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I'm into most things snuff related, mostly asphyxiation though! I prefer that it'd be all romantic and consensual (Don't ask). If interested, just ask for my Yahoo messenger!


Do you have Skype?


Use to, but sister uses it most of the time for business purposes! Wouldn't wanna be like, "Hey, I wanna talk to someone online using Skype, mind if I interrupt your probably important call?" Lol


Ok what's your yahoo



messaged, hope it actually goes to you


Got it! :P


How about Discord? I'm on several guro-themed Discords now so feel free to say hi or join the lesbian RP I'm already running:


Isn't that for video games though?


Where do I find all these discord groups? All the links have expired, the ones I find at least. Where's everyone going?


I'm not sure what the original intent was, but Discord as it exists now is basically a text and voice chat client similar to Skype, Curse, or Ventrilo.
The link I posted above leads to a channel in "GuroCord," which also contains a channel full of links to related Discord groups.
Here's a fresh link in case the old one's dead:


It sends me to a link to download the discord app


Discord is an app made for gamers, it still is. But just because that's what it's made for, doesn't mean you can't use it for other things. Now to make a link that won't expire just press the permanent link button and update it. If you use Discord in a web browser that supports it like firefox or google chrome you can use it without download. Mobile and if you use safari or internet explorer you will have to download it.


>>2163 If your browser supports it, you should also have a button saying something like "continue to Discord" that takes you to the Discord web app, which is basically the full app running in your browser as a webpage.


In the same sense could PsychoAiko please send another link to the discord which won't expire?


As an update, I have Discord now, any lesbians willing to play on there?


I'd be up for some lesbian rp. Just hit me up on discord, name's the same as on here.


im pretty sure we've met on darkfetishnet before


Can we have an updated link?


>is in 2017

>doesn't have own hardware for videochatting

>even though that shit is pretty much given out in cereal boxes now

Hm. Right. Oooooooookay...


My discord is AngelaSadist number is 7016

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