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 No.2147 (GurochanEllen)

Me-Gay girl, but I can play with a guy, early 20's, not quite 5 feet, victim or partner in crime, never primary leader

turn offs- Prolapse, scat, guts, rotting, live cooking, most of freakshow except for non-quad amputees, brains

turn ons- execution, casual snuff, school stuff, hanging, beheading, loli, g/g, open to trying most things not in turn offs

I'm usually around by 23:00 US EST but message me any time :)


gonna give this a bump, still looking for just the right rp buddy. please don't reach out if you want me to dom, or if the kind/emotional/caring aspect doesn't appeal to you, those are really important to me <3


Hello, I messaged you on Skype (my name is Redheadoli Oli). I would like to discuss this more with you and see if we're a good match. I hope to talk to you soon.


Here is a Discord board that has RPERS who can rp


I'm game! Maybe you can add me on Kik?


Sorry Minato, I only have Skype and Yahoo :P
Any chance with either of those?


Hey Minato! I'm willing to rp on kik! What's your kik and I'll add you!


Kik is Minato_Arisato_ and I do have Skype, but I can't do any face to face, sorry


oh, I don't do face to face either, just skype chat
I'm GurochanEllen on there :)


Alright! Sent contact request!

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