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If anyone is interested I will give further information on where we can roleplay.

Your character can be male or female if the victor (so when I say bad guy or "he", female is always an option). They can even be a monster or something else in your imagination, but the victim should be humanoid/human and female with very rare exceptions. Characters can be reduced to nudity from realistic battle damage if it floats your boat but I don't like it being the focus, taking away from the fight to go on a tangent about how wonderful her privates look, or the villain randomly deciding they want to have sex with them.

If not otherwise mentioned (some ideas will), assume I like the more realistic side of things. That means no female army showing up in chainmail bikinis unless you have a realistic reason for this to occur...which is very unlikely. I can realistically assume an individual adventuring woman might do this, but you get the idea.

I don't like buckets of blood gushing everywhere. Dismemberment is fine though, as I particularly like beheadings. Just no excessive blood from the wounds. Neck snaps, strangulation, etc. are some of my favorites as well. The old tried and true, get shot and fall dead to the ground is a great stand by as well.

I generally play original characters but can make exceptions.

Chose an idea you want from the list or suggest/modify your own you think I might like. If a bunch of people are interested in some idea it may be made into a group roleplay. I may do roleplays with multiple different people, but the exact amount is unknown. Just know I might not be the most active with you if you show up way down some list.

1. A diverse group of heroines fight a bad guy (or small group of bad guys), slowly getting picked off one after another. The bad guy knows about their weaknesses and has some planning, allowing him to overcome all odds. Plus the heroines aren't really working well together, being from different worlds in a multiverse setting. They have different magical abilities and talents. Think the Avengers, sort of.

2. Modern or sci-fi setting where a base is infiltrated and the guards are taken out. The sci-fi women could be an alien race. They could dress more skimpy than what realism would dictate, as that could be their realistic way of dress. I still don't prefer flat out nudity though. Skin tight suits could be nice. For the aliens, I can agree to a furry look such as humanoid foxes.

3. Fantasy battle. A ton of different scenarios can come from this. One battle could be an all female guard to a princess getting wiped out by a single very skilled intruder. What he does with the princess is up to him.

4. Female ninja of doom! Only it's their doom as they are wiped out by their target.

5. An assassin gets info on the identity of the members of some female secret agent group. The roleplay follows their various hits.

6. A simple 1 v 1 battle to the death where we both use whatever character types fit or fancy for that specific battle. Both characters female if it's undetermined who will win, so that either way can end in a preferred outcome.


Hello! I am very interesed about it. as I mentioned several times but my English is not very good, but it is understandable in the role I am committed to make it fluid and understandable.

I can read English without problems, except abbreviations.

if this little discomfort is not a problem I would like to participate.

the ideas that I like are.

1 & 3) could melt something like the heroines who go on a dangeon and are divided and losing one at a time

4) nothing to say here XD

5) I read here and come up with a story type jeck the course Ripper with less blood, perhaps in futuristic or medieval setting as we prefer.

Also 2/6 are fine but I've played so many times I would try something different. let me know


(I am the anonymous who posted this thread)

Your english should be fine.

Let's go with the 1 and 3 combined idea. Rather than being from a multiverse they can all be from the same fantasy world it takes place in. Perhaps they get killed by traps and monsters in addition to the main bad guy in charge of the dungeon (or he just escaped into the dungeon because he was going to loose to them otherwise). Although they mostly get split up individually and killed, perhaps sometimes they get killed in small groups as well and fall into a body pile. Either that or after they are killed individually they are dragged into a pile somewhere.

If they came in prepared they would have easily beaten the dungeon and the bad guy, but they were in a rush to go after him and was overconfident in their superior numbers and power.


perfect for me ^^.

It could move the bodies into various cells and store them for experiments or prepare to make his trophies. (Nothing grotesque but I like the idea of ​​the bodies of the heroines preserved in their beauty)

however, for the role? we organize here on guro chan? or use meil or similar?


How about skype? I prefer not email but could do so. Here is possible as well.

Either use for their bodies is fine. They are magic users so it could make sense to experiment on them.


we can try Skype. but I think we have different schedules, however we try, in case there is guro chan.
my contact is bigmaxi88


I'm Secret Identity on skype, but there's so many named that it would be too difficult. I sent a request to you instead. We are indeed in different time zones. It's getting late for me.

More ideas in case others are interested:

7. Bodyguard maids mowed down in an intense gunfight in a mansion. This is a less realistic premise than the other ones. They could even be bunny girls (literal bunny ear women).

8. Gothic lolita dressed bodyguards.


I could be interested in options 2 or 3, and perhaps a variation of 7 or 8. I'm interested in M/F combat where the guys could potentially end up being killed as well. Is that something that you would be interested in doing?


It may depend on how the guy looks. Burly manly men getting killed wouldn't be very appealing, but bishonen or effeminate guys ..maybe. Traps would be nice. It doesn't neccesarily have to appeal to me from a fetish standpoint, though, if we can get an interesting battle out of it anyways. Perhaps one based off of me could work as well.

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