morning on her very-cold, stiff, titties, by a loud, blood chilling scream; Saki's mom found Robert laying on her daughter's corpse after she came to wake her up for breakfast. He ran out the door and to his car as she called the police.


How's this? Bloody enough?


Oh yes, very well done, mate

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