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Hey everyone!

I'm Grace, and I'm looking for some seriously perverted roleplays! I strongly prefer fantasy elements (medieval, futuristic, or modern AU settings; magic useage; or supernatural characters/characters of other species). Other than that, it would be much appriciated if you have very, very few limits when it comes to toilet play and guro. Some other kinks that I'd very much love to include are harems (I am comfortable playing the harem), futanari, lesbians, and the most essential of all--literacy and the ability to reply with detailed responses of at least a paragraph!

I apologize if any of that was awkward, this is my first time posting anything here. Please email me at or Kik me at GoreLoverGrace to get in touch with me!

I'm looking forward to roleplaying with you!


I am intresting, I sending you a mail. ^^


Sent you a kik request a few days ago ~


Im interested ^^ can I join up?

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